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“Old Master Xia, I dont object to you letting Xi Xi stay in the Xia family for a period of time, but Old Madam Xia wants to chase Xi Xi to the suburbs.

How can I be at ease with her staying out there Id better bring Xi Xi home.

Someone might plot against her if she stays in the Xia family,” Gu Zheng said indifferently.

Qiao Xi grabbed Gu Zhengs sleeve and said with a face full of fear, “Ah Zheng, quickly bring me away.

Im afraid every time I see Old Madam Xia.

She even said that she wants to torture me and vent all her resentment on me.

Its too scary!”

Xia Cheng turned around with an angry expression and glared fiercely at Old Madam Xia.

If it were not for this idiot spouting nonsense, Qiao Xi would not be so resistant to staying in the Xia family.

Old Madam Xia lowered her head and did not dare to retort.

After Xia Cheng turned around, a smile immediately appeared on his face.

He said gently, “Sumei is indeed too muddle-headed.

She always thinks that Xi Xi is here to look for trouble with her on behalf of Lianxin, so she said those words.

Those were all out of anger.

She doesnt mean it at all.

Shes in the wrong for this.

Ill ask her to apologize to Xi Xi.”

“So what if Xi Xi is here to look for trouble Does Old Madam Xia have the right to be angry” Gu Zheng said casually, “Since she became a mistress and ruined someone elses marriage, she has to be prepared to be cursed at.

Why doesnt she dare to admit her mistake”

Xia Chengs face was livid, and Old Madam Xia was so angry that her breathing became irregular.

No matter how powerful Gu Zheng was, he was just a junior.

What right did he have to say this in public!

“I remember that the Xia family invited Xi Xi to todays family banquet.

She didnt take the initiative to come, nor did she come to look for trouble with Old Madam Xia.

Xi Xi is so busy, so how could she have time to look for unrelated people Old Madam Xia, youre overestimating your position in Xi Xis heart.”

Gu Zhengs tone was indifferent, and he did not curse at all.

However, he just meant to say that Ai Sumei was an ant in their eyes.

No one wanted to look for trouble with her at all because she was not worthy.

Qiao Xi did not take her seriously at all.

Xia Chengs face turned red.

If they looked down on Su Mei, then what was he

Just as Xia Cheng was immersed in his anger, Gu Zheng said slowly, “Old Master Xia, my wifes body is weak to begin with.

Now that she was threatened by Old Madam Xia, do you think she can make up for her crimes with just an apology”

If an apology could not make up for it, what did he want

Xia Cheng was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

Stars were starting to appear in front of his eyes.

He suppressed his anger and said while trembling, “President Gu, why dont we ask Xi Xi how to deal with this”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and asked softly, “Xi Xi, what do you think we should do”

Qiao Xi fell weakly into Gu Zhengs arms and lowered her head weakly.

She said sweetly, “Ah Zheng, everyone knows that Im kind-hearted.

Grandpa asked me that because he thinks that Im soft-hearted and wont deal with Old Madam Xia.

“But I feel so wronged! They invited me to the family banquet, but they later said they were going to tie me up and throw me to the suburbs.

There arent many people, so even if something bad happens to me, no one will know about it.

Boo-hoo… Im so pitiful! I didnt do anything, yet Old Madam Xia wants to torture me.

Maybe its because when she sees me, shes reminded of her past when she was despised.

Its not my fault that shes a mistress.

Why is she venting her anger on me! If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have come to the Xia family!

“Ah Zheng, dont blame Grandpa.

It has nothing to do with him.

Its all my fault.

If I hadnt come, Old Madam Xia wouldnt have done such an impulsive thing.


Song Shiyu: “…” Young Madam was acting weaker and weaker.

If he did not know her well, he would have believed her.

Xia Cheng was already suppressing his anger, and the flames of rage in his eyes almost sprayed out when he heard Qiao Xis words.

Gu Zheng nodded with heartache.

“Since the family doesnt welcome Mrs.

Gu, lets leave.

We wont visit again in the future to avoid being annoyed.

As for those who threaten you, Mrs.

Gu, theyll have to be careful.”

Sumeis mind buzzed.

Of course, she could hear the threat in Gu Zhengs words.

She glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

This little b*tch actually exaggerated things in front of Gu Zheng as if she had done something vicious.

She clearly had not attacked yet!

She looked at Gu Zhengs gloomy eyes and was instantly terrified to the point her entire body trembled.

She pointed at Qiao Xi and roared furiously.

“Qiao Xi! Shut up! Ive never threatened you.

Why are you pretending!”

When Qiao Xi heard her angry roar, she choked and abruptly burrowed into Gu Zhengs embrace while trembling in fear.

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