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Chapter 2323: Beating someone up (5)

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However, seeing it today, he was greatly surprised and amazed.

With his looks, not to mention his talent, even if he was in the entertainment industry, he would definitely be able to make a lot of money.

Thinking about this, Huang tianyuns eyes brightened as he looked at Cang LAN star.

His original displeasure turned into joy as he said,”Alright, since Lan Xing has said so, well do as you say.”

He still had many ways to transfer his assets.

Cang mingyas mood became better because of Huang tianyuns concession, but the light in Cang LAN stars eyes deepened.

He felt like he had seen something in Huang tianyuns eyes that he hated.

after the meeting was over, huang tianyun walked to cang lan star and smiled,”I didnt expect my son to be so good-looking when he grew up.”

This kind of good looks was the kind of androgynous handsomeness that was popular in the entertainment industry in recent years.

At the same time, this kind of appearance and figure was also what many big bosses in the entertainment industry liked.

“Chairman Huang, my surname is Cang.” Canglan star peeled a lollipop and stuffed it into his mouth.

His face was full of cynicism, and his cold eyes seemed to not care about anything, but there was an inexplicable aura of superiority.

Even when he was standing next to Huang tianyun, he didnt feel short of breath.

Huang tianyun knew that he was telling him that he wouldnt recognize him as his father, just like how he didnt recognize him as his son in the past.

However, Yingluo

does it matter

No matter what, Cang LAN star was still his son.

therefore, huang tianyun was still smiling and said, ” “come, lets go to dads office.”

Canglan star looked at the “chairmans office,” and then at Huang tianyun, who was standing there and not leaving.

A bad feeling flashed in their hearts.

Cang mingya also reacted and immediately rushed in.

Inside, Gu Wanyan and her two children, Huang Yuhang and Huang Yuhan, were sitting like the master, making tea.

The office that used to belong to her had been replaced with Huang tianyuns things.

As for her things, they were thrown into a few large boxes in a brutal manner, lying in a mess.

There were all kinds of mementos in the bag, including the companys honor over the years and gifts from others.

Cang mingya was already angry, but when she walked in, she saw the family photo her father took with her and Xingxing before he died.

She had originally put it in a frame on her desk, but now the frame was gone.

The photo was thrown on the ground and was broken, with a few footprints on it.

“Who did this”

the originally distant and indifferent look on cang lan star, at this moment, the flame in his eyes suddenly exploded, and he looked coldly at the people in the room.

Gu Wanyan was sitting elegantly on the sofa, holding a small teacup in her hand and savoring it.

She had no intention of talking to canglan star.

Huang Yuhan and Huang Yuhang were learning from their mother, as if Cang LAN star didnt exist.

After all, planet canglan was wearing a light-colored punk outfit and had a lollipop in her mouth.

It was really unpresentable.

However, the next moment, the cup on the table with a Dragon carved on its handle was smashed into Gu Wanyans stomach with a loud bang.

It wasnt on the face or the bones in the arm.

If hit in those places, the wound would be deeper, so a huge cup directly smashed into the boneless stomach.

(Canglan star is Nangong Nuannuans Xuanji, cough, cough.

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