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“Me” Tianqi looked dumbly at his master.

“Thats right, you.” Lu Yun nodded with a smile. “Mount Tai is a mountain of two worlds and suppresses the five hells. I dont know what the other four hells are, but theyre likely on par with the Hadal Hell. One Mount Tai can suppress five hells, and youre its god, so what does that make you”

“I…” Tianqi blinked rapidly and chuckled ruefully. “I dont know either. Bashe targeted me the moment my consciousness was born. If it wasnt for your appearance, master, Id be dead long ago.”

“Whats yours is yours, no one can take it away from you.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Perhaps the moment the five hells are gathered is the moment your true self returns.”

“Then Ill find the other four and destroy one of them!” The light of resolution shone out of Tianqis eyes. With Mount Tai in his grasp, destroying one of the five hells was an easy task.

“It might not be a bad thing to find your true self again.” Lu Yun chuckled when he read his disciples expression. “Alright now, its time to meld the nine worlds of the Hadal Hell into the world of immortals.”

The greatest secret of this hell definitely had something to do with Tianqi. Lu Yun was certain that his disciples true self would return once the five hells were gathered together again. It was apparent from the fact that Tianqi exercised absolute authority in the Hadal Hell, just as Lu Yun did in the kingdom of hell. That Lu Yun was able to do the same in this hell was due to the Tome of Life and Death.

“Mm.” Tianqi nodded gently.

A concentrated crimson light exploded out of Mount Tai once more and enveloped the nine worlds within this hell, drawing in dense energy of a world from all directions to the mountain. The power of Mount Tai could now affect all of those worlds.

“This Hadal Hell…” Shock flitted across Tianqis face. “It was refined from nine worlds like ours!”

“Eh” Lu Yun blinked and looked at his disciple.

Tianqi was now connected to the Hadal Hell through Mount Tai, so everything about this place was readily available to his consciousness. Hed once been the ruler of this realm and created everything here, but now he was only Tianqi, Lu Yuns third disciple.

“They were nine worlds that had swallowed the chaos, devoured the Hongmeng, and reached the fourth realm!” Tianqis voice cracked. “After they expanded to the fourth realm and reached its level of evolution, their inhabitants were on par with those of the fourth realm! However, someone destroyed them all and refined them into the Hadal Hell.”

Or maybe even Tianqis true self had destroyed them to refine them into this hell.

Lu Yun inhaled sharply, his expression flickering rapidly through various thoughts.

“Master… do you really think well succeed Even if we defeat the chaos creatures and those bastards with ill intent in the Hongmeng, will we be able to shake off this misfortune” Tianqis voice trembled. “Many of the prisoners that you released earlier come from these nine worlds. They were all premier existences of the fourth realm.”

“I dont know.” Lu Yun shrugged. “But I do know that if we work hard in that direction, that will grant us a sliver of hope. If we hide in here and do nothing, then there really will be no future for us.”

“Agreed!” Tianqi nodded emphatically, a light dancing intermittently in his eyes.

“Dont you worry, the five hells wont be gathered together. After today, the Hadal Hell will become a footnote in history.” Lu Yun naturally knew what his disciple was thinking about.

Tianqi started.

“Lets get started, dragging things out leads to unexpected changes.”



Tianqi called upon the power of Hadal Hell and sent the nine worlds out of the netherworld, past the obstruction of space, and into the world of immortals.


At the peak of Mount Buzhou, Leize, Huaxu, Wahuang, Fuxi, and Hongjun stood at strict attention, ready for an enormous battle. However, all of the worlds remained uncommonly peaceful with no ripples of change or strange phenomenon to be seen.

They were all extremely nervous.

“Its the agreed upon date, why isnt Lu Yun here” Wahuang suddenly asked Hongjun.

“Well… I dont know either.” Hongjun stroked his beard with a lost look.

Hed originally looked like a young man, but had transformed into an old man after completing Lu Yuns reincarnation tribulation.

“Ive already refined the world crystal that I collected from the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. We can resonate the world of immortals with the Hadal Hell at any time, sticking the two of them together…” Hongjun carried a gourd in his hand, one that contained a world crystal with the power to combine worlds. He was the first creature to enter the tomb and had brought out not only the world crystal, but also the last bloodline of the chaos dragons and delivered it to the world of immortals.

Making the world of immortals whole again with thirty-three layers was part of Leizes plan from the very beginning. However, none of them had fathomed that Lu Yun would be so crazy as to use the Hadal Hell for the task.

“Has something unexpected come up” Leize frowned slightly, his expression darkening.

Lu Yun possessed a swift and decisive style and was a man of his word. Since hed said hed do something, then he would accomplish it. That he wasnt rendezvousing with them on Mount Buzhou could only mean that something was unexpectedly keeping him.

“How about we get started first The five of us combined can compel the world of immortals to communicate with the Hadal Hell,” Hongjun took a deep breath and took out a piece of time crystal.

Having received the blessings of reincarnation and been revived through it, both Hongjun and Fuxi could enter hell to communicate with the Hadal Hell if they wanted to.

“Hold on!” Huaxu had him pause. “Look at the world of immortals!”

All five possessed the strength of sacred monarchs, so they could easily see the rest of the world of immortals from their vantage point on Mount Buzhou. They were stunned to see nine worlds larger than the world of immortals suddenly appear out of thin air. Something seemed to refine them, shrink them, and incorporate them with the world of immortals.

“How did he do it! He took control of the Hadal Hell and had it voluntarily become one with the world of immortals!” Leize gasped.

In the legends of the chaos and third realm, the Hadal Hell was a demonic land. Even the masters of the third realm dared not easily set foot inside.

In their original plan, Lu Yun was to only borrow that hells power to support the world of immortals. The Hadal Hell would remain separate, despite using it to make the world whole again. The prisoners locked within would still remain, and the nine worlds within would become new forbidden zones within the world of immortals.

Reality proved to be completely different from their imagination. Someone had refined that hell and truly integrated it with the world of immortals!

Setting aside how Lu Yun had done it, did he want to turn the world into a new hell and ruin it entirely!

“Lets go to the world of immortals! I dont believe Lu Yun would do something this dumb!” Wahuang was the first to move. She darted to the path outside of Earth and hurried along it to the world of immortals. Leize and the others were close behind her.-

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