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Chapter 993: An Inexplicable Sense Of TrustTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

With Qiao Xis usual character, even if Madam Xia was expressing her goodwill, she would still be vigilant.

Perhaps this was all the Xia familys plan to test if she was really unconscious.

However, when she heard Madam Xias anxious voice, Qiao Xis heart surged with an inexplicable sense of trust.

Seeing Madam Xias anxious appearance, Qiao Xi did not continue pretending.

She opened her clear eyes.

Madam Xia was surprised and delighted to see her awake.

“Thats great! Miss Qiao, youre finally awake!”

Qiao Xi sized up the woman in front of her.

She could not see a trace of sinisterness in her eyes, only worry and happiness.

However, Qiao Xi really did not understand.

She had never seen Madam Xia before, so why was Madam Xia so concerned about her

Madam Xia was Xia Mengyans mother.

She did not care about her daughter but about another unrelated person.

Why was that

“Im fine.” Qiao Xi slowly stood up.

Madam Xia held her hand, feeling anxious and afraid.

“Hurry up and leave! If you continue to stay in the Xia family, youll be killed by them! Ill bring you out.

After we get out, go look for President Gu for help immediately.

Dont hesitate!”

At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from outside.

Madam Xias body froze, and her forehead was covered in sweat.

It was obvious that she was very afraid.

Qiao Xi frowned.

Madam Xia was Xia Jis wife and Xia Mengyans mother, so why was she like a frightened bird in front of the rest of the Xia family She did not have the demeanor of the Xia familys mistress at all.

Xia Jis voice came from the door.

“Dad, its almost time.

If we dont think of a way, Im afraid President Gu will barge in.”

Old Madam Xia hurriedly said, “Thats easy! Well just say that Qiao Xi wants to stay in the Xia family for a few more days.

Even though she has married Gu Zheng, it wont do our Xia family any good.

Now, we just have to send Mengyan to Gu Zhengs side and let him make his own choice.

Our Mengyan is so beautiful and obedient.

No man will refuse her.

Shell definitely be able to sit firmly in the position of Mrs.


At that time, our entire family will be able to enjoy life with Mengyan.”

In the guest room, Madam Xia frowned.

Her eyes were filled with sorrow and pain.

She was sad that her daughter had to be given away as an item.

She was sad that her daughter was willing to join forces with the rest of the Xia family.

Actually, Qiao Xi had always suspected that Madam Xia was just a woman casually found by the Xia family to make up the numbers.

Their goal was to announce to the public that Xia Ji and Madam Xia were very close and had an affectionate image.

Actually, the real Madam Xia had long disappeared.

In the Xia family, no one took Madam Xia seriously.

Her husband and daughter treated her as air, and the servants did not seem to take her seriously either.

However, Madam Xias feelings for Xia Mengyan were real.

Her heart really ached for her daughter.

This kind of expression could not be faked.

Could it be that Madam Xia was really Xia Mengyans biological mother How could such a weak but kind-hearted woman give birth to such a scheming daughter like Xia Mengyan

At this moment, Old Madam Xias voice sounded from outside the door again.

“Once he has Mengyans company, Gu Zheng wont look for Qiao Xi anymore.

If he insists on looking for Qiao Xi, well say that Qiao Xi has already fallen asleep.

When she wakes up, well arrange for a driver to send her back.

As for what will happen on the way, we cant guarantee it.”

Everyone understood what Old Madam Xia meant and turned to leave.

After the door fell silent, Madam Xia said while trembling, “Lets go! Ill bring you out!”

“Itll be easier for me to be discovered if you bring me out.

Moreover, theyll absolutely not let you off.

I dont want to implicate others,” Qiao Xi said indifferently.

Madam Xia had a difficult expression as she held Qiao Xis hand and said anxiously, “Miss Qiao, itll be too late if you dont leave now! They wont let you leave because they…”

Looking at Madam Xia who wanted to say something but hesitated, Qiao Xi smiled.

Of course, she knew what Xia Cheng wanted to do.

He wanted to use her to test the medicine and cure everyone in the Xia family.

Not to mention leaving, it would be very difficult for her to even survive.

A trace of disdain flashed past her eyes.

She really did not take the Xia family seriously.

She smiled at Madam Xia.

“Thank you, but I cant leave yet.

You can leave first.”

“I know youre staying here for Miss Yunqius belongings.

I know where they are.

Theyre all in Xia Yunlous room.

There are also some precious jewelry and clothes!” Madam Xia said anxiously.

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