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Chapter 97: A Michelin Feast

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Qiao Xi did not see Gu Zheng in the banquet hall.

When she thought of what the manager said about Gu Zheng walking toward the Meng family, she snorted.

She heard that the Meng family had sent Meng Wan back and even warned the people attending the banquet not to spout nonsense.

Would Gu Zheng, that scumbag, still want to work with such a family

Recalling Gu Zhengs warning in the car today, Qiao Xi took out her phone in anger and blocked Gu Zhengs phone number.

That darn man!

After she blocked the number, she curled her lips and was about to leave when she suddenly smelled a fragrance.

It seemed to be the aroma of steak… It was too fragrant!

The manager saw that Qiao Xi was standing still and sniffing the air from time to time.

He quickly understood.

“Sixth Miss, this is the world-class Wellington steak.

If youre not in a rush to leave, would you like to try it”

Qiao Xi gulped.

She wanted to eat it very much! The last time she tasted steak was ten years ago! Ever since her taste buds malfunctioned, she had never tasted such a delicacy again.

However, if she wanted to taste the steak, she needed to kiss Gu Zheng…

Qiao Xis face darkened when she thought of this.

The manager asked, “Sixth Miss, if you want to try it, Ill go to the kitchen and give out the order.”

“Theres no need to trouble yourself.” Qiao Xi raised her hand to stop him.

She had already blocked Gu Zhengs number.

It would be too awkward for her to beg him now.

Seeing that Qiao Xis attitude was firm, the manager did not force her and respectfully escorted her to the door.

Right at this moment, a young man walked over.

When he saw the manager, he first greeted the man.

The manager looked at him in pleasant surprise, then introduced him to Qiao Xi.

“Sixth Miss, this is Mr.

Jiang Han, the apprentice of the international top chef, Mr.


He says hes willing to prepare a feast for you for free.

Sixth Miss, this man usually doesnt give anyone special treatment.

You cant miss this opportunity.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

She had heard of Mr.


If this man was his apprentice, Jiang Han would definitely not be bad at cooking.

Furthermore, he did not usually offer to cook for others.

No matter how she thought about it, it seemed like it was a good deal.

However, she did not have a sense of taste!

No matter how delicious this persons food was, she would not be able to find out!

Qiao Xi wanted to cry but had no tears.

She could only endure the pain and refuse.

For a person like her who did not have taste buds, it was better not to waste the time of a chef or those delicious foods.

Jiang Han did not seem to expect that someone would reject him even though he had already taken the initiative to speak.

He was unwilling to admit defeat and insisted on cooking a meal for Qiao Xi.

He asked the manager to borrow the kitchen, so Qiao Xi could only follow him.

After a while, the Michelin-level feast was ready.

Many people looked at her with envy.

Jiang Han was also waiting for her to taste it.

Qiao Xi: “…”

The manager carefully observed her expression and said, “Sixth Miss, if youre not hungry now, you can take these dishes home.

I believe Mr.

Jiang Han wont mind.

Of course, itll be even better if you can give Mr.

Jiang Han some feedback after youre done eating.”

She could bring them home… Qiao Xi felt that she could not refuse such a temptation.

She secretly gulped a few times and packed the few dishes.

Then, she took a deep breath and called for a car to go home!

In the car, Qiao Xi kept despising herself for having to reconcile with that scumbag Gu Zheng for a few dishes.

She was really too spineless.

However, when she thought of the Michelin feast in her arms, she felt that having a spine was not important!

After her taste buds recovered, she would part ways with Gu Zheng and never see him again!

“Madam, youre back” The butler took the things from her hands.

“Young Master went to the company to handle some matters and isnt back yet.

Madam, do you want to eat dinner first”

Qiao Xi replied with a smile, “No need, Ill wait for him to come back.”

Knowing that Gu Zheng had gone to the company to handle some matters, Qiao Xi felt relieved.

That meant he was busy.

If he was very busy, he would not have time to call her.

If he did not have time to call her, he would not have realized that she had blocked his number.

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up as she silently unblocked Gu Zhengs number, then pretended like nothing had happened.

She sat on the sofa while waiting for Gu Zheng to come back from the company.

An hour ago in Gu Corporation.

Gu Zheng called Qiao Xi again.

Once again, he was informed that she was on another call.

He frowned.

Who was Qiao Xi talking to Even if there was something very important to say, there was no need to talk for such a long time, right

No matter how hard he tried, the line was still busy..

Gu Zheng finally could not take it anymore and lost his temper.

He asked angrily, “Why is it that when Im calling someone, that person is always on the phone Do girls have to talk for so long when theyre on a call with someone”


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