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Fang Xiaonuan nodded in agreement.

It made sense.

Her father had once said that Ji Lingchen would work for the whole 24 hours a day if he could.

He was a workaholic.


Ji Lingchen looked at her flat stomach.

He put his hand on it and asked, “Mrs.

Ji, how old is my son”


Fang Xiaonuan rolled her eyes.

She looked at her husband and chuckled.

“Hes half an hour old!”


Ji Lingchen was stunned.

Then, he asked, “He can kick people when hes half an hour old”


Fang Xiaonuan made up a story.

“Yes, he is squirming.

And it feels like hes kicking me!”


Ji Lingchen couldnt help but laugh.

He really couldnt do anything to this little wife of his.


“Xiaonuan, tell me the truth.

Do you usually have such a hot temper” Old Master Ji thought for a long time and asked.

He had seen many fights in his life, but he was still shocked by the scene of his daughter-in-law rushing up and hitting someone.

Thinking about it, when she first joined the Ji family, the atmosphere in the house was always tense.


Fang Xiaonuan pouted and replied, “No, Dad.

Im usually sweet and quiet.

Ive never fought before.

I have a very gentle temper.

My younger brother is always afraid that Ill be bullied, so hes always by my side to protect me!”


Old Master Ji looked at his petite daughter-in-law.

She was indeed soft and sweet and did not seem to have a bad temper.


“Then I should be overthinking it,” Old Master Ji muttered.


“Thats right, Dad.

Even if youre overthinking it, look at how docile and sweet I am.

How could I have a bad temper” Fang Xiaonuan said as she hurriedly poured a cup of tea for her father-in-law.


Ji Lingchen smiled faintly at his wife from the side and did not say anything.

If he remembered correctly, his little wife had beaten up many people! But he didnt expose her.

So what if his little wife had a fiery temper Girls had to have the ability to protect themselves.

Otherwise, if they were bullied and didnt know how to fight back, his heart would ache.

in any case, as long as his little wife was docile in his arms, it would be fine.



When the meal was almost over, the three of them began to chat.

Actually, it was Fang Xiaonuan and Old Master Ji who were chatting.

Ji lingchen only listened from the side and rarely contributed to the conversation.


Fang Xiaonuan asked, “Dad, why do you like me and not Lin Rou”


Old Master Ji smiled and replied, “Xiaonuan, your skin is getting thicker.

When did I say that I like you”


Fang Xiaonuan retorted, “I know you like me.

Otherwise, why would you want me to be your daughter-in-law We hadnt even met a single time before!”


Old Master Ji said casually, “Because youre more infuriating than her!”


Fang Xiaonuan was speechless.


Ji Lingchen lowered his head and did not say a word.

No one could see that he had a gorgeous smile on his face.

What his father said was right.

His little wife was indeed very good at infuriating people.


Fang Xiaonuan was panting heavily.

She deliberately moved all the meat in front of Old Master Ji to her side and said, “Hmph! Dad, if you dont answer me properly, I wont let you eat any of the meat!”


Old Master Ji pretended to be angry and said, “Hey, you little brat! My son spent money to buy this!”


Fang Xiaonuan said unwillingly, “Hmph! My husband bought this!”


Old Master Ji pointed at Ji Lingchen and said, “This is my son! Hes my biological son!”


Fang Xiaonuan quickly hugged Ji Lingchens arm tightly and said, “This is my husband! Hes my biological husband!”


Neither of them was willing to admit defeat.

They looked at Ji Lingchen and spoke at the same time.


Fang Xiaonuan said, “Hubby, dont forget that Im the one who will accompany you until youre old!”


Old Master Ji said, “Im the one who gave life to you!”


Ji Lingchen was silent.

In the long run, it was better for him to be on his wifes side! After all, if he really was too old to walk and had to sit in a wheelchair, he would still need his wife to push him around.

Thinking of this scene, he felt that it was quite good to be together until he was old.


“Xiaonuan is right!” Ji Lingchen firmly supported his wife.


Old Master Ji was furious and scolded him.

“What an unfilial son!”


Fang Xiaonuan was overjoyed and kissed her husbands cheek.


A smile appeared on Ji Lingchens face.

He could not hide it.


Before leaving the hospital, the doctor had instructed that Old Master Ji should not eat too much.

Seeing that Old Master Ji was almost done eating, Fang Xiaonuan had deliberately said those words to stop him from eating more.


After sitting for a while, the three of them left the restaurant.


It was already three in the afternoon.

Ji Lingchen planned to use the time when his father was in the hospital to arrange for a full-body checkup for his father.

When they returned to the hospital, the doctor had already written out all the checkup forms.


When Ji Lingchen went to get the checkup forms, the doctor asked, “What did Old Master Ji eat for lunch”


Ji Lingchen told the doctor about all the food they had had for lunch.

After the doctor heard him, he smiled and said, “CEO Ji, youre really filial.

For Old Master Jis health, you really put your heart into it!”


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