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Chapter 966: Im Her BrotherTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“No! I dont believe you.”

Shen Yus voice echoed in the huge recording venue.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They really did not expect the usually gentle Shen Yu to embarrass Xia Tong in public.

Xia Tongs face instantly turned red as she frowned tightly.

She forcefully suppressed her anger and said in a cold voice, “Since everyone has their own opinions, for the sake of fairness, let the production team investigate the truth.

I want to prove to everyone who the real plagiarist is!”

The producer hurriedly went forward to persuade her.

“Why dont we settle it in private”

“I cant suffer this grievance for nothing.

Since it has already happened, I have to investigate it clearly,” Xia Tong said righteously.

“I didnt plagiarize.

I really dont understand why Shen Yu is protecting this small-time designer.

Could it be that theres a special relationship between the two of you”

Everyones gazes shifted between Shen Yu and Qiao Xi.

Ever since he debuted, he had always been clean and had no scandals.

Now that he actually had an ambiguous relationship with this designer, the fans present were instantly unhappy.

“Impossible! How could Brother Yu be related to this designer That woman is obviously a vixen who likes to seduce men.

He must have been bewitched by her!”

“Xia Tong is so confident.

That designer must have copied Xia Tongs design!”

Hearing the excited voices of the fans, Xia Tong smiled proudly.

“Shen Yu, youre a Best Actor and a popular male celebrity in the industry.

Why ruin your reputation as a plagiarist Moreover, I think she approached you just to ride on your coattails.”

Shen Yu raised an eyebrow.

“Shes trying to ride on my coattails”

A trace of mockery flashed past Xia Tongs eyes.

“Miss Qiao is indeed very beautiful.

Its understandable that you like her, but if you malign me like this for the sake of the woman you like, itll ruin your reputation as a Best Actor! Although I respect you very much, I cant stop investigating the truth just because of you!”

The entire venue was in an uproar.

Shen Yus managers eyes turned cold.

What was Xia Tong talking about She was clearly saying that the two of them had an unspeakable relationship, which was why Shen Yu was speaking up for Qiao Xi! She was slandering Shen Yu!

The fans below the stage instantly exploded, shouting to express their dissatisfaction.

Xia Tongs tone softened a little.

“Shen Yu, please forgive my rashness.

I shouldnt have said that to you just now, but you know very well that Im from the Xia family of Luo City.

Although Im not as famous as you in the entertainment industry, I still occupy a high position.

Why would I plagiarize the work of a small-time designer Wouldnt that ruin my reputation

“I really dont understand.

Whats your relationship with her Why are you protecting her!”

“Im her brother,” Shen Yu said casually.

His voice was indifferent with a trace of disdain.

“Tell me, should I protect her”

The recording venue instantly fell silent.

Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief.

What Shen Yu was the brother of a masked designer

Xia Tong was stunned.

Her expression froze, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.


Shen Yus expression was indifferent.

“Miss Xia, youre so young.

Why are your thoughts so strange Why do you think that our relationship is impure the moment you see me protecting a girl Is malicious speculation a trait of the Xia family”

The fans also stood up for Shen Yu.

Xia Tongs words just now were to deliberately slander Shen Yu.

She meant that Shen Yu was having an affair with the masked designer, which was why he was standing up for her.

Xia Tongs face was ashen as she said with difficulty, “I… I misunderstood.

Im sorry, Mr.


Shen Yu raised an eyebrow.

“Thats it”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Brother, there are so many people here.

Youre the gentle Best Actor! You have to maintain your image! You cant ruin all your years of hard work on an impulse!

Xia Tong panted heavily.

She had already apologized, so what else did she want And this designer was actually Shen Yus younger sister Then why was she still participating in a show like this

The fans below the stage knew that Shen Yu and the masked designer were siblings.

They instantly beamed and praised, “So the masked designer is Shen Yus younger sister! Although she hasnt taken off her mask, one can tell that shes a beauty just by looking at her figure!”

“Shes the younger sister of the Best Actor.

Does she need to plagiarize This is just a small TV show.

So what if she loses At most, shell just go home and inherit the family business!”

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