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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1213: Martial Grandson

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There were countless Hongmeng worlds in the fourth realm, but theirs was the most noteworthy one of them all.

The five hells and even the Tome of Life and Death had all appeared in this Hongmeng world. That meant it was exceedingly possible that the heaven and earth in the deepest reaches of this realm, the root of heaven and earth, was the origin point of the entire fourth realm.

But that was just speculation. No one knew the truth of the matter. The only thing known was that it was indeed possible to enter the fourth realm here from the depths of the first realm.


Redbud City quickly fell fully into Zhuo Bufans hands, making it the newest addition to the Scorch Kings banner. As unwilling as the many moguls in the city might be, there was nothing they could do about it. Their new city lord was a subordinate to a king and had already refined the citys core essence. He wielded complete authority over the city.

Although the Redbud King had never acknowledged that this city was part of her demesne, no one dared have designs on it given its location on the fringes of the Redbud Plains. Now that the Scorch Kings men had taken it, but the Redbud King remained unmoved, that meant she was tacitly allowing the handover.

Naturally, Lu Yun didnt care about what happened to the city. His relationship with the Redbud King wasnt to the point where theyd trust each other with their lives, or he wouldve already asked her about Qing Yu.

With a flash of transportation brilliance, the group of three once more vanished inside a formation. When Lu Yun next appeared, he was situated inside an extremely prosperous city. This city was enormous, many times bigger than Redbud City, and so colossal that it was like a major world.

Starcloud City of Starspace Region!

Starspace Region was one of the strongest regions in the Hongmeng. It boasted of countless experts and titled kings—the Scorch King was only one of many. Starcloud City and another thousand and eighty other cities were his territory.

Though he was one of the hundred and eight kings of the Enforcer Alliance, he possessed a faction in his own right and had two other kings beneath his banner.

The Enforcer Alliance was a loose alliance instead of a regular faction. As immense as it was, its main purpose was to uphold the various orders and laws of the Hongmeng, not to be involved in conflict and power struggles.

Otherwise, there would be exceedingly few in the realm who could withstand all one hundred and eight kings acting in concert.

Starcloud City was under Zhuo Bufans purview. The Scorch King only had three sons and the other two were peak superior realm. In comparison, Zhuo Bufan well deserved his reputation as a bumbling fool.

But even so, his father still loved him very much.

Zhuo Bufan was only in the common realm, which meant the limits on his reproductive capabilities were far, far less stringent than his two older brothers. It was up to him to perpetuate the family line.


“Greetings to the young lord!”

“Greetings to the young lord!”

“Greetings to the young lord!”

Cultivators were waiting on the other side of the transportation formation; they bowed in unison when they saw Zhuo Bufan. They were dressed in uniform outfits, but not of the Enforcer Alliance. They were plainly the Scorch Kings private army—Starcloud City didnt belong to the alliance either.

“All of you are dismissed.” Zhuo Bufan waved them off and then beckoned with a hand, bringing a tiny flying treasure in front of the three. The group vanished in a streak of golden light after setting foot on it.

Following their orders, the cultivators assembled in front of the transportation formation promptly scattered.

Zhuo Bufans residence was magnificent and opulent, occupying an absolutely massive lot. To Lu Yun, this residence was bigger than all of Nephrite Major!

Servants and maids that were Hongmeng cultivators staffed it. Even those in the inferior realm possessed strength on par with chaos sovereigns. A residence as large as Nephrite Major was nothing much in their eyes—they could easily cross it with a single step.

“Alright, now you can tell me where Little Yu is,” Lu Yun said eagerly as he looked at Zhuo Bufan, who in turn looked at the little fox.

Both Lu Yun and the little fox had taken off their black robe uniforms since there was no need for disguise here. In this residence, they were Zhuo Bufans guest elders—visitors with extremely high status. They could absolutely view themselves as masters of the house.

The little fox made a welcoming gesture. “Go ahead.”

“Hopeless Major!” Zhuo Bufan answered. “The venerated one told me that when the young master and mistress are strong enough, you can pay a visit to Hopeless Major in the Valley of Ten Evils.”

He chuckled ruefully. Itd be one thing if hed found this out through his own investigations, but it made him very uneasy that the venerated enforcer had been the one to tell him this.

“The venerated one” Lu Yun blinked.

“Our martial grandson,” the little fox chuckled merrily. “The only disciple that our son took, his name is…”

She scratched her head and looked at Zhuo Bufan with some confusion.

Zhuo Bufans jaw dropped. The Purple King was the singular greatest villain in the entire Hongmeng! When he fought his way back to the chaos, he personally slaughtered countless experts from the third realm. The blood of kings stained his hands!

The Enforcer Alliance had named him their primary enemy and sent three of its most fearsome kings to capture him during the recent Hongmeng dealings in the second realm. But now the little fox was telling him that the venerated one of the alliance was the Purple Kings disciple And only disciple

“The mighty Purple King is your son, so I suppose theres nothing shocking about the venerated one being his disciple,” mumbled Zhuo Bufan. “This humble one doesnt know the venerated ones name either, just his title.”

“Okay, then.” The little fox nodded. “Then lets call him the venerated one for now. Hes our martial grandson, in any case, the spy that our son sent into the Enforcer Alliance!”

Zhuo Bufan chuckled helplessly. The Purple Kings restriction was active in his true spirit, making him one of the kings, but he hadnt lost his sense of self. He didnt know what to think about the little foxs words.

“Tell us about Hopeless Major.” Lu Yun took a deep breath and put thought of the venerated one out of his mind. He was too weak at present. Since Lu Qing had long set up his plans in the third realm, Lu Yun didnt want to intervene, lest he ruin one of his sons schemes.

“Hopeless Major!” Zhuo Bufan shuddered at the name. “One of the ten most dangerous places in the Hongmeng… The Valley of Ten Evils thinks nothing of life and leaves no atrocity uncommitted. Its a poisonous tumor in our realm!

“The Enforcer Alliance was originally formed to withstand the valley, and in the eyes of all Hongmeng beings, the Valley of Ten Evils is worse than all of the wild ghosts and spirits that run amok in our home!”

So thats who that dude is…

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