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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1094: Qing Han?

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The knowledge beyond the chaos contained within the sword wasnt a cultivation method or a combat art. It was an understanding of life itself; it could only be comprehended, not taught. Different parties would read different things from this knowledge, including cultivation methods or even combat arts.

Since Lu Yun had fully refined the sword, he could manipulate its contents and imprint them into the minds of the other five.

They sank into a contemplative state of meditation and focused on digesting this profound knowledge. Caught up in the intricacies of this new wisdom, they would be preoccupied for a long time.

Lu Yun waved his hand and summoned rays of sword light from his new treasure, protecting the five in their distracted state.

And then, he quietly left.


“I wonder how the little fox, Qiu Luoyu, and those two chaos creatures are doing.” Lu Yun opened his arms wide and sucked in a deep breath of not-so-pristine air. Thoughts of his other companions rose unbidden in his mind.

He hadnt heard from them since setting foot into the tomb. The little fox was the first to move on from the first test while Qiu Luoyu, Dawnruin, and Merefrost had been ejected from his inner dimension after he entered the tomb.

“Dawnruin and Merefrosts prospects are probably dim… but the little fox and Qiu Luoyu should be handling things fine. Too bad the little fox reached chaos realm outside, or Id probably be able to find her in here. But…” Something suddenly occurred to Lu Yun. “If the little fox and Qiu Luoyu made it inside, they probably ended up at the creation seed!”

He jerked his head up and looked in the direction of the wood element—to the east. All was a scene of verdant green light in that area, a place where vibrant vitality pulsed.

“Thats the center of the huge burial pit. Id be walking over the corpses of countless beings if I go there,” Lu Yun murmured. “But each of the five directions in this place is overseen by an ultimate treasure. …the one to the east is the creation seed!

“In that case, that makes the five directions the testing grounds for chaos realm experts. Their mission is the five treasures, compared to that huge zombie for us. In comparison, whatever lies inside the pit is far inferior to the five treasures.

“The nine sacred lands are in for it after everyone leaves the tomb. The creation seeds actually a treasure beyond the chaos, its just that no ones noticed that all along.” Lu Yun called upon the Wandering Step and headed to the east.

Infinite numbers of experts from the mythological realm lay buried in that pit. Though they were dead, their wills lingered on and they constantly searched for an heir to their heritage.

With help from the rules of trial, the enormous pit created illusion after illusion to test the adventurers. The rules also guided the loitering wills back to sanity—with some exceptions, such as the creator thatd been waiting for Lu Yun and the faceless woman.

Lu Yun was now a particle of dust skipping through the void with the aid of the Wandering Step; he moved toward the creation seed at a fast clip. He wasnt worried about Ying Luo and the others. Having fully released the power of the sword, even creators wouldnt be able to approach them.


“Master” An ethereal, lilting voice suddenly sounded by Lu Yuns ear.

He jerked to a halt and whipped his head to the side. He was the size of dust and his Wandering Step traveled fifty thousand kilometers with each step. However, there was a young girl keeping pace and standing next to him.

She was very pretty with delicately arched eyebrows and black hair floating down over a white dress. She regarded him with a complicated expression.

“Who are you and why do you call me master” Lu Yun returned to regular size, a move echoed by his newly gained shadow.

The girl pursed her lips and raised her right hand.

All of Lu Yuns hairs stood on end and his mind blared with alarm. The young girl clutched a brush in her hand, one that dripped with ink that looked like blood.

“Its, its you! …you” He stared blankly at the young girl—the faceless woman. Shed been surrounded by a layer of mist before that concealed her true features. Now that she was a charming young girl and standing right in front of him, he didnt know what to do.

“The hadal hell exorcised the power of the akasha ghost from me, so I became me again.” The young girl asked mournfully, “Ive waited here for you for so many years. Youve finally come back, but do you not recognize me anymore”

“Me Finally come back” Lu Yun blinked. “Ive been here before”

The young girl looked silently at him and didnt respond.

“Er, alright… who are you Why are you calling me your master” he pressed.

“Im Qing Han, your fourth disciple,” came the answer.

Lu Yuns heart skipped a beat when he heard the name “Qing Han”. Wasnt that the name Qing Yu used when she took male form

This girl is Qing Han My fourth disciple What the hell

When he thought back to the creator thatd been waiting for him before, Lu Yun had to consider the possibility that he really mightve visited the tomb sometime in the past, and that he hadnt realized it yet at this point in time.

“You say youre my fourth disciple, so who are my other three” Lu Yun frowned at “Qing Han”.

“Senior sister Liu Qingmiao, second senior brother Zou Longxiu, and third senior brother Tianqi.” A regretful smile appeared on Qing Hans face. “To think that I almost killed my master when I was controlled by the brush.”

The brush in her hand was an ultimate treasure born out of this realm. But after the realms destruction and the death of all who called it home, the resentment of an entire realm polluted the tip of the brush and turned into vermilion ink.

After Qing Hans soul slipped out of her old body, she came under the brushs control as a faceless woman with an incomplete soul. Shed searched for ways to make her soul whole again ever since.

It wasnt her intention to absorb the fresh blood of the beings here. That had been a compulsion from the brush. When Lu Yun opened the Gates of the Abyss and released the presence of hadal hell, itd scattered the lingering resentment within the brush and enabled her to regain mental clarity.

Lu Yun stared dumbly at her, not knowing what to say. Her name made things a bit awkward as he wasnt sure how Qing Yu would react.

“Im an orphan you raised and named Qing Han. You told me that was a name that milady, your wife, once used. That you missed her very much and she was in a very far away place, that you would never be able to see her again.

“Therefore, you focused all of your yearning into this name,” Qing Han explained quietly. “Sadly, I was just your disciple and could never fill the hole that your wife left in your heart.”

Lu Yun was beginning to believe this Qing Han and her story.

“The sword in your hands was something you refined for me, the treasure that protected me throughout my life. And yet, I died to my own sword in the end.

“You once said that the day we met again would be the moment of my rebirth. Now I am reborn, and you have come back.” Qing Han suddenly knelt in front of Lu Yun and hugged his legs, breaking out into tears. “Master, your disciple has missed you.”


Lu Yun froze in place, at a loss of how to face his fourth disciple. He could feel the waves of emotion from Qing Han, but… he was unable to answer in kind.

Can it be that I travel back to the past again in the future, to this mythological realm But this time, Im unable to get back to my time Lu Yun frowned ferociously.

How much despair must he have felt to find an outlet for his loneliness by raising a disciple and giving her the name of Qing Han Even when hed been blasted back to the great wilderness, hed always firmly believed that he could make it back to the world of immortals.

“Qing Han, have I ever said anything else to you” Lu Yun reached out and gently smoothed the girls hair. Though he didnt feel a true kinship for this girl whod waited countless eons for him, he couldnt bear to hurt her feelings.

“Your body!” Qing Han exclaimed. “Master, Ill take you to your past self!”

In her eyes, the Lu Yun in front of her was the reincarnated self of her master.

“You also said that I should take you to your body when you return. All will be understood then!” She could also feel the aloofness when Lu Yun interacted with her. This saddened her somewhat, but hope still poked its head out from her heart.

“Alright then, take me to it.” Lu Yun nodded and took a deep breath.

“But youre such a player, master. You missed your wife, but then found another one and created my junior brother with her,” Qing Han grumbled.

“Eh!” Lu Yuns jaw dropped. What other wife, what junior brother

Qing Han didnt give him further time to react as she took his hand and the two vanished from the premises.


The emerald green creation seed turned the murky sky a brilliant green. Countless experts were gathered in front of it, including a Qiu Luoyu covered in blood. He didnt dominate his opposition, but he firmly defended the creation seed with everything he had.-

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