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Lu Yun and Qing Yu both caught wind of something out of the ordinary at the same time.

Perhaps this locale was very important to the chaos creatures, but it wasnt as important as it came across. The chaos creatures were here not to obtain the purple qi, but to put on an act and entice others to come guard it.

Perhaps both Tianqi and the other unknown existence knew that the chaos creatures wouldnt take the purple qi, but they werent willing to bet on it.

As for the other…

Lu Yun carefully scanned the premises, but saw no sign of anyone else. After giving Quietus to Tianqi with none the wiser, he brushed expressionlessly past Tianqi, seeming to think absolutely nothing of him.

The sword appeared in Tianqis nascent spirit without forewarning. Tianqis Karmic Tree sapling had taken root in his nascent spirit and was one with it. Or rather, his nascent spirit was now in the shape of the Karmic Tree.

“Thirty years,” Lu Yuns voice echoed in Tianqis mind. “When I return in thirty years, you will return to home with me.”

“Understood!” Tianqi almost trembled from excitement. Though no expression crossed his face, his blood thrummed with emotion.

Lu Yun didnt ask about his disciples reaction as he didnt want to overly interact with Tianqi. This excursion to the chaos was a risky decision in itself and he couldnt afford to be distracted for a single second. 


Lu Yun didnt continue probing the secrets of the purple qi as this wasnt his ultimate goal. The moment the three left that area, a pristine air current flooded into their bodies through their heads. The sensation was so comfortable that they almost moaned in unison.

Is this also the chaos Lu Yun frowned slightly and didnt say anything. The environment here was very strange. Though it was as empty as the zone enveloped by the energy of the realm, there were none of the gray chaos currents to be found.

In fact, it rather seemed like the fourth realm that Lu Yun and Qing Yu had once visited, just not as open or spacious. An uncommonly refreshing presence suffused the area, filling the void and omnipresent like it was air.

“This is a chaos current,” Qing Yu whispered quietly. “The turbulent currents were familiar with and this clear one are both chaos currents, just that the clear ones turn hazy when they encounter the energy of a realm.”

The gray currents were heavy and muddled, unable to be absorbed by any life form. It was here that the two understood why chaos creatures were unable to survive in the realms. The energy that flowed through their bodies was most likely these clean currents, and these clean currents turned into turgid gray currents upon encountering a worlds energy.

Lu Yun and Qing Yu couldnt determine what would happen to the chaos creatures after they were exposed to the energy of the realms. The only experience they had to go off of was when Lu Yun split open the first dao palace and seen the chaos creatures flayed alive.

Qing Yus pores opened to their fullest amid the current and she dedicated her attention to absorbing it. Her nascent spirit and cultivation began to grow rapidly under this nourishment.


An enormous palm suddenly appeared in the void and smashed down on Lu Yuns three heads. The clear currents in the area were swiftly dispersed, replaced by a stifling sensation that locked the three in place.

“Its those creators!” Wrath built in Lu Yuns heart. How dare they actually make a move against him!

However, he heaved a sigh of relief as well. That these three creators had been assigned to this locale meant they were important among their kind. Chaos dragons were a sacred race of the chaos creatures, but these creators still dared attack a noble sacred race! It would seem that the chaos creatures werent all firmly united either.


Space shook violently when the palm landed and an enormous stone bridge broke through the void, crushing the three creators to dust with tremendous force.

The three creators didnt even know how theyd died. Everything had happened so suddenly. 

The stone bridge vanished just as swiftly as itd appeared, gone within a thousandth second of an eye blink.

“Lets go.” Lu Yun took Qing Yus hand and vanished into the void.

In an even deeper part of the chaos, five figures slowly materialized from the depths.

“Those three idiots dared think about attacking the sacred clan! They well deserve their deaths!” a girl with inky-green hair slowly breathed out in relief. She looked very similar to a human, but her eyes and skin were green and she wore a long inky-green robe. From a distance, she rather resembled a green shadow.

“How would young masters and ladies of a sacred race not have any defensive treasures with them on a jaunt to the outside And those three mere creators wanted to harm them!” This speaker was another young girl, but she was cerulean blue from head to toe—blue hair, clothes, eyes, and skin.

The other three were likewise three young girls in similar garb. One was a fiery red, another golden in color, and the last was yellowish-brown. The power of the five elements flowed through their bodies, an indicator that they cultivated the five elements.

“But why has the sacred clan come to this polluted area Though they have the purple qi protecting them, that polluted patch…” The five girls looked disdainfully at where the energy of the realm affected the chaos. 

“We should go before we run into those disgusting chaos beasts again. The sacred clan is eccentric, how would we minor characters possibly guess what theyre thinking” The five faded into the void as they spoke.


“Thats a chaos beast!” Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and the little fox heard loud hisses when they took a few steps out.

An enormous nine-headed snake was ahead of them and attacking something in the void. Its strength and presence were identical to the chaos beasts that Lu Yun had seen in the dao palaces. This one was peak grand pure realm and its body was several tens of thousands of kilometers long. Nine mouths upon its nine heads opened in unison and spewed forth terrifying light pillars to attack a floating continent.

The continent wasnt all that big, more than a hundred times smaller than the snake in fact, but Lu Yun saw life on it—human life.

These were ordinary humans. Apart from a very select few, most were completely mundane with no hint of cultivation.

“I want to eat snake stew. Go take out that nine-headed snake.” Lu Yun fished out the little fox from Qing Yus embrace and flung her at the snake.

“Why is it always me” grumbled the little fox. She was about to bring out the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, but quickly stopped in her tracks. “I cant use a treasure of the immortal dao here… Theres combat arts of the chaos dragons in the Dragonquake Scripture Alright then.

“Awoo!” She took the form of a chaos dragon and let rip with a long croon.

That domineering nine-headed snake stiffened all over when it heard the croon. All nine of its heads drooped at the same time as itd been… literally scared to death.-

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