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“What are you cooking” Ruan Sixian walked over slowly with her hands behind her back, “Chicken soup”

“It’s the chicken soup that the aunt cooked at night.

I am keeping it for your supper.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t look back.

He rolled up his sleeve and methodically took out the kitchen utensils, “Porridge or noodles”

“Noodles.” Ruan Sixian hugged Fu Mingyu from behind.

“Oh, my husband is so nice.”

Fu Mingyu smiled faintly and said: “Then remember my good.”

Don’t turn her back to him later.

Ruan Sixian stood on tiptoe and rubbed her chin against his shoulder, “Sure.”

There is nothing better than eating a late-night snack cooked by one’s own husband on a cold winter night.

Ruan Sixian wasn’t too hungry at first, but when she smelled the fragrance, she couldn’t hold back and eat it all.

There was even a little craving for soup.

But a few days ago, a captain was grounded because of being overweight.

No matter how greedy she was, she had to control her appetite.

“Are you sleepy”

Fu Mingyu said, “Shall I turn on the bath water for you”

Ruan Sixian was originally pacing in the living room to digest food, but when she heard the word ‘bath’, her footsteps suddenly stopped, and she reached out and brushed her hair to cover her flushed cheeks.

She just knew that he had an ulterior motive by feeding her at night.

“Well… I checked it last night and we’ve run out of that thing at home.

How about we wait until tomorrow…”

“I’m just asking you, whether to take a bath or not.” Fu Mingyu looked at her with sincere eyes, “No other meaning.”

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“Oh, I don’t mean anything else too.

I mean that we’ve run out of body lotion at home… Then, I will take a bath.

I can’t not take a bath, but if there’s no body lotion, then let it be.”

There was mist in the bathroom, and the slightly hot water temperature eliminated the fatigue of the day.

When Ruan Sixian stepped out of the bathtub and loosely wrapped in a bath towel, Fu Mingyu happened to push the door in and walked quietly to her side.

Ruan Sixian looked up and saw the man standing in front of her.

She was shocked.

Her feet slipped and she was about to fall back into the bathtub.

Fortunately, Fu Mingyu quickly hugged her.

She was indeed hugged by him, but the bath towel on her body slipped to the ground.

The temperature in the bathroom was already high, but at this moment it seemed to have risen a few degrees.

Fu Mingyu put his arms around her waist, pursed his lips tightly, and his Adam’s Apple moved slightly.

“Why didn’t you say anything before you came in!”

Seeing the emotion in his eyes, Ruan Sixian immediately picked up the bath towel and wrapped it around herself, “Do you want to scare me to death and marry a new one again”

Seeing her covering her chest and walking towards the sink while her mouth was still muttering, the corners of Fu Mingyu’s mouth twitched helplessly and turned into a smile.

Then he followed behind her, looked at the reflection of the two of them in the mirror, and said: “Is there any place I haven’t seen Is there any place I haven’t touched I have even kissed——”

“Shut up.” Ruan Sixian tightened her bath towel and pushed him out of the door, “Get out.

I want to blow my hair.”

“I will help you.”

Fu Mingyu picked up the hairdryer one step ahead of her and helped her dry her hair meticulously.

The hair dryer is silent and not noisy.

Ruan Sixian lowered her head, tapped her fingers on the table, and a smile faintly appeared at the corners of her mouth.

“I think you are a little different today.”

The movement of Fu Mingyu’s hands paused, “Where is it different Am I not like this every day”

“I don’t know.

It’s just intuition.” Ruan Sixian said, “A woman’s intuition is very accurate.”

Fu Mingyu: “….”

A woman’s intuition is so f*cking scary.

“I am not.” Fu Mingyu rubbed her hair.

“It’s late.

Let’s rest early.”

“But I didn’t feel very sleepy after taking a bath.

I want to go to the living room and watch TV for a while.”


Go to sleep.”


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