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“Within the current Hongmeng, including the Multitude Region, sixth step kings are the strongest powerhouses there are. Ones like the Purple King that possess strength above his step is an extreme abnormality,” added the Redbud King.

“Then why were you helpless against the Moon King and others last time” mumbled the little fox.

The Moon and Mangcang Kings were second step kings, while the rest of their group was similar to the Meteorite King as first step kings.

“The Moon King possesses a devastating weapon that even the Purple King may not be able to withstand, much less me as a solid sixth step king,” Redbud responded dejectedly.

If it wasnt for concern about the capabilities of the Moon Kings weapon, she wouldve slapped them all to death with a single blow given her hot temper. Of course, that the Moon King and others had dared besiege her was precisely because of their confidence in this treasure.

Sadly for them, the Meteorite King wielding Quiet was an even more potent combination, which resulted in their retreat.

It was only now that Lu Yun was slightly more familiar with the overall situation in the Hongmeng. Armed with this new knowledge, he estimated that the big dragon in Redbud Mountain was likely an eighth step king, or even ninth.

Despite that, he wasnt of the opinion that just reaching ninth step kinghood conferred one the strength to break the barrier around the Hongmeng. The third realm was incredibly big, and what they saw here was too limited.

“Alright then, if that Tiger Butcher King dares come, Ill take care of it for you guys,” Redbud chuckled merrily.

“Ah yes,” Lu Yun suddenly thought of something. “Whats the relationship between the Tiger Butcher King and the Butcher King”

“The Butcher King” Redbud looked askance at him. “Youve irritated him as well”

“Not irritate, just have a… somewhat unreliable alliance with him,” Lu Yun answered sheepishly.

“An unreliable alliance…” Redbud suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. “Try not to provoke him! The Butcher King… Jin Naluo is a very dangerous person. Hes also a sixth step king.

“However, theres no relationship between him and the Butcher King, just like theres no connection between me and the Purple King despite sharing the character for purple in both of our titles.”

Lu Yun and the little fox looked at each other, their expressions unnatural. So Jin Naluo was also a sixth step king, and the type of king that even the Redbud King was unwilling to offend.

“Also, dont call him by his title when you see Jin Naluo. He doesnt seem to like it and prefers people to use his real name,” Redbud emphasized.

Lu Yun nodded. When the lizard-dragon had run into Jin Naluo, itd used his real name, as opposed to Butcher King.

“You should head back to Redbud Mountain,” Lu Yun said to the arcane beast king. “The changes in the mountain wont go unnoticed by powerhouses. If a seventh or eighth step king wants to make a move against you, the Multitude Region would be the perfect setting for a plot.”

The Redbud King paused, dazed.

“Ive used strength from the mountains dragon in the layout—its at least an eighth, maybe ninth step king. It might even be beyond the ninth step,” Lu Yun continued. “If you can absorb any energy from it, you might be able to evolve further into a seventh step king.”

“I see.” The Redbud King took a deep breath. Shed always felt that she was a beggar who owned a mountain of gold. Unlimited wealth was at her fingertips, but she was unable to touch any of it. And now, that big dragon was finally hers to use.

The essence of the Hongmeng was concentrated in the great dragon. As an arcane beast king, the Redbud King was unable to cultivate. But she might have the chance to ascend further if she partook of the great dragons strength.

“Then I wont come myself next time. My replica in the token is a third step king and should be enough for most situations.” She vanished in a streak of purple light.

“Everythings fine as long as theres nothing between the Tiger Butcher King and Jin Naluo… but if hes a sixth step king, that makes things a bit dicey.” Lu Yuns expression took a turn for the worse after the Redbud Kings departure. He wasnt worried about his impending visitor, particularly as Redbud had mentioned that her replicas were third step kings.

He and the little fox both possessed a token, which meant they had two third step kings at their disposal.

“If we cant handle it, lets have our son take care of that Jin Naluo,” whispered the little fox. “He claimed five keys for himself, hes so… awesome!”

“That he is.” Lu Yun nodded.

However, anguish pricked at their hearts when they thought of Redbuds earlier words. Irredeemable despair! Only they knew why he felt so much hopelessness.


In the subsequent month, mounting trepidation spread like wildfire throughout the City of Immortals and the general situation dissolved into havoc. More than eighty percent of its citizens fled from its walls.

The Tiger Butcher Kings men sauntered into the city and occupied all major points of interest, recruiting the remaining cultivators within the city. It could be said that, apart from the city lords residence, the rest of the City of Immortals belonged to the Tiger Butcher King.

Shi Yan and the others were hiding in the city lords residence and didnt dare venture out. Once Tiger Butcher City emerged fully victorious, it would consume the City of Immortals core essence. As defenders thatd become one with the citys core essence, Shi Yan and his comrades would be swallowed without a trace.

The entire city came under Tiger Butchers control two months after his mens appearance. The Immortal Kings authority was completely negated and those thatd fled the city returned. They swore fealty to the Tiger Butcher King and became his citizens.

Meanwhile, the Tiger Butcher King finally arrived at the City of Immortals.

Tall and bulky, he wore the golden armor of a king. A scarlet hood fluttered behind him, presenting quite the imposing sight. Two kings followed by his side—the Silver Leopard King and his new dao partner, the Purecloud King.

He was two months late because of the Purecloud King. After they became dao partners, they dual cultivated for two months straight and only just vacated the bed yesterday.

Riding high on the crest of success, not only had the Tiger Butcher King finally obtained his long coveted beauty, but hed claimed a city without spilling a drop of blood. Most importantly, he stood a chance to gain a key to the Hongmeng Tower!

“That Immortal King or whatever, get your ass out here and end yourself! This king will permit a strand of your true spirit to survive so you may reincarnate,” he announced leisurely at the front doors to the city lords residence.

Though hed spent the last two months dual cultivating, hed still sent men to thoroughly investigate his target. This Immortal King was just a first step king and had almost nothing to do with the Ancient Beast Kings death. Itd been a strange treasure that deserved the credit.

“What a delight to have a friend come from afar.” The doors slowly swung open and a clear voice traveled through it.

“We have long heard of the Tiger Butcher King, yet never had the chance to make your acquaintance. To think that the great one himself visits today, please excuse our lapse in hospitality. This way, please.” Dressed in the outfit of a servant, the Meteorite King walked out of the residence and made a welcoming gesture. “Tiger Butcher King, my master welcomes you.”

“Youre not the Immortal King!” Tiger Butchers expression took a turn for the worse. He naturally recognized the first step king dressed as a servant in front of him—the famed Immortal King!

But… he was just a servant

The first voice had sounded vastly different from this old servants. Plainly, the real Immortal King was someone else.

“Oh no no no, this old man is just a servant and hardly worthy of the titleImmortal King. Please head inside, Tiger Butcher King. Lets not keep my master waiting,” the Meteorite King responded with utmost humility.

The Purecloud King also wore a dark expression, but she seemed to make up her mind and stepped into the residence with a cold sneer.

The Meteorite King ignored her and remained bowing, maintaining his welcoming stance from earlier.

“Deliberately making a mystery out of things—Im going to see just what kind of person this Immortal King is!” Livid, the Tiger Butcher King ultimately walked inside. He wanted to see what kind of person could make a mighty king call himself a servant!

Happy Year of the Tiger! Out with the old, in with the new!-

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