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The Hopeless Major contingent proceeded with extreme skill.

Armed with a Shapeshifting Talisman refined from a karmic fruit, the Profound King now appeared to be the Soulmask King. This was to confuse Origin World and give them the impression that Hopeless Major had dissolved into disorder.

The Turtledove and Windcall Kings were fully under Qing Yus control; they couldnt send any messages back to Origin World. The underlings whod accompanied them to Hopeless Major were all dead.

As one of the infamous Ten Valleys of Evil, Hopeless Major would show no mercy when the bully was on their doorstep. If Origin World wanted to make use of this opportunity to attack, the Soulmask King holding down the fort and the new commander of the Nethersoul Formation—the Daredevil King—wouldnt mind giving them a hearty surprise.

At the same time, Lu Yuns calculations deemed it more likely that Origin World would focus their attention on taking down Qing Yu instead.


Personally crafted by the founder of Origin World, the Nineworld Origin Palace was the most magnificent palace of the ten valleys.

When the Immortal Region had breached their defenses in the distant past, the faction stormed through Origin World but couldnt break the palace defenses. That bought enough time for the Origin ruler to deploy the Nineworld Origin Canon and destroy most of the enemys army.

Led by the Autumn King, Lu Yun and the others easily walked through the exterior formations and entered the palace proper.

Abundant qi drifted within the Nineworld Origin Palace, more than ten times thicker than the Hongmeng qi found in Hopeless Majors main palace. The World King remained in seclusion and his disciple, the Kaleidoscopic King, grasped the reins of authority in his stead.

Blessed with uncommon potential, the Kaleidoscopic King had grown up in Origin World and set foot into kinghood as a fourth step king. Though that didnt surpass Hua Fengwen of a hundred thousand years ago, his present day accomplishments eclipsed the Hongmeng genius. Hed become an eighth step king a long time ago and was cultivated as the World Kings successor. His supporters were thick on the ground in his faction—something that an outsider like Qing Yu couldnt measure up to.

There were two other ninth step kings within the main hall apart from the Kaleidoscopic King. Most of Origin Worlds ninth step kings cloistered themselves in closed door cultivation during the absence of war and rarely ventured outside.

It was a similar case for Hopeless Major; so many ninth step kings had gathered last time because the Profound King was instigating an insurrection.

“Autumn King, how dare you betray us!” The Kaleidoscopic King fixed burning eyes on his former subordinate accompanying a group of outsiders through the palace doors.

The Autumn King stood with his head down and his hands by his side, neither responding nor reacting.

The other two ninth step kings also shot venomous glares at him, itching to tear him apart with their bare hands. It would seem that news of his soul light extinguishing and flickering back to life had yet to travel to them.

“The Autumn King forsook the darkness and joined the camp of justice, that doesnt count as betrayal,” Qing Yu chuckled gently. “Kaleidoscopic King, didnt you say you wanted the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals This seat is here to personally deliver it, but I wonder if you have the courage to accept it.”

“Oh” Kaleidoscopic stood up with booming laughter. “If the Empyrean King dares deliver the scroll, why wouldnt I be bold enough to accept it”

“Very good, then catch!” Miao suddenly stepped forward from Qing Yus side and manifested the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals as wisps of smoke in her hand. They churned toward the Kaleidoscopic King.

“What!” His eyes widened with surprise. Theyd really brought out the treasure, and… it didnt seem to be damaged

It was stronger than before!

Something strange is going on here!

Kaleidoscopic swiftly retreated from the advancing scroll, not daring to touch it.

“How dare you!”

“Cease your actions!” Outraged as the two ninth step kings were, the little fox had moved so swiftly they didnt have time to react.

“Hmph!” A man dressed in blue suddenly darted out from the Kaleidoscopic Kings side and stood in front of the king. His features were enticingly charismatic and confidence soared between his brows.

A casual sweep of his sleeve effortlessly rebuffed the little foxs scroll with nary a concern, and—


His sleeve shredded into a swarm of butterflies fluttering through the air. The Scroll of Shepherding Immortals briefly stuttered, creating an opening for the other two ninth step kings to fling it back.

Miao smiled delightedly, very pleased with her current level of strength. She hadnt used all of it just now. Having recovered all of the memories and experience of her soul force replica, she was immediately accustomed to her new abilities though shed just become a titled king. She could smoothly deploy her full force.

Neither she nor Lu Yun had any idea what level king her replica had been in the mythological realm.

“We brought the scroll to you after you sent people to Hopeless Major for it. But now you dont want it anymore Is this a game to you” Miao snorted upon recalling the scroll.

“The Intrance King of the Immortal Pagoda in Multitude City is worthy of your reputation alright!” The man in blue suddenly broke out in a long peal of laughter. “They say that you are a mighty supplemental king, but to think that you became a titled king of cultivation a long time ago! You hid that well!

“If my guess is correct, the one next to you is the Immortal King who refined creation.” Though his sleeve had been ruined by the scroll, the man didnt mind at all.

“The Intrance King” chuckled the little fox. “Ive heard of her name. She who can entrance cities with her face alone is the greatest beauty of the Hongmeng!”

Lu Yun and Qing Yu looked oddly at her. Well, were certainly not going to dump cold water on her if she wants to have some fun in the spotlight.

“Intrance King, do you take all of us for fools” the man spewed with laughter. “The Empyrean King was an eighth step king, but suddenly ascended to ninth step. Its all due to the Pills of Creation from the Immortal King next to you, isnt it”

“Thats right.” The little fox nodded matter-of-factly.

“As I thought!” The man smiled meaningfully.

“I do think all of you are fools,” she finished her sentence.

The man in blue: ……

“Blasphemy! How dare a minor Intrance King talk through the back of your neck in the noble Nineworld Origin Palace!” roared one of the ninth step kings.

“I am the Immortal Illusion King, foremost supplemental king of illusions in the Hongmeng. And yet, thou sayest that I am some Intrance King. What art thou if not bumbling fools”


The little fox waved her hand and sent a ray of dense purple light over her head. It collected into three characters: Immortal Illusion King!

This was indeed a title from the Hongmeng Tower!

The man in blue stopped in his tracks and the Kaleidoscopic King was likewise dazed. This ran contrary to their expectations!

“What is this, isnt she the Intrance King” Kaleidoscopic looked at Windcall, but the latters senses had been sealed away. He stood like a block of wood, unmoving and unfeeling.

Only Lu Yun, Hua Fengwen, and select others had been present when the little fox received and changed her title. No one else knew about the circumstances. However, that didnt preclude her from displaying her title of Immortal Illusion King. That had been the title her soul force replica gained in the mythological realm, so she could naturally display it now.

In other words, she had two titles!

Immortal Illusion King, Intrance King.

“How dare a minor Origin World disrespect this seat and call me by the name of another. It would bring shame to my own if I didnt take you to task for it today!”


Resplendent light radiated from the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals and swept through the palace.-

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