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One hundred and thirty-seven supplemental grandmasters and three supplemental kings had descended upon Multitude City in glorious flurry. Subsequent news of them hosting a Supplemental Convention swept through the Hongmeng like a tidal wave.

Everyone knew that something big was about to occur.

The Immortal Pagodas actions had impinged on the bottom line of too many supplemental grandmasters. Thus, the Supplemental Dao Alliance was holding a gathering aimed at the pagoda, Immortal King, and Intrance King!

Despite that, this was still a grand occasion for supplemental dao and glad tidings for numerous kings of the realm. An assembly such as this would normally see rare treasures and even king level ones made available for sale.

On this day, the Supplemental Convention showered invitations to countless kings inside and out of Multitude City. Of course, Lu Yun and the little fox received theirs as well.

Everyone waited raptly for a public confrontation between the lawless Immortal King and the Supplemental Dao Alliance. In fact, anticipation for the inevitable clash eclipsed general excitement for the convention itself.

So they would see a variety of supplemental dao treasures at the gathering The current Immortal Pagoda was the daily equivalent of these conventions!

On the other hand, the Supplemental Convention still held a fatal attraction for other supplemental masters in the Hongmeng. All sorts of minerals, ingredients, and rare resources would be available that proved hard to find in normal times.


“Theyre coming for us, alright. Shall we go teach them a lesson and beat it into their brains” A sharp light flashed through the little foxs eyes when she held an invitation carved from premium purple crystal.

“Pfft.” Lu Yun took the invitation and crushed it to pieces. “What for It would be a waste of time and energy. We should rake in more purple crystals instead.”

He wasnt interested in the Supplemental Convention at all. With his grasp of formula dao, he was constantly calculating what was the best cultivation path for him. His mastery over supplemental dao would only increase as time went on, so in his eyes, this kind of gathering was just a bunch of kids playing house.

“Other than the Alchemist King, the rest of them are all trash and not even worth laughing at,” Lu Yun declared loftily with his nose in the air.

“Eh…” The little fox could tell that Lu Yun was wholeheartedly focused on refining pills for Qing Yu, creating treasures, and earning more purple crystals.

“I heard that Mirage Sand will be at the convention, I wanted some to refine a Mirage Smoke Formation,” she said woefully.

“Why didnt you say so earlier” Lu Yun rolled his eyes and took out the storage treasure Qing Yu had given him. He rummaged through it and retrieved a ball of pale pink smoke.

Mirage Sand!

A priceless treasure for illusion cultivators, it could not only be used to refine illusory formations, but also enhance ones own arts of illusion! Most importantly was that any treasure refined from it could become one with the wielder. It could be retracted into the body as one would, or deploy illusions with the wave of a hand.

However, Mirage Sand was so rare that a tael of it was beyond priceless in the Hongmeng. One could only hope to encounter it, not search it out.

“That much!” The little fox bounded up and cupped the sand in her hands, her eyes almost falling out.

This sand had plainly been condensed by a combat art. It was several hundreds of kilograms heavy; the little fox would be able to set up a Mirage Smoke Formation, enhance her illusory arts, and refine treasures of illusion.

“Only one tael of Mirage Sand will appear at the Supplemental Convention, but youve brought out hundreds of kilograms in one go…” The little fox was so happy that she felt like she was going to faint.

The sand that would be sold at the convention was news purposefully disseminated by the Alchemist King and his cohorts. They wanted to lure the little fox over with it, but hadnt reckoned with Lu Yun possessing a veritable pile of it. How could a mere Supplemental Convention hope to rival the reserves of Hopeless Major

“Ive neglected you these days because Ive been busy refining the puppets.” Lu Yun put down the puppet he was working on and looked apologetically at the little fox. He gave the storage treasure to her, “Have a look and see what you can use from this.”

“Whee!” The little fox brightened and quickly took the storage treasure, her face all smiles.

Lu Yun had refined the treasure anew and negated more than half of its weight. Added to that the little fox being in the superior realm when it came to cultivation level, the remaining weight didnt give her any trouble either.

During this time, Lu Yuns sole focus was on the half step kings he was preparing for Qing Yu. Not only did he want to incorporate the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals into them, but he also wanted to add in emotion and self-destruct formations. This would prevent the puppets from falling into enemy hands.

The Six Royals formation was something from the mythological realm; the Hongmeng had ultimately destroyed it.

Lu Yun had continuously tried to derive the reason for the mythological realms destruction, but it hadnt been until Qing Yu spoke of the ninth step kings existences that he suddenly realized the connection.

The curse on dragons in the mythological realm certainly originated from these terrifying ninth step kings, and they in turn were subordinate to a certain organization or faction.

Since Qing Yu had yet to ascertain the background of the kings, that meant the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals could never fall into their hands, or theyd use it to derive Lu Yuns origins.


Another three months passed by, marking the half year point since the Immortal Pagodas grand opening. Crystals flew into its coffers everyday and business bustled.

Oh this day, the Supplemental Convention took place as planned. Numerous supplemental grandmasters had worked together to renovate the new Colosseum into their venue. People jostled against each other in thick crowds, filling all available space within several million kilometers. It was a sight to behold!

Those who hadnt received an invitation to the gathering could still tour the premises and make purchases. They just couldnt enter the main hall. There were more than a hundred thousand supplemental masters gathered, two hundred grandmasters, and five kings. With one such as the Alchemist King in attendance, this was one of the grandest occasions to be seen in the realm over the last hundred million years!

People who hadnt been interested in the convention before were suddenly interested, as a mere Immortal Pagoda paled in comparison to this vast hubbub. Those whod wanted to use the convention to attack the Immortal Pagoda were also speechless at the awe-inspiring magnificence theyd created.

“It looks like I was the one who was short sighted. Compared to this spectacular extravaganza, what does a minor Immortal King matter” The Alchemist King applauded jovially from his head seat within the main hall.

“Given our display, the Immortal King may not even dare come!” The Knifepoint King stood close by. “If he ends up being too scared to show his face, the Immortal Pagoda will begin an irreversible decline. Lets see what dignity theyll have to continue operating then!”

“Well personally request his presence if he doesnt come,” the Blood King remarked faintly. “Weve already sent them the invitations, and it would be a grave insult to all of the supplemental kings if the Immortal King and Intrance King dont come!”-

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