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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1214: Hopeless Major

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The Valley of Ten Evils was infamous throughout the Hongmeng. Heinous and monstrous to the extreme, it was a public enemy. If its experts detected anyone saying the places name aloud, they would smack the offender to death through the air.

Even numerous kings were unwilling to provoke the organization, and Hopeless Major was one of the ten.

Lu Yun felt a headache set in when he heard the little fox and Zhuo Bufan chatter on about the valley and Hopeless Major.

“No wonder Violetgrave was oh so mysterious and didnt tell me where Little Yu went. She was probably too ashamed to admit to it.” Lu Yuns cheek spasmed.

“The venerated one said that once the young master and mistress have the ability to protect yourselves, you can try visiting Hopeless Major,” Zhuo Bufan ventured carefully.

“Protect ourselves Of course we have the ability to protect ourselves,” the little fox responded merrily. “Lu Yun and I are Hongmeng level supplemental grandmasters. A little jaunt in Hopeless Major is totally fine for us!”

Though she found mention of the place from memories that her son had given her, she wasnt a denizen of the Hongmeng at the end of the day. She didnt understand much about the Valley of Ten Evils and Hopeless Major.

Illusions were also a supplemental path and she was most skilled in formations of illusions. Her greatest achievement was Return to Origin and refining illusion into reality.

“Young master and mistress… at least eight kings have died in Hopeless Major, if not ten,” Zhuo Bufan explained.

The little fox couldnt help a shudder.

“Dont be brash, Hopeless Major isnt some place overflowing with kindness. Little Yu most likely cant do much if shes there all by herself. We cant go find her now, well have to wait for when were strong enough,” Lu Yun took a deep breath.

Since Violetgrave had sent her there, she shouldnt be in any danger. However, it was also a tall task for her to truly control the faction. What Lu Yun could do now was improve his own capabilities to help her in the future.

Hongmeng level supplemental grandmasters That sounded grand enough. However, even a common realm cultivator could easily kill the two of them, much less a king. A simple unexpected blow wouldnt even allow them to react.

Creators were nothing but inferiors in the Hongmeng, and ants scrounging among the inferior realm.

“In that case, please stay and cultivate in Starcloud City as you would. This is the core essence of the city, young master and mistress can refine it to become the city lords!” Zhuo Bufan hastily took out the citys core essence and offered it with both hands to Lu Yun.

Starcloud City was his territory to begin with and Zhuo Bufan exercised absolute authority here. He didnt need to refine the core essence, so the city had alway lacked a city lord.

“You keep it.” Lu Yun waved him off. “The little fox and I wont be here for long. When we reach the common realm, well journey the Hongmeng.”

“Journey the Hongmeng!” The little fox lit up.

“Get to cultivating!” harrumphed Lu Yun. “Youll need to be in at least the common realm if you want to travel around, and you need to be a titled king in your supplemental path! If anyone sets their sights on us now, were dead without a doubt.”

The little fox stuck her tongue out and Zhuo Bufan quietly put the core essence away.

“If the young master and mistress wish to cultivate the supplemental paths, youll need a large amount of treasures and resources. This is the key to Starclouds treasury, please use all of the materials and purple crystal inside as you see fit!”

Lu Yun didnt decline this time. He did indeed require large amounts of ingredients to experiment with so he could fully integrate the supplemental paths of his past life with his current self.

Since his experience all stemmed from the mythological realm, he had to relearn everything about the Hongmeng, its cultivation methods, combat arts, and supplemental paths.

Zhuo Bufan heaved a slight sigh of relief when Lu Yun accepted the treasurys key.

“Young master and mistress, this humble one is plagued with too much karmic repercussion and might accidentally implicate you. You are so precious, and death would be too good for me if anything happened to you,” Zhuo Bufan smiled ruefully. “So please stay safely in Starcloud City. This humble one will return to the alliance and also find out more about Hopeless Major.”

“Mm, go on.” Lu Yun nodded.

“Ah, yes!” Something suddenly occurred to the executive enforcer. “The Oddmoon that belongs to Mangcang Mountain Zhuo Yu just sent word that the mountains sent someone to investigate the news of it appearing in Redbud City. Im afraid it wont be long before their investigation leads them to the young master and mistress.”

The little fox had revealed her true form in the city, so it wouldnt be difficult to trace things to her, not with the power that Mangcang Mountain had at their disposal.

Lu Yun and the little fox looked at each other, twin looks of concern on their faces. Mangcang Mountain was a heavyweight in the Hongmeng with three titled kings, countless superiors, and most importantly, the potential to find out their true identities.

“Dont worry, young master and mistress, we just need to defend against their arrows from the dark. They wont dare openly come at us,” Zhuo Bufan hastily reassured when he picked up on Lu Yuns concern. “They refined Oddmoon for the chaos and the worlds. Now that Ive brought back Evilfoxs body and indicated that he had something to do with the chaos sun and moon, Mangcang Mountain wont dare levy their influence with great fanfare.”

Meanwhile, Lu Yun wasnt afraid of hidden schemes and plots, he was afraid of something out in the open. Just like Mangcang Mountain couldnt be exposed to the light, neither could he. Besides, their final investigative conclusion would be that Zhuo Bufan was so greedy that he took the treasure for himself.

If the mountain wanted Oddmoon back, they would have to go for it under the table.

“Alright, I understand. Go do whatever you need to do.” Lu Yun nodded.

Zhuo Bufan bowed to Lu Yun and the little fox, then backed out of the room. Hed arranged for the two to reside in the deepest parts of the residence. The Hongmeng qi here was uncommonly rich and security heavy.

Zhuo Bufan was very confident in the security measures here—even ordinary titled kings wouldnt have any easy time making it in. Hed arranged for the two to be guest elders. Such visitors were extremely prestigious in Starcloud City, on par with Zhuo Bufan. Currently, there were only three total in residence.

Apart from Lu Yun and the little fox, the other was sent by the Scorch King—a peak superior realm expert to protect the city.

After Lu Yun and the little fox settled in, the days passed without incident. They focused on cultivating and raising their strength, whether in terms of cultivation or supplemental path level.

One had to say that cultivating in the Hongmeng brought about progress much faster than in the chaos or world of immortals. Though there was no immortal dao here, Lu Yun and the little foxs realms were high enough to still communicate with the great dao in the world of immortals and continue their path of cultivation.

The backend lives! I gave up releasing last night after getting caught in a login death spiral, so heres an “on time” chapter, more or less heh. Hope the new site launch goes well~-

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