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Chapter 968: Shes Also A PlagiaristTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Everyone thought that Qiao Xi had admitted it, and Xia Tongs face was filled with pride.

“I dont want to waste everyones time either.

As long as you apologize to me and draw a new design, Ill forgive you! Well pretend that this didnt happen and re-record it.”

Xia Tong immediately swallowed the words in her mouth.

Just as she was about to retort, an angry voice came from backstage.

“I dont agree!”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man in a silver-gray suit walking out of the darkness.

The critic who had been bribed by Xia Tong was about to berate him, but he was stunned when he saw the mans face.

“Mister… Mr.


The mans icy-cold gaze swept past everyone before finally looking at Qiao Xi, and then there was a trace of gentleness in his eyes.

Everyone present was familiar with this face.

It often appeared on the covers of major fashion magazines.

He could be said to be the prince of the fashion world—Lu Zhi, the president of Liuli Corporation.

“Its Lu Zhi! Hes even more handsome in real life than on the cover of a magazine!”

“Lu Zhi was once a designer too.

He should hate plagiarism! Moreover, Miss Xia only asked that designer to apologize.

She didnt ask for anything else.

Why wouldnt he agree”

The judge did not dare to offend Lu Zhi and smiled obsequiously.


Lu, you probably dont know yet that this designer plagiarized Miss Xias work.

Now, Miss Xia is just asking the designer to apologize.

Youre here today…”

“Why should she apologize” Lu Zhi interrupted the other party mercilessly.

He did not take the judge in front of him seriously at all and looked at Xia Tong coldly.

“You said that you designed this gown” Lu Zhi questioned.

Seeing Lu Zhis deep eyes staring at her, Xia Tong instantly blushed shyly.

“Yes… I did.”

She thought that Lu Zhi would praise her, but the next second, Lu Zhi suddenly sneered.

“How did the design of Liulis chief designer, Gu Shan, from half a year ago become Miss Xias work Miss Xia, why dont you think about it carefully Is your identity worthy of this design”

Qiao Xi lazily crossed her arms and slowly curled the corners of her lips.

She did not have any evidence to prove her innocence, but so what As long as Lu Zhi appeared, who would doubt his words

Xia Tongs expression froze.

The shyness and joy in her heart instantly vanished.

She felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

What did Lu Zhi mean What did this have to do with Gu Shan

When her manager, Chen Li, heard the name Gu Shan, her entire body could not help but tremble.

She looked at Qiao Xi in disbelief and wished for nothing more than to bore a hole through her.

The audience also reacted and exclaimed, “So this design is Gu Shans work! In other words, Xia Tong first copied Gu Shans work, then Designer Qiao copied Xia Tongs work”

“Xia Tong is also a plagiarist! What right does she have to criticize others”

Xia Tong gulped in horror and said in a dry voice, “Mr.

Lu, this must be a misunderstanding.

I didnt…”

Lu Zhi did not want to talk nonsense with her.

He instructed the staff member to play a video.

In the video, a slim woman was sitting in front of Lu Zhi with her back facing the surveillance cameras.

“Im finally done, but I still feel that something is wrong.”

Lu Zhi took the design and looked at it carefully.

He smiled and said, “Its already very good! Arent you asking too much of yourself”

“Then Ill keep it for now.

Maybe I can use it one day.”

The video showed the design.

It was exactly the same as Xia Tongs.

Instantly, the entire venue was silent.

“Let me explain to everyone.

The woman in the video is Gu Shan and also my good friend.

Miss Xia copied Gu Shans work.” Lu Zhis lips curled into a mocking smile.

The audience stood up one after another.

The judges also looked at Xia Tong in disbelief.

Even if she wanted to plagiarize, she could not plagiarize Gu Shans work! Was she courting death

After a moment of silence, a fan roared crazily, “Xia Tong! Didnt you say that you designed it yourself How could you lie to us”

“You actually dare to steal Gu Shans design Do you think what you stole is yours Do you think youre better than Gu Shan You really overestimate yourself!”

“No!” Xia Tong shouted in a panic.

The blood in her body seemed to have frozen.

She looked at the people around her.

Everyones eyes were filled with disdain and disgust.

She had never been so embarrassed.

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