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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1193: Oddmoon Cave

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The lizard-dragon was one of the notable experts of Dragonhollow Mountain. Each and every single one of its moves was under close surveillance by multiple kings. If it suddenly appeared in the Hongmeng, they would certainly rush to capture it.

“The lizard-dragon stays here. Zhuo Bufan will come with me to the Hongmeng.” Lu Yun thought for a moment and kicked the lizard-dragon into hell.

Tumbling head over heels into the netherworld, it nodded with great suffering on its face.

“The young master has so many kings under his command, he can just charge into the Hongmeng.” The lizard-dragon clapped its claws over its face when it looked at a slyly grinning young girl.

Carmine Arbiter.

Ever since the lizard-dragon entered hell, itd become Carmine Arbiters favorite punching bag. The young girl who looked sixteen years old could beat it to the point where it didnt dare strike back.

“Do you think there are only kings in the Hongmeng” Carmine Arbiter curled her lip. “Kings are the rulers of the third realm simply because the true greats are busy attacking the barrier between the third and fourth realms.”

The lizard-dragon gaped at the girl, who grinned merrily back.

“Come on then, use your strongest combat arts and fight me!”

The lizard-dragon wanted to cry again. Carmines Eternal and Arbiter were sisters with extraordinary backgrounds. Many thought that they were from worlds thatd been destroyed prior, but here Arbiter was mentioning the third realm!

And now she wanted to use the lizard-dragon to hone her skills.

One had to know that the creature was still sealed by the Bridge of Forgetfulness, but its cultivation realm was truly in the Hongmeng. All of its combat arts and secret methods were far beyond anything in the world of immortals. How could anyone who easily trashed him be an ordinary being

It was due to the sisters taking turns tormenting the lizard-dragon that gave it the misconception that Lu Yun had hundreds of thousands of kings under his banner. Everyone that attacked the poor lizard-dragon bore the same energy ripples as the two sisters. That, combined with Lu Yuns psychological dismantlement, resulted in a beautiful misunderstanding.

Carmines Eternal and Arbiter had suffered indelible blows in the past thatd necessitated even the rebirths of their true spirits. They desperately needed someone like the lizard-dragon—a fearful, sealed creature of the third realm to be their punching bag. Only through repeated battles would they find themselves again.


Zhuo Bufans method of bringing Lu Yun and the little fox to the Hongmeng was simple. Not only could his command token execute any Hongmeng creature thatd made an unauthorized trip to a lower realm, but it was also a transportation formation that brought enforcers back to the Hongmeng.

“Hold on!” Lu Yun stopped him just as he was about to activate the token.

“Young master.” Zhuo Bufan had adopted the same honorific that the lizard-dragon used. He looked at Lu Yun with confusion.

“Do you know the hiding spots of Huo Zongxing and the others””

“You want to fully root them out” Zhuo Bufan blinked.

“Indeed, I will cut down the weeds and pull them out by the roots!” Lu Yun nodded. “Those four are only mortal beings for the moment, but they already possess the battle strength of sovereigns. If theyre allowed to grow, theyll become a pestilence sooner or later.”

“I see!” Zhuo Bufan concurred and explained, “Theres eleven kings behind the nine. Those kings are the owners of the eleven creation seeds in the chaos. The nine descended to a lower realm through the creation seeds not for the world of immortals, but to capture the Purple King.”

Lu Yun nodded slightly. If all eleven creation seeds had given rise to Hongmeng creatures, then even his son would be in dire straits now.

His past self had studied the eleven creation seeds and found that they contained terrifying strength. Even though Lu Yuns replica had exceeded the chaos and was infinitely close to being a king, he was still as weak as an ant in front of the creation seeds.

Thus, hed decisively taken action and destroyed one of them to protect the dao fruit that his past self would eventually turn into.

Hongjun had successfully obtained another creation seed later on and opted to swallow it to destroy the power within. That was why only nine seeds had successfully matured and given rise to the nine sacred lands and Hongmeng creatures.

If all eleven had borne fruit, the consequences would be too disastrous to imagine.

An unknown master had taken away the nine seeds and remaining four Hongmeng creatures. It was only a matter of time before the seeds gave birth to new sacred lands and beings from the third realm.

Thus, trouble had to be wiped out at its source, right now.

The order sacred land within the chaos currently lacked the strength to kill those four creatures. After all, there was a stronger existence standing behind them. As for Lu Qing… he was preoccupied with the seal in the chaos sea and had no effort to spare for anything else.

Thus, it was up to Lu Yun to clean up the loose ends. This was the last thing he could do for them before he left the chaos.


Dangers abounded in the secret locales of the chaos. The chaos mountain was one such place similar to the chaos sea and Oddmoon Cave sat at its foot. It, too, was a forbidden zone thatd once claimed the life of sovereigns.

Just as its name indicated, Oddmoon Cave was an enormous cave. A silver crescent hung over it, looking very much like the moon over the chaos sea. Thus, this place was known as Oddmoon Cave.

As opposed to a forbidden zone, it was more accurate to label this place as just… strange. More than one sovereign had died here, but so had mortal beings run into fortuitous opportunities and risen to sovereign heights within a very short amount of time.

According to Zhuo Bufans calculations, the four Hongmeng creatures and their backer were within the cave. Lu Yun and the little fox were hidden deep within the abyss. Only Zhuo Bufan approached the cave, stopping in front of it.

The mountain soared prominently and seemed unending, like an enormous dragon crouched the chaos. Oddmoon Cave sat in one of its valleys, looking like a deep and mysterious opening into the earth. There was a living being sitting cross-legged before it.

Dressed in an outfit the color of blood, he exuded the same aura as fresh blood. There were three eyes on his face—the one whod killed Fuxi and used Lu Yun to derive a complete Dragonquake Scripture!

The three-eyed man had infiltrated Inception Palace after making it back to the chaos and tried to shatter the six palaces from within. Hed wanted to lay hands on all six, but failed in the end and only a sliver of his true spirit escaped after the chaos dragons attacked him.

Who wouldve thought that hed already recovered and would be in front of Oddmoon Cave

“I thought itd be Lu Yun. I wasnt expecting you.” He opened three eyes to look at Zhuo Bufan.

“Do you know me” Zhuo Bufan started.

“No,” the three-eyed man responded matter-of-factly. “But whether its you or someone else, it makes no difference to me as long as its not Lu Yun. Youll all soon be dead.”

His third eye widened in a glare and stared straight at Zhuo Bufan.-

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