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“Oh, right, the North Extinction Coffin!” Reminded of his purpose, Lu Yun struggled to get to his feet, but was still too weak. “Go back for now, Feinie, Aoxue.”

“Understood.” The two envoys returned to the Gates of the Abyss, leaving no trace in the world thanks to the vitality-disguising talismans Xuanxi had refined.

“Whyd you dismiss them” Qing Han helped Lu Yun up.

“That old turtle is watching us.” Lu Yun snorted. “Heh heh, it destroyed my formation disk, but didnt stop and wonder why it was so easy to destroy.”

The formation disk had been Feinies handiwork. It appeared to be a teleportation formation, but hidden within was an ingenious surveillance formation. The destruction of the disk was the catalyst to releasing the surveillance formation, allowing Lu Yun to keep an eye on the juba.

“Its watching us” Qing Han froze. Hed turned back into his real self in the dark!

“Its sensing the fluctuations in our life energy through a special detection method.” The darkness prevented Lu Yun from seeing Qing Hans expression, so he didnt notice the young mans unusual reaction and continued on, “If it could see underground, it wouldve known theres a great tomb here. It must know about the rimesnake king, but not the tomb or the treasure the snake was defending.”

He made a thoughtful noise. “I told Aoxue to go back so the old turtle will doubt itself. It cant see whats going on, so itll refrain from doing anything reckless.”

The juba had arrived in the Skandha Range at least ten thousand years ago, which gave it more than enough time to study the place and discover ways to activate some of the underlying formations. It mustve been the one thatd activated the Big Dipper Formation just now.

Although the formation had dissipated, there were still dangers in the Skandha Extinction Tomb.

“Ill need you to support me,” Lun Yun huffed. “The coffin is nine hundred meters away on our left.”

Blushing, Qing Han bent down. “Ill carry you.”

“You, carry me” Lu Yun started.

“What, you carried me once,” Qing Han said, feigning nonchalance. “Why cant I do the same for you”

“Alright. I need to recover my strength and energy anyway.” Even with the pills hed consumed, he needed time to recover. However, the Skandha Extinction Tomb was extremely dangerous; the North Tomb especially so. The longer they lingered, the more dangerous it would become. They couldnt just sit here and rest.

Thus, he accepted the offer and rested lightly on Qing Hans back. A comforting fragrance welcomed him and relaxed his nerves.

“Jealous, arent you” He said proudly at Qing Hans ear.

“Of what” The Qing scion wasnt following.

“Of my toned body!” Lu Yun sounded pleased with himself. “I worked out hard after returning to Dusk City. Although I still have a long way to go, my physical strength has tripled! I told you to train up when you could, but youre still so soft.” He made a round of assessment as he poked and prodded Qing Hans soft body. He was exhausted, but not completely immobile. The pills had come into effect and were slowly replenishing his stamina.

...dont kill him.

Qing Hans face flamed red, but he had to admit he didnt hate the touches.

“Man, if your chest wasnt flat, I would think you were a woman.” Lu Yuns hands wandered to Qing Hans chest for a squeeze.

Dont. Kill. Him.

Qing Han gritted his teeth, but didnt dare let go. The ground here was covered in pieces of rimesnake and blood, both of which were extremely potent and fatal. If Lu Yun fell from his back, the governor would be half dead in no time at all.

“Here we are!” The imperial envoy suddenly came to a halt, his face pale. “Whats that on the coffin” he asked quietly. The chilling, evil energy made him want to bolt.

“Thats a grudge corpse.” Lu Yun nervously struggled off Qing Hans back. He hadnt expected that the dead body buried here would turn into a grudge corpse and climb out of its own coffin.

Shouldnt this thing be in the central tomb He had a very bad feeling about the situation. A zombie might transform into a grudge corpse if it was overwhelmed with resentment. It was neither zombie nor ghost, but it resembled both.

“Light a fire!” Lu Yun whispered.


A fire rose from the tip of Qing Hans finger, lighting up the space. What they saw raised the hair on their bodies.

A crimson coffin, eighteen meters in length and a yard in height with bloody patterns etched into its surface, gleamed in the flickering light from Qing Hans fingertip.

“Netherfreakingwood coffin!” Lu Yun blurted out. There was actually a netherwood coffin inside the North Desolate Tomb!

Whoever had set up the five tombs hadnt been pulling any punches at all. Theyd wanted not only to destroy the clan, but also take out any intruders.

The coffin was already opened. A stark white humanoid figure sat on top of the lid, swinging its equally colorless legs. Long hair stuck together in damp, sticky strands while sickly yellow liquid flowed out of all seven of its orifices. Dark, empty eye sockets stared straight at Lu Yun and Qing Han.

The corpse wasnt taking any action. Itd sensed something approaching, but didnt seem to see the humans. Its eerie singing voice wound about like a sinister wind in the dark, teasing out pinpricks of horror and fright from listeners.

Regular zombies were as good as blind. They could only tell left from right when they sensed the energy radiating from living creatures. Without any outside energy to attract them, zombies would either remain slumbering in their coffin, or aimlessly wandering about.

“It doesnt seem to see us,” QIng Han transmitted. He and Lu Yun were both using Xuanxis talismans to conceal their vitality.

“Regular zombies may not be able to see us, but this ones different. Its gained some intelligence.” Lu Yun didnt relax. “Dont go near it; its worse than the Big Dipper Formation! In fact, its as deadly as bloodcorpses and zombie kings!”

Qing Han shuddered and fell silent. Both bloodcorpses and zombie kings were arcane immortals capable of destroying the world.

A grudge corpse was something recorded in only Lu Yuns sect and found only in Skandha Extinction Tombs. No other tomb raider sect had records of it. The tomb creator used the corpse as a formation to gather all evil qi in the world to destroy the targeted clan. Imbued with an entire lineages worth of grievances, that hapless corpse would morph into a grudge corpse.

The grandmaster of Lu Yuns sect had encountered one such monster in a set of tombs like this and barely made a narrow escape in the end. Even then, he hadnt eluded misfortune. The monster infected him and turned him into a zombie, necessitating that the elites of the sect had to take him out within sect headquarters.

Before his unfortunate demise, however, hed recorded everything about grudge corpses and the Skandha Extinction Tomb in full detail.-

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