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“What is it” Wahuang frowned when she saw Lu Yuns expression.

“Can you really not see her” He stared fixedly at the faceless woman.

This was no ghost or dead spirit. Neither of those would dare approach Lu Yun. However, he didnt sense the presence of the living from her either. He had no idea what she was.

Currently, the sixth level mortal realm cultivator attempting to pull the sword out was withering away at a speed visible to the naked eye. He swiftly shriveled up and dispersed into the air as a pile of dust.

Utter silence descended upon the scene at his demise. That cultivator was from the earth origin land and ranked first among mortal realm cultivators; he had the potential to become a sovereign.

The four origin sacred lands had come together in a line of defense to stand guard while he pulled out the sword and obtained the opportunity beyond the chaos. Instead, that glorious genius had died without even a whimper.

The cold grip of fear clenched around everyone's hearts as most concerning was that no one had any idea how that person had died.


Wahuang was as white as a sheet. Shed sent only a projection of her replica here, but it was still equipped with the consciousness and vision of a sovereign. Despite that, she had no idea how that person had died.

“Is there really a faceless woman there like you say” she asked again.

“Shes left,” Lu Yun heaved a sigh of relief. He hadnt called upon the Spectral Eye, but hed really seen the woman and that shed made a shushing gesture at him. Who is she

“This Tomb of Heaven and Earth is really bizarre.” Wahuang shook her head. “It looks like even the power of the six palaces cant control the events that happen here.”

“Power of the six palaces” Lu Yun blinked.

“Mmhmm.” Wahuang nodded. “The monarchs of the six palaces have come together to utilize the highest orders of law to create the rules of trial, turning the tomb into an enormous testing ground.

“But it looks like the rules arent able to fully dictate what occurs here. There are still many existences that can resist the rules,” she mused.

“So thats whats going on here…” His new understanding of the six sacred palaces startled Lu Yun. It was incredible that they could use an entire tomb as an adventure zone when they worked in tandem. After all, the Tomb of Heaven and Earth contained the power to ascend beyond the chaos!

“Is that why the palaces know the truth about the zombie” he asked.

“Yes. Its also why I can pierce through the tomb and send a projection of my replica here. But if that faceless woman does exist, then the rules of trial here will fail, sooner or later.”

The faceless woman was certainly something outside the system. Her presence created a flaw in the rules, a hole that would continuously enlarge until the entire testing apparatus was brought down.

“What are you looking for here” Lu Yun asked. “Since you know the truth about the zombie, then the trial cant be to take the sword out…”

“Thats why I say the rules of trial are slowly getting out of hand and the area is facing imminent collapse,” Wahuang chuckled ruefully and turned gravely serious. “We dont know whats being tested either because an error has appeared in the system. Thats why Ive projected my replica into the tomb. Im also not the only one here to oversee the situation, the princes and princesses of the other five sacred palaces have also projected replicas here.

“We cant let this zombie escape no matter what. Its an existence exceeding the chaos and everything in the realm will suffer if it gets out, not just those within the tomb.”

“The faceless woman was preventing that man from moving the sword,” Lu Yun whispered.

Wahuang considered this quietly, then shook her head. “Did you notice how the genius of the earth origin land died All of his vitality and essence was absorbed. Thats reminiscent of a terrifying power that materialized when the tomb first appeared and soaked in the vitality of the life forms around it.”

Lu Yun said no more; he understood that the faceless woman was no kind soul.

Wahuangs form suddenly grew massive, answered by a corresponding increase in her peers of the other palaces. Six enormous projections surrounded the zombie, bringing their power down upon their mammoth quarry.

“ROAR!!” The female zombie opened its eyes and shot out two rays of poisonous green light from its green eyes, washing away the power of the six highest orders of the chaos.

It slowly stood up, dismissing the image of a woman and revealing itself in its green-furred glory. Twenty-five thousand kilometers tall, itd formed a towering mountain when sitting down cross-legged. Now that it moved, it wafted out pungent waves of stench with its outstretched arms, blasting at the six princes and princesses.

Other cultivators around them fled for dear life. Everyone scrambled for shelter in all directions, but the ill wind that the zombie raised left no safety to be found. Countless souls died in the blink of an eye.


The sword embedded in its head suddenly buzzed with great vigor. A stream of sword energy fell from the air and rammed into the zombies body through the sword. Wailing with pain, the zombie was laid flat on the ground before it had time to deploy its strength beyond the chaos.

The princes and princesses relaxed with relief. The strength the zombie had been bringing to bear was so horrifying that destruction of their replicas would be a given if theyd been hit, as well as horrific backlash onto their primary bodies.

“I know!” Lu Yun shrieked. “The goal of the tests isnt to pull out the sword, but to call upon it to kill the zombie!”

His eyes were fixed on the sword in the zombies head. The faceless woman had materialized once again and a dreadful gaze landed on Lu Yun from some unknown origin.-

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