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Qiao Xi could not help but raise her eyebrows.

Madam Xia actually called her motherMiss Yunqiu Her tone was also a little gentler.

“Youre already struggling in the Xia family.

If they find out that you let me go, will they let you off Ill be fine.

Since I dared to come to the Xia family, I have a way to escape unscathed, but I cant leave now.”

If she really left, Xia Cheng would definitely know that Madam Xia was the one who let her go.

What kind of punishment would Madam Xia, who was not liked by the entire family, receive Would everyone in the Xia family vent their anger on her Would she be tortured to death

Qiao Xi did not want to implicate the others.

Seeing Madam Xias worried expression, she said softly, “Dont worry, Gu Zheng will save me.”

Madam Xia was slightly stunned, then she smiled with envy.

“I heard that President Gu dotes on you very much.

You must be very happy to be married to such a man!”

In the Xia familys villa.

At this moment, two luxury cars were parked at the entrance.

Xia Cheng was already nervous even before he saw Gu Zheng.

The two cars seemed to be reminding Xia Cheng that Qiao Xis husband was already here.

If they wanted to hurt Qiao Xi, they had to think about what price they should pay.

Xia Chengs forehead was covered in a cold sweat, but he had lived for decades, after all.

He would not be frightened so easily.

He quickly composed himself and led everyone to welcome them.

However, before he could reach the car, Song Shijing stopped him.

Song Shijings cold and distant voice entered Xia Chengs ears.

He was instantly infuriated and felt that he had lost his dignity.

Qiao Xi was his granddaughter, and as Qiao Xis husband, Gu Zheng should respectfully call himGrandpa.

However, Gu Zheng was clearly here, but he did not show his face.

Instead, he sent an assistant to stop him.

The assistant even spoke so rudely.

He did not take him seriously at all.

Gu Zheng was sitting in the car and leaning lazily against the back of the chair.

He did not care about the people outside at all.

Song Shijing was enough to deal with them.

In his eyes, Xia Cheng was just an ant.

He came to the Xia familys villa just to pick up Mrs.


Otherwise, he would not have stepped into the Xia familys territory.

He did not even want to waste time talking to Xia Cheng.

Seeing that Gu Zheng was so rude, Xia Cheng was so angry that his face turned livid and his chest felt heavy.

After a while, he forced a smile and said obsequiously, “Mr.

Song, please tell President Gu that Xi Xi is a little tired and wants to rest in the guest room for a while.

Well send her back when she wakes up.”

Gu Zheng, who was in the car, suddenly opened his eyes.

His gaze was sharp and cold.

Even though he did not get out of the car, it made the surrounding people feel a strong chill.

Song Shijing asked, “Young Madam promised the president that she would come out on time.

If she wanted to rest in the Xia familys residence, she would have called to tell the president.

Why didnt she call”

Xia Cheng smiled obsequiously and explained, “We were paying our respects to Yunqiu just now.

Xi Xi saw Yunqius belongings just now and was too sad.

She cried for a long time and got too tired, so she fell asleep.

She didnt have time to call President Gu, so I came out to tell him so that he wouldnt worry.”

Gu Zheng snorted from the car.

Song Shijing said seriously, “So, the family banquet today was to pay respects to Young Madams mother.

As Madam Xias son-in-law, our president naturally has to go in and pay his respects.

He can bring Young Madam back with him afterward.

Old Master Xia, you wont refuse, right”

“Uhh… The worship ceremony has already been completed.

We cant disturb Yunqiu anymore.” Xia Chengs expression was extremely ugly.

He was nervous for a moment.

Song Shijing nodded.

“Alright then.

Our president wont be entering, but itll definitely be midnight when Young Madam wakes up.

Old Master Xia, please send Young Madam back to Longwan Residential.”

Xia Cheng widened his eyes in disbelief.

He did not expect Gu Zheng to be fooled so easily.

Perhaps he had other matters to attend to and was in a rush to leave.

In a few hours when it was dark, they would let Mengyan wear Qiao Xis clothes back.

Their figures were similar anyway, so Song Shijing probably wouldnt be able to tell.

Once Mengyan arrived at Longwan Residential, everything would depend on Mengyans methods.

Xia Cheng smiled and nodded.

“Dont worry, Mr.


Well definitely send Xi Xi back.

There are still some trivial matters at home, so Ill go back first.”

Song Shijing watched Xia Cheng leave and smiled coldly.

After the Xia family entered the house, Song Shijing opened the car door and said respectfully, “President, it seems that Xia Cheng is indeed ready to take action.”

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