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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1277: To Target

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“The envoy from the Immortal Pagoda” Glances were exchanged within the crowd when they heard the announcement.

The Alchemist and Knifepoint Kings, as well as others, frowned involuntarily. They were waiting for the Immortal King to come make a fool out of himself!

The Windcall King had brought a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus to the Immortal Pagodas grand opening, but an emotion formation had blocked him from ensuring mutual destruction. After he scrabbled outside of the pagodas front doors for some time, the Colosseum became a complete joke in Multitude City.

The various supplemental grandmasters and kings of the Colosseum wanted to return the favor this time and prevent the Immortal and Intrance Kings from even setting foot inside the venue. They would wipe the ground with the Immortal Pagodas face!

Though they didnt possess an emotion formation, there were hundreds of grandmasters here. If they worked in tandem with the five supplemental kings, they naturally had their ways to humiliate the Immortal King.

Who wouldve thought that the Immortal Pagoda would send an envoy instead of their key personnel instead! It felt like theyd taken a swing with all their might and connected with a ball of cotton.

The Alchemist Kings expression darkened slightly and he looked at the four supplemental kings next to him. They gently nodded back without a word.

Of the five supplemental kings present, Alchemist was the strongest. The other four were slightly weaker than him, but any supplemental king was a force to be reckoned with in the Hongmeng.

The Wild Formation King, Imagination King, Talisman Adept King, and Prime Weapon King!

Each of these four kings represented the apex of a supplemental path; even seventh step kings would have to treat them with courtesy. Additionally, the Alchemist Kings accomplishments were more substantial than theirs.

“Though he is too concerned to come himself, the Immortal King sent another in his stead. How interesting!” chuckled the Luminous King. “He isnt self assured enough to take part in the festivities, but he doesnt wish to indicate weakness either. This Immortal King is an interesting character!”

The Immortal Pagodas envoy entered through the front doors and reached the center of the main hall with a few quick steps.

The Supplemental Conventions venue was exceedingly vast and covered with formations and pockets of space. Its boundless scope would be difficult for regular cultivators to cover, but the pagodas envoy was a third step king.

“Tiger Butcher King of the Immortal Pagoda greets the various esteemed personages present.” Tiger Butcher was standing in as the representative of the Immortal Pagoda. He was exceedingly polite without being obsequious or fawning. There was no trace of overweening dominance to be seen from him either. All was as if he was just an old servant.

It made the various kings at the convention very uncomfortable.

Although a third step king wasnt that powerful, he was no insignificant character either. Third step kings were still beings to be treated with respect and the unquestioned ruler of their domain in the Hongmeng.

But just look at the one in front of them! That humble expression on his face, that slightly lowered posture and bent neck… what was that! Even a first step king, though just a first step king, should be fiercely confident and possess a regal bearing after making kinghood.

The Luminous King creased his brows without a word.

“My master is in closed door cultivation to refine a treasure. Hes reached a critical point in the process and cannot afford to divert his attention. Thus, head manager Jinse of the Immortal Pagoda sent this humble one with a few baubles that my master refined in his free time. Please inspect them as you will.” Tiger Butcher lifted his head. Though he wore a meek expression, a keen light glittered out of his eyes at all times.

“What did you call that Immortal King Master” The Luminous King bounded up to Tiger Butcher and demanded, “Tiger Butcher King, I know of your background. You are the city lord of Tiger Butcher City in the southern belt of Multitude Region. You have another Silver Leopard King beneath your banner, so why do you say that Immortal King is your master!”

He released an undeniable pressure as he spoke, bearing down on Tiger Butchers mind. Any other third step king wouldve immediately capitulated from the mental attack of a sixth step king and truthfully confessed everything he knew.

Tiger Butcher, instead, remained coolly composed and smiled faintly. “My master is naturally my master, there is no reason why.

“Cut the crap, do you think my master is too afraid to come Ill have you all know that the Immortal King doesnt think much of your Supplemental Convention. In his eyes, all of you so-called supplemental grandmaster and kings are nothing but a waste of space and not worthy of mention!”

Tiger Butcher drew himself upright and a sheen of light appeared over his face, sweeping away the servile attitude from earlier.

“Dont you think of clapping some idiotic nonsense on my masters head either, Luminous King! The entire Hongmeng benefited from my master breaking the Supplemental Dao Alliances monopoly and spreading the fruits of collective intelligence far and wide.

“These bumbling fools with an exaggerated sense of self importance attack him for doing something for the common good! The Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity should well know who is good here and who is evil!”

He looked at the now glowering Luminous King and didnt receive a response. After careful inspection, the latter had found Tiger Butchers soul to be pure and steady. He wasnt enthralled or possessed by another. Tiger Butcher was who hed always been.

“How dare the Tiger Butcher King speak like this to the luminous King!” Other people were keen to jump in when the highly respected king didnt say a word. The Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity was fond of benevolence and giving. Hed helped countless individuals and most of them had later become kings, such as the third step king from earlier.

Thus, with his renown, even those who he hadnt helped before were willing to speak up on his behalf. Such was the effect of a good reputation.

“Please, everyone, be at peace.” The Luminous King spread out his hands with a smile. “The Tiger Butcher King is correct. It is indeed a good thing that the Immortal King has broken the Supplemental Dao Alliances monopoly and sells various king level treasures at the Immortal Pagoda.”

His tone took an abrupt turn for the worse. “But he also goes against the natural order of the world and mass produces items such as the Six Paths Reincarnation Pill, Eight Treasures Return Pill, and lightning rods! This will devastate the foundations of the Hongmeng!

“Those pills and the lightning rod that can avoid heavenly tribulations can immediately facilitate breakthroughs from the inferior realm to the superior realm! With these items in existence, who will put the requisite hard work into cultivating!

“The Hongmeng is not a land of peace. There are terrifying unknown monsters, endless vicious ghosts, all sorts of zombies and dead spirits… Dangers that abound at every second and moment. Will those who take the pills and use the lightning rod to break through to the superior realm really be able to withstand those threats” Sneering coldly, the Luminous King still spoke to the Tiger Butcher King in noble tones.

Subtle changes flickered across the faces of the kings present. Many of their descendants had taken Lu Yuns pills and utilized the lightning rods to enter the superior realm. Danger pricked at their hearts after hearing this questioning.

Indeed, will those who used these methods to ascend to the superior realm really have the ability to battle the unknown horrors

“The Luminous King is correct.” The Alchemist King stepped forward with a sigh. “Our Supplemental Convention is indeed targeting the Immortal Pagoda. We wish for the Immortal King to cease refining and distributing those harmful substances!

“If the Immortal Pagoda announces right at this moment that they will restrict the movement of those damaging goods, then the Supplemental Dao Alliance will no longer oppose them.”-

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