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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1083: Trash

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“Then remember it, and remember it well. Why dont you remember it for the rest of your lives” Wahuang burst out laughing when she looked at the Nirvana princess. “And, if Nirvana or Ethos Palace dares bully Inception disciples with an unfair advantage, then the two of you can remain in your palaces forever and never set a foot through your door.”

Startling killing intent exploded with her words. Her meaning was very clear. If Ethos and Nirvana Palaces dared bully those of Inception Palace from the position of a superior cultivation, she would destroy those two princesses!

“Princess of Inception Palace, dont you think youre being too tyrannical!” The other three princes and princesses couldnt bear to stand by idly any longer.

True, the Inception princess was very strong. The Creation prince was the only one who could rival her, and after his death, no one else could contend with her. If the Inception princess really wanted to kill them all, likely only the palace monarchs would be able to save them.

“Tyrannical” The corner of Wahuangs lips lifted and she sniffed, “So Im tyrannical. What can you lot do about it”

A variety of expressions flashed through the Inception delegation. They hadnt thought that their princess would be openly hostile to her peers for the sake of protecting Lu Yun! Just who was this kid Even if he could practice the Myriad Inception Fist and was a core disciple, it was over the top to threaten a slaughter of the other princes and princesses for him.

“Ahem!” Lu Yun walked out from behind Wahuang and cleared his throat. “Her Highness is very clear. If you dont use a superior cultivation to bully Inception disciples, then she wont do anything.

“If one of you with the same cultivation level as me kills me, then thats my lack of skill and shame on Inception Palace. Our princess wont care about me then.”

A few simple words were enough to defuse the tense atmosphere. Within the other sacred palace delegations, Ying Luo, Li Xue, Wang Shu, You Huoran, and Wei Yuans faces were a study of contrasts. Theyd understood Lu Yun to be a fake Inception disciple, so theyd never thought that Lu Yun would peacefully be accepted into Inception Palace and be protected by their princess.

“I bet you that kid was lying to us!” Wei Yuan inwardly cursed with a laugh. He was extremely nervous that something would happen to either his palaces princess or Lu Yun, but he couldnt say anything at the moment. He wasnt a core disciple, so if he took a stand for Lu Yun, the Nirvana princess would smack him dead with one slap.

“Senior brother, forget it. Burgeon Palace will not be involved in this matter,” transmitted Wang Shu when he saw that the Burgeon prince showed signs of allying with the Ethos and Nirvana princesses.

“…understood.” The Burgeon prince nodded.

Wang Shu was the youngest son of the Burgeon monarch—his status in the palace was greater than even a prince or princess. The Burgeon prince would never go against Wang Shus wishes in a situation like this, not to mention he didnt really want to offend the Inception Princess.


“By the way,” Lu Yun paused and sneered at the projection of the Ethos princess. “I trust that Mo Kes Icewater has returned to your hands. Being a connate treasure, Icewater will have recorded its previous owners cause of death. Im sure youve already seen it for yourself.

“So why do you keep bothering me Is there something I possess that you want as well”

Dismay overcame him even as he said those words. Though he hadnt refined Icewater, hed utilized some special things when wielding the sword, such as the Dragonquake Scripture.

The Ethos princess must have discovered some traces of the scripture on the sword, which was why she continued to come for Lu Yun. As the foremost method in the chaos, though Wahuang and Qiu Luoyu could resist temptation and decline it, that didnt mean everyone else could do the same.

“Hmph.” The princess expression shifted. She had indeed seen signs of the Dragonquake Scripture on the sword, which was why she was here now. But now that the Inception disciple raised things out in the open, this put her in an awkward spot.

The vaunted princess of a sacred palace and a sovereign using her son as an excuse to steal a juniors treasure If word of this got out, it would be a devastating blow to the dignity and authority of Ethos Palace.

“Are you looking for the Dragonquake Scripture” Lu Yun decided to have everything out in the open.

This drew a response from all of the other princes and princesses, including Wahuang. The Nirvana princess narrowed her eyes. Chi Wuxia had seen the Dragonquake Scripture in the hands of a half step Inception sovereign before disappearing. She hadnt believed it at first, but the various actions of the Ethos princess demonstrated that the Inception Palace very likely did possess the Dragonquake Scripture.

“This is the Tomb of Heaven and Earth, the final resting place of that mythological realm. How much is a Dragonquake Scripture worth here As strong as it is, its only the greatest method of the chaos. 

“If we go back countless chaos tribulations to the peak of the chaos dragons, back to when they possessed it, we see that the method didnt help them ascend beyond the chaos either.” Lu Yun looked at them all, thick disdain in the curl of his lips. “But right here, right now, a heritage superior to the Dragonquake Scripture is close at hand. A great dao beyond the chaos! And youre all just ignoring it”

He pointed to the zombie nailed to the ground by the sword.

“The six monarchs have come together and utilized the six highest orders to turn this entire tomb into a trial ground. Theyve decreased the level of danger here to its lowest, yet you dont take advantage of this to retrieve a method beyond the chaos.

“Instead, you viciously bully a junior for a cultivation method that confines you to this plane of existence. What an utterly ludicrous notion!”

The crowd started.

“Hahahaha, youre very right!” Wahuang laughed. “Youre all ridiculous beyond measure and a complete laughingstock. If my Inception Palace really possessed the Dragonquake Scripture, the chaos dragons wouldve risen long ago. That you trash dare lust after it would mean the chaos dragons wouldve razed Ethos Palace a long time ago.”

The Ethos princess brooded ominously while anger threatened to pop the Nirvana princess heart.

The sword energy from the skies was slowly fading away, allowing the zombie to return to a cross-legged position on the ground. The faceless woman on top of his head was still standing there, but Lu Yun remained the only one who could see her.-

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