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“No wonder you dared enter the chaos by yourself, you brought an ultimate treasure with you,” Zhuo Bufan sneered and waved a hand.

The abyss opened up and swallowed the enormous moon while it was still in midair. The moon crescent was a great treasure of the Hongmeng!

Cangmang Mountain was a peak faction in the third realm and boasted of three kings. If itd been any other enforcer here, they wouldve docilely gone elsewhere when they saw the moon in front of the cave.

But what did Zhuo Bufan care about the mountain or another Apart from killing Huo Zongxing and the others, he just wanted to go back with a scapegoat and complete his mission.

Color drained from Evilfoxs face; he whirled around and ran off. If even the greatest treasure of Cangmang Mountain could be so easily taken, it was impossible for him to stand up to the enforcer.

“You want to go” Zhuo Bufan snorted and materialized the Execution command token, throwing it into the air and changing it into a streak of sword light.


Brilliant radiance cut through the chaos and decapitated Evilfox.


Evilfoxs body hit the ground as an enormous gray fox. He stopped moving after twitching a few times.

An Execution command token encompassed the will of the Hongmeng. Even if it grazed only a replica, it could still reach the primary body through the connection between the two.

“He really is a fox.” Busily toying with a tiny, bright moon in the abyss, the little fox shifted disdainfully to the side when she saw Evilfoxs true form outside, as if that would somehow put greater distance between them.

The odd moon had been tamed by the power of the abyss. Its mental brand had been wiped clean and it now belonged to the little fox, since it was in her hands.

Lu Yun smiled and didnt plan on contesting her ownership. He was more focused with the abyss being able to subdue treasures! Even a premier treasure of the third realm had been no match for it. This was an ability that neither the Hadal or Abyssal Hells possessed.

Outside Oddmoon Cave, Zhuo Bufan gently placed his hand on the walls of the chaos mountain.


The mountain trembled as the extensive passages of Oddmoon Cave were sealed away. There was no more trace of the cave to be found. Shortly thereafter, the nine creation seeds floated out of the mountain and landed in his hands.

Zhuo Bufan sent the nine seeds into the abyss, completing Lu Yuns possession of all eleven creation seeds.

The little fox no longer needed creation seeds; shed long taken out the one shed refined. Lu Qing had also removed the one thatd been on Qiu Luoyu.

Eleven creation seeds formed a ring that hovered in front of Lu Yun.

The little fox swallowed when she saw the nine crystalline seeds, but didnt make a move for them. She knew that if she wanted them, Lu Yun would give them to her.

“Just what are these eleven seeds” Lu Yun murmured as he looked at the seeds sparkling with dreamlike radiance.

“I dont know.” The little fox shook her head.

Zhuo Bufan entered the abyss with Evilfoxs body. Hed executed Huo Zongxing and the other three as well. Gone into the ether and their true spirits shredded by the Execution command token, there was no chance of them ever coming back to life.

“The eleven seeds represent eleven kings,” Zhuo Bufan said in a quiet voice. “These eleven kings are the strongest in the Hongmeng. The eleven creation seeds are actually power nodes of the third realm. Not only are they formed from peak Hongmeng strength, but they also represent eleven laws.

“The laws of the four origins: earth, air, water, and fire. The laws of the five elements: metal, wood, water, earth, and fire. And finally, yin and yang!”

Lu Yuns past self had refined the seed of pure yang, whereas the little fox had refined the one of pure yin.

The seeds of yin and yang happened to be crucial to the eleven. Since Lu Yun had broken the one of yang and Hongjun the one of yin, the remaining nine wouldnt amount to much no matter what they tried.

“However, just like the lizard-dragon, those eleven seeds cant enter the Hongmeng. The eleven kings will sense them when they do and personally come take them away!” Zhuo Bufan quickly added.


The eleven creation seeds suddenly shone with brilliant radiance before Lu Yun could respond and drifted into the air. Tensing, he readied the Bridge of Forgetfulness in the abyss.

The light of the eleven condensed into a shimmer of watery blue. A young girl with blue clothes, blue hair, and blue eyes slowly walked out of it.

The abyss next to Lu Yun vanished the moment she appeared, replaced by a world of beautiful mountains and clear waters. Fields of grass grew between the peaks, children frolicked among the flowers and chased butterflies. Men tilled the fields, women wove clothes, and chickens and dogs challenged each other. It was a peaceful world of tranquility.

The abyss was no longer by Lu Yuns side, as was neither the little fox nor Zhuo Bufan. The Bridge of Forgetfulness was the only thing here, but as an ordinary bridge over a small creek.

“Hello, you.” The blue-haired girl smiled at Lu Yun.

“Hello to you, too.” Lu Yun blinked. Hed met her before!

Hed met her the first time he entered a dao palace, and shed told him the truth of the chaos and worlds and the origins of the six dao palaces. Lu Yun had thought she was the replica of a certain heavyweight, but he didnt see her anywhere after he entered the chaos.

Who wouldve thought that shed appear after he obtained all eleven creation seeds And in this abyss

The girl burst out laughing when she saw his wooden expression.

“Ahem!” Lu Yun collected his thoughts, plastered a serious expression on his face, and bowed politely. This girl was absolutely a heavyweight in the Hongmeng. Perhaps she even exceeded the level of a king!

Shed easily subdued the Bridge of Forgetfulness! Though the bridge was an entity of the fourth realm, its true spirit was too weak and unable to control its massive body until its cultivation reached the fourth realm as well.

“This humble one greets the lady,” Lu Yun said.

“HahahaHAHAHAHA!!” The blue-haired girl threw her head back with laughter when she saw his reaction. “You dont recognize me in this form, kid”

“Huh” Lu Yun blinked.

“Ahem!” She turned solemn. “Im Bluegrave!”

Lu Yun: ……-

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