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“You killed it with one move” Li Xues eyes widened comically. She knew full well how strong that titanic zombie had been.

She herself was very strong, with some claiming that she was stronger than Ying Luo—first of the second level mortal realm cultivators. But when shed faced that zombie, running away was her only option.

How had this suddenly appearing young man, a supposed disciple of Inception Palace, managed to eliminate it with one move Was he really second level mortal realm

Li Xue found this hard to believe.

“No time for explanations. Come with me, senior sister.” 

While the zombies around them couldnt sense Lu Yuns existence, they could most certainly sniff out Li Xues. Once their titanic fellow fell to Lu Yuns talismans, the other zombies in the area immediately surged to fill its vacancy.

They were in a horrific flood gushing with endless zombies. The sheer numbers made the flood much more terrifying than the gigantic zombie from earlier.

For Lu Yun, since he was a feng shui master and tomb raider, he had a hundred ways to counter zombies. If it wasnt for him having to redirect attention to Ying Luo and the others, or wanting to hone his strength, he wouldve deployed some talisman formations and quickly swept the area clean.

To him, the greatest wealth to be found here wasnt the creation seed or the heritage that exceeded the chaos, but the tempering and experiences to be found balancing between life and death.

Lu Yuns path of cultivation had been too smooth, and the existence of hell meant that he didnt have to bear the customary pressure of risking his life. If he wanted to keep growing, he would have to break through his limitations by venturing to the boundary of life and death.


“Senior sister Li Xue!” Ying Luo lit up when she saw Li Xue arrive and her tumultuous emotions almost left her open to the zombies.

“Ignore me, focus on your formation!” Li Xue quickly called out.

Paling from her sudden weakness, Ying Luo steadied her posture and focused on keeping the horrific zombies at bay. Off to the side, Wang Shu and the others maneuvered a crack in the formation so that Li Xue could enter it.

The battle formation thatd continuously charged forward slowly came to a halt. Li Xue was injured and needed time to expel the corpse poison within her.

“Senior sister Li Xue is from the Ethos Palace.” Silent all this time, You Huoran suddenly spoke up. “We now have representatives from the Opposition, Ethos, Creation, Burgeon, Nirvana, and Inception Palaces. I… know of a joint battle formation that requires the strength of the six sacred palaces as its base. If we can assemble it, then there shouldnt be anything here thats stronger than us.”

“Oh” Everyone greeted his suggestion with visible interest.

“Do you mean that” Li Xue stood up with a sigh of relief. She hadnt fully recovered, but shed restored roughly eighty percent of her battle strength.

“Of course I do.” You Huoran nodded. “I obtained this formation from this tomb and hadnt wanted to bring it out. But given the circumstances were in…”

He pointed gently in the air and sent five small beams of light into the center of their foreheads. Those fighting the zombies slowed down ever so slightly.

“The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals!” Everyones expression changed after they carefully perused the knowledge. [1]

“Did… the seniors who once breached this realm create this formation” Wang Shus jaw dropped. It was too complex. With their current strength, they wouldnt be able to deploy even one ten thousandth of this great formation.

“No, the experts of this realm created it.” Lu Yun gently opened his eyes. “If we of the chaos could create such formations, then the realms wouldnt threaten us at all.”

He was also overawed. The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals was too marvelous, too frightening. Hed never met its like in the world of immortals and even other formations in the chaos fell far short of this formation.

It was on a completely different level, the pinnacle of formation craftsmanship. It was much more sophisticated than Return to Origin.

“You had some luck, alright, to lay hands on such a terrifying thing!” Lu Yun tsked at You Huoran.

“What use is it if I cant use it” You Huoran curled his lip after casually chopping a zombie to pieces. “It requires the joint efforts of the six sacred palaces to activate it. When that happens, thatll be when the chaos is facing its final destruction. What use is this formation”

The six sacred palaces would never ally together, not unless their very existence was under consideration. They had their own interests to pursue and were hardly the picture of harmony that they presented on the surface.

It was only because of this that You Huoran was willing to share this formation. However, he didnt know that Lu Yun alone possessed the power of all six palaces! He could absolutely master this grand formation!


The six of them were all uncommon geniuses of the chaos. After reviewing the formation a few times, they immediately worked in tandem to materialize the formation. Six balls of sacred palace power rose in the air like radiant celestial bodies, scattering dazzling iridescence through the corpse qi.


Horrific killing power ripped through the area and decimated all zombies that it shone on.

“Lets go!” Most afraid of death out of the group, Wei Yuan threw his head back with laughter. He was instilled with new confidence at seeing these zombies turning as fragile as paper in front of this formation.

It wasnt that they were too weak, but that the formation was simply too strong. Even Lu Yun felt like he was invincible.

The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals are the perfect amalgamation of the six highest orders. Its a power that reigns supreme over the six orders! Lu Yuns heart pounded with excitement.

He was a freak in the chaos, the only one to control the power from all six sacred palaces. After employing formula dao on this formation, he realized with tremendous shock that it was a method to exceed the chaos!

If one combined the six highest orders as one, that would bestow the strength for the wielder to surpass the chaos. Despite possessing it, You Huoran hadnt realized this, and neither had the others.

Combining the six highest orders is the way to evolve beyond the chaos Lu Yun took a deep breath and forced down the agitation of his heart, focusing on the overwhelming tides of zombies charging at them.

Finally, after an indeterminate period of time, the zombie flood began to recede. However, an even more dreadful killing intent seeped into the air.

1. The Six Royals of Taoism are comprised of the Jade Emperor, Gouchen Emperor of the Curved Array, Great Emperor of the North Pole, Qinghua Emperor of the East Pole, Great Emperor of Long Life in the South Pole, and Empress Houtu of the Earth.-

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