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They were naturally beyond grateful to Lu Yun. If not for him, the two wouldve also been killed by others before the Tomb of Heaven and Earth opened. And now, their new titles were Holy King Merefrost and Holy King Dawnruin!

They were the fifth and sixth holy kings of the underworld!

The heritage of the underworld descended upon them the moment they set foot onto this charred land. Their cultivation rolled back from chaos realm all the way to peak fifth level mortal realm—the equivalent of human king in the Primeval Era. However, they were able to deploy far greater strength than that when they were in the underworld.

The zombie hordes that followed them out of the tomb turned into the living dead and mausoleum keepers through the underworlds power. They were creatures without a past, just the present. Safeguarding this mysterious land was their eternal mission.

So this is where mausoleum keepers and holy kings of the underworld come from, Lu Yun thought. They were natives of the tombs resting in the underworld.

Apart from that, sometimes the holy kings entered the world to entice those with great potential to join the underworld. Ling Weiyang, for instance, had been hauled here after his death. So had the previous Xing Chen and current Violetshade been lured here from the realms.


“I want the Blood Sea!” Lu Yun suddenly said. “The Blood Sea is in the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. Help me relocate it to hell.”

He no longer focused on matters between the tomb and the underworld, what he and Qing Yu were here for was most important!

“You want the Blood Sea” The six holy kings looked at each other.

“Im afraid that wont be possible, the implications of the Blood Sea are too great. No one will be able to save you if you dare make any designs on it. Certain death will come for you!” As the strongest and longest veteran of the group, Holy King Desolation knew a few more secrets than the others.

“…does the Blood Sea have something to do with the Hadal Hell” Lu Yun tried to make whatever connections he could.

“Lu Yun, Ill be honest with you,” sighed Desolation when he heard Lu Yun mention the Hadal Hell. “Your current worlds will become the next great tomb to take up residence in the underworld!”

“What!” Lu Yun and Qing Yu looked at each other, and even the little fox jumped out with her fur bristling.

“Any world born in the chaos, whether large or small, strong or weak, can grow to swallow all of the chaos if its core essence is strong enough. It can extend to the Hongmeng and even the fourth realm as the most unparalleled of existences.

“Those that are too weak, born lacking, or have shaky foundations will destruct on their own at a certain size. No one else needs to scheme against it for that to happen.

“Other than what is known as the mythological realm, worlds with strong foundations include only yours,” explained Holy King Desolation.

“To be frank, any other realm wouldve been destroyed ten thousand times over by the machinations of the former nine sacred lands, but they keep meeting with failure when it comes to yours. This is because not only is there a strong guardian in your realm, but that the realms core essence is strong enough!”

A strong guardian… in other words, Leize, Huaxu, Fuxi, and Wahuang. This family was a crucial component as to why the nine sacred lands hadnt been able to destroy the worlds in all this time, as was Lu Yuns unexpected appearance.

However, the root cause was that the realms core essence was strong enough. This core essence had been why Leizes family had chosen this particular realm and been reborn into the great wilderness, even at the risk of costing their own lives.

“The strength of your realm comes from the Blood Sea, in other words, the Hadal Hell,” sighed Holy King Desolation. “When the great wilderness was born, the Blood Sea and Hadal Hell formed its roots. Though they both later departed, their strength became part of the realms core essence and elevated it far beyond the others.

“At the same time, the Blood Sea and Hadal Hell were also present at the birth of the mythological realm. All of the realms in the tombs of the underworld saw the shadows of these two at their births as well.”

Lu Yun nodded solemnly.

“Ordinarily speaking, the chaos creatures cant possibly destroy your realm, of that you can rest assured.” Holy King Desolation smiled.

“The chaos creatures may not be able to destroy my world, but they can kill everyone in it. There are less than twenty years before the World Gates are breached, heralding a calamity for the world of immortals and all of the lower worlds,” Lu Yun responded expressionlessly.

Holy King Desolation gaped.

“I want the Blood Sea!” The exchange only solidified Lu Yuns thoughts. Not only did he want the Blood Sea, he was also going to drag the Hadal Hell out of his netherworld and stick it to all thirty-three layers of the world of immortals!

The chaos creatures were nothing to be concerned about and couldnt destroy his world

The six sacred palaces had long been irked by the nine sacred lands, but didnt dare do anything to them. When Wen Jian stripped them of their title, someone had struck out at him. If it hadnt been for nether fire, he wouldve died a hundred times over.

The nine sects couldnt destroy the worlds, but what about their backer

The underworld seemed more like an undertaker than anything. Its only function was to collect the dead worlds so their tombs wouldnt pollute the chaos… that was all.

“We… cant help you with this.” Holy King Desolation shook his head slightly. “If you wish to go, youll have to go yourself, and before the Blood Sea leaves. You can take some of it or its core essence, but if we try, well be annihilated.”

“Milord, I can show you the way!” Silent up to this point, Dawnruin suddenly piped up. “I just exited the tomb and know what its become and where the Blood Sea is. Im already the living dead anyway, so it doesnt matter if I die once more.”

“No need.” Qing Yu shook her head. “Ive more or less calculated everything about the tomb just now. You really will die if you go with us, and you might be able to help us if you stay.”

Dawnruin and Merefrost looked at each other without a word.

“With your current cultivation, youll just hold us back if you enter the tomb. Stay here and guard the underworld well. Perhaps this will be our home in the future,” Qing Yu sighed. This wasnt a show of uncertainty, but truly a desire to think of a future retreat plan first.

There wasnt any obstacle for them to enter the tomb from the underworld. The latter was swallowing the tomb to make it a new inhabitant, and the tombs strength was slowly becoming one with the underworld.

“Lu Yun, what did you say the Blood Sea in Life Province is” the little fox suddenly asked.-

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