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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1276: Moral Emperor

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The variety of treasures available at the Supplemental Convention was a feast for the eyes. Pouring forth in an endless stream, it far eclipsed the wares of the Immortal Pagoda. Though there was no emotion formation, Six Paths Reincarnation Pill, or lightning rod, the convention still won through virtue of sheer quantity and countless pills of a similar level.

But the Immortal King wasnt in attendance, and neither was the Intrance King.

This disappointed the numerous kings here for a good time. The Supplemental Convention was being held at the new Colosseum branch not too far away from the Immortal Pagoda. It was plainly targeting the pagoda, and that the Immortal and Intrance Kings were absent was a sign of weakness.

The Supplemental Dao Alliance had thoroughly investigated the Immortal Pagodas background prior to the start of the assembly. Though the alliance couldnt refine emotion formations, Six Paths Reincarnation Pills, or lightning rods, they could bring out other intricate items to overshadow the former.

Since they were bent on taking the Immortal Pagoda down, they wouldve made all necessary preparations.


“The Immortal King isnt here.”

“Is he too scared to come” Unbidden, strains of conversation developed around the clash that shouldve been forthcoming.

“I dont think so The Immortal Pagoda sent invites to the Colosseum for its grand opening, which drew the Windcall King with a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus. He wanted to take them down with him.”

“And he didnt even make it through their front doors, hah!” someone hooted with laughter.

“Thats true, the emotion formation is impossibly profound. I have many enemies and need to be on constant guard against someone barging into my home for revenge. But I can cultivate with peace of mind after putting down an emotion formation around my home. I dont have to fear unexpected visitors anymore!” chortled a third step king.

An emotion formation costed ten premium crystal veins, but no one felt it overpriced. Every king had an extensive family, sprawling enterprise, and untold disciples at their beck and all. Defensive formations treated friend and foe alike when activated. Everyone was blocked outside and such formations consumed an unbelievable amount of crystals. They couldnt operate at all times.

Emotion formations, however, were different. They consumed a negligible amount of crystals in return for unusually fierce defensive power. Regular fifth step kings found it difficult to pierce through them, and an active instance prevented anyone bearing ill intent from entering. The formation could pry into the emotions in the depths of ones heart, and sixth step kings were no exception to it.

Emotion formations were refined from the branches and leaves of the Karmic Tree, thus retaining some of its characteristics. In that light, how could mere sixth step kings evade the trees power

Unwittingly, many of the kings present began discussing the marvelous uses of the emotion formation and lightning rod. These were items that many supplemental kings of the Hongmeng couldnt replicate.

There were many treasures in the realm that could imitate a lightning combat art or natural thunder, but a heavenly tribulation had to be weathered by the cultivator themself in order to expunge their accumulated retribution.

Lightning rods, however, could palm off a substitute for the real thing. Not only did they enable the cultivator to bypass the tribulation, but they even resolved ones retribution! It had to be said that the lightning rods were even more magical than the emotion formations.

“Fellow kings, fellow supplemental masters—this king now declares the commencement of the Supplemental Convention!” Upon seeing that more and more were lauding the praises of the lightning rods and emotion formation, or waxing eloquent about the capabilities of the Immortal King, one of the organizers quickly stepped forward to interrupt the flow of conversation.

Exquisite and powerful supplemental treasures appeared on the stage shortly thereafter. They were displayed to the public and given a thorough introduction of their background, usage, and price.

The so-called Supplemental Convention was actually a large-scale auction and marketplace. Attendees could freely transact without influence from outside forces. The organizers wouldnt take a cut of the profits; hosting this gathering was already the greatest profit. On a rapid decline and suppressed by the Immortal Pagoda, the Colosseum would also turn the tables with this event.

Indeed, the kings and noble guests in attendance were quickly distracted by the treasures and no longer discussed the Immortal Pagoda.

“What a pity that the Immortal King of the Immortal Pagoda doesnt dare pay a visit to such a monumental occasion of supplemental dao.” A soft sigh suddenly traveled throughout the venue; it was a sigh from a sixth step king. Dignified in appearance and exhibiting an air of righteousness, the only thing that he lacked wasI am a good person written across his face.

“Its the Luminous King!”

“The Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity! Hes here too!” Gasps of recognition rose and fell throughout the crowd.

The Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity was a sixth step king of famed repute in the Hongmeng. It wasnt just because of his cultivation, but because of his personal character!

He extended a helping hand wherever he went if he met someone in need. It didnt matter how large the favor was or how humble the other was. He would personally render aid if even an inferior realm cultivator needed it!

Many people present had once received his help, and his title grew to that of the Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity after a prolonged period of good acts. Given that, he stood at the peak of ethics and moral for the Hongmeng. Hailed as the Moral Emperor, if he said that someone was guilty, then that person was surely guilty of the most heinous crimes.

Of course, he rarely proclaimed guilt on others since he was a kind soul. From his perspective, human nature was predisposed to being good. There were no irredeemably evil souls in the world and light could be found even in the evildoers of the Valley of Ten Evils.

It was because of this that he was publicly acclaimed to be a perfect and flawless individual of the Hongmeng.

“Greeting to the Luminous King! I was but a minor character three hundred million years ago and on the run from enemies. I wouldnt have my accomplishments of today if it wasnt for your help. Please accept my bow of gratitude!” A third step king suddenly stepped forward and bowed to the Luminous King.

“This wont do, this wont do at all!” Startled, the king jumped to the side and avoided the courtesy. “You are a titled king now and a great personage of the realm. You should not conduct such a grand gesture! We can call each other fellow daoist. Let us hear no more talk of being a minor character!”

The Luminous King waved a hand and helped the third step king up.

“Luminous King, does Your Eminence think that Immortal King will dare show his face” The new speaker was another king, but his usage of this honorific was indicative of the Luminous Kings prestige in the Hongmeng.

“He will indeed refrain from attending,” sighed the focus of everyones attentions. “The Supplemental Convention is a plot against him. It would be a trial of tempering for him, and he would progress to new peaks from already inspiring heights if he weathered it.

“What a pity, however, that he doesnt dare come. Thus damaged, a dao heart lacking completeness will prevent further improvement in both supplemental dao and other paths.” Saddened pity colored his tones, as if he was lamenting the fall of a genius.

The crowd started at his words, then nodded as well.

“It seems that the Immortal Pagoda wont have any face to continue operating after the convention either.”

“Damn shame, its a good thing that the pagoda dares break the alliances monopoly on supplemental daos. Too bad theyre being strangled to death because of it.”

This was a blatant truth, something that even the Supplemental Dao Alliance and Colosseum hadnt bothered refuting. They were indeed using this opportunity to suppress the Immortal Pagoda.

Out in the open, a scheme as clear as day.

“Announcing the envoy from the Immortal Pagoda—” came a loud cry outside the convention venue.-

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