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“Ive seen Yao Qing before.

Hes an extremely powerful first-rank demonic beast,” Cao Chenyang said.

“With our strength, it wont be easy to kill him.

“Even if we mobilize our entire army and attempt to kill Yao Qing, Im afraid the commotion will be too big.

At that time, if our location is exposed, the gains wont make up for the losses.”

“Are you scared” Xiao Jianghe said angrily.

“General Xiao, dont be agitated.

Were all worried about His Highnesss safety.

However, we still have to plan things carefully.

Otherwise, not only will we not be able to help His Highness, but we might even harm him,” Meng Bai persuaded.

Xiao Jianghe snorted, but he didnt say anything else.

Cao Chenyang continued, “Our goal is to not let Yao Qing appear in front of others, lest he exposes His Highness identity.

“Then, I think there may be a way I can do it.”

“What do you have in mind” Xiao Jianghe said in a muffled voice.

“Yao Qing is a hybrid of human and demon.

His father is Ji Lutian, a human Grand Craftsman!” Cao Chenyang said.

“To be honest, we have exchanged letters before and can be considered friends.

“Im confident that I can persuade Ji Lutian to help.

If he helps, it wont be difficult for Yao Qing to disappear for a while.”

“You cant tell outsiders about His Highness disguising himself as Yao Qing!” Xiao Jianghe said seriously.

“I dont trust Ji Lutian!”

“General Xiao, do you think he cant guess if I dont tell him” Cao Chenyang smiled bitterly.

“His son is at home, but another one appeared outside.

Do you think he doesnt know that one of them is fake

“No matter what, we have to find a way to get in touch with Ji Lutian.

Otherwise, the matter will definitely be exposed.”

Everyone nodded.

Cao Chenyang rarely spoke, but his words were reasonable and thoughtful.

“Prince Cao, how confident are you in convincing Ji Lutian” Bai Qiancheng asked.

He first gestured to Wang Mu before continuing, “Moreover, can we trust Ji Lutian Im not suspecting your countrys Great Craftsman Ji Lutian of defecting, but he has lived in the Demon Realm for so many years and even had a son with the demon race.

This concerns His Highness safety, so we cant be careless.”

Wang Mu didnt say anything.

Ji Lutian was a Grand Craftsman of Great Qin.

It would be a bad idea to say he believed Ji Lutian.

It would be even worse if he said that he didnt believe Ji Lutian.

Thus, hed rather be an outsider and wait for everyone to plan.

“General Bais concern is also my point,” Meng Bai said.

“We dont know Ji Lutian well.

We cant guarantee what hes thinking now.”

“Ji Lutian didnt betray the human race,” Cao Chenyang said seriously.

“Have you forgotten He helped me return to the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament battlefield.

If not for him, I would have died in the Demon Realm.”

“It could also be his trick,” Bai Qiancheng said.

Although Cao Chenyang was a first-rank martial artist, he was not a general.

Meng Bai, Bai Qiancheng, and even Wang Mu were generals who had led armies for many years.

They had seen too many schemes and plots.

Their thought processes were naturally different from Cao Chenyangs.

Cao Chenyang fell silent.

After a while, he continued, “If Ji Lutian has really changed sides, then what were discussing is meaningless.

Once the news of the Demon Kings advancement ceremony spreads, Ji Lutian will definitely know that Yao Qing is an imposter.”

They all fell silent.

This was indeed a big problem.

If Ji Lutian really betrayed them, Yao Qings matter wouldnt be hidden from the demons no matter what.

“Theres another way.” Xiao Jianghes killing intent surged.

“Kill Ji Lutian too!

“Its better to kill by mistake than risk His Highness!”

Xiao Jianghes face was brimming with killing intent.

He didnt care who Ji Lutian was.

As long as he threatened his kings safety, he would kill him!

“Its not that easy.” Meng Bai shook his head.

“Ji Lutian is also a first-rank martial artist.

If he has really changed sides, there will definitely be many experts protecting him.

“Dont forget that Yao Qings mother is a Great Demon.

“Even if we mobilize all our forces, we wont be able to kill a Great Demon.”

“Then what do you suggest we do” Xiao Jianghe said in frustration.

“All of you are known as Gods of War, but youre all so useless”

Meng Bais, Wang Mus, and Bai Qianchengs expressions changed.

“Right now, this is all just speculation on our part.” Wang Mu said.

“Its still uncertain if Ji Lutian has betrayed us.

“Although Im speaking from the standpoint of Great Qin, I believe that the people of Great Qin will definitely not join the demons!”

Wang Mus expression was serious as he continued, “I think we have to find a way to determine Ji Lutians current situation first.”

“So” Everyone asked questions.

“Im going to meet Ji Lutian with Prince Cao!” Wang Mu said.

“If Ji Lutian has really betrayed us, then the news of our army should be enough to make him expose himself.”

Meng Bai and Bai Qiancheng looked at each other.

This method was very dangerous for Wang Mu and Cao Chenyang.

If Ji Lutian had already betrayed them, the two of them would be entering a tigers den.

“Its worth a try.” Cao Chenyang said seriously.

Although he didnt believe that Ji Lutian would betray them, there was no harm in trying.

As for his own safety, he didnt care much.

When Cao Chenyang entered the Demon Realm back then, he had never thought that he would be able to get out alive.

It was already a blessing that he could survive until now.

For the sake of the human race, so what if he died

“Generals, have you thought about how we can contact Ji Lutian” Mi Ziwen, who had been listening, suddenly spoke.

This was the Demon Realm, not the Ten Nations Continent.

They couldnt meet anyone they wanted.

Once the demonic beasts discovered their traces, they would be hunted down.

Not to mention seeing Ji Lutian, they might not even be able to survive.

“I know where Ji Lutian lives,” Cao Chenyang said.

“But its indeed difficult to get there.”

“It doesnt matter how difficult it is!” Meng Bai said.

“Were not freeloaders.

We cant pin everything on His Highness alone.

“If we cant handle such a small matter, then all of us deserve to die!

“Everyone, no matter what, we must guarantee that there are no accidents during the advancement ceremony of Demon King Hu Li!”

If outsiders heard Meng Bais words, they would think that they were bodyguards for the Demon King Hu Lis advancement ceremony.

Who would have thought that the advancement ceremony of the 13th Demon King would shake the entire Demon Realm, and the executive director was actually a human

And now, this director was excitedly drawing blueprints in the camp of the Demon Realm army.

Back when Zhou Shu was in Great Xia, Emperor Yuan Feng had given him a piece of land to build the Huaxia Pavilion.

After the construction of the Huaxia Pavilion began, Zhou Shu arrived at the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament battlefield before it was completed.

He wondered what the Huaxia Pavilion had become.

Back then, Zhou Shu had made many plans for the Huaxia Pavilion.

Now, his interest in planning broke out again.

Although this would be built for a Demon King, it had to be grand.

Otherwise, how could he trick Demon King Hu Li into paying

On the outside, it looked luxurious.

But on the inside, it was shabby.

Zhou Shu had heard too much about this in his previous life.

Even if he had never done it in his previous life, he knew those tricks by heart.

His goal was to empty Demon King Hu Lis pocket and make him the poorest Demon King in the Demon Realm.

For this goal, he was full of energy!

After this was done, if he couldnt become the richest man in the Demon Realm, he would admit defeat!


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