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Chapter 96: Blocked Your Number

Gu Zheng ignored him and looked at Old Master Meng.

“Grandpa Meng, its not that Im deliberately trying to ruin the Meng familys reputation.

Im just expressing my attitude.

You should know that there are some things that I dont have to cooperate with the Meng family for.”

“Gu Zheng, what do you mean”

“Shouldnt you apologize after doing something wrong”

Gu Zheng tilted his head and revealed a bloodthirsty smile.

“Dont forget that the person you bullied is called Qiao Xi.

Shes the wife I, Gu Zheng, acknowledge.

Have you thought of the consequences of bullying someone from the Gu family”


Old Master Meng abruptly stood up from the chair, his old body trembling.

“I-I understand.

Dont worry, Gu Zheng.

Ill definitely get Meng Wan to apologize to your wife.”

Meng Xingzhou was unwilling.

“Dad, how could you…”

Gu Zheng was just a junior.

All these years, he had always treated Gu Zheng as his son-in-law, so he could not help but speak a little more casually.

He did not think that the Meng and Gu families power levels were too different.

Now that Meng Wan had been wronged and their Meng familys name was trampled on, why did they have to apologize

“Shut up!”

Old Master Meng slammed his walking cane on the floor and took a deep breath.

“Dont worry, Gu Zheng.

I understand your request.

Ill definitely give you a satisfactory answer.”

Gu Zheng did not continue speaking to him and casually stood up.

“Alright, as long as you understand.

Right, you can transfer the ownership of this hotel now.

Its punishment for your Meng family for provoking my wife.”

Old Master Meng only felt a wave of dizziness.

After Gu Zhengs figure had walked far away, he abruptly stood up.

“Lets go home! Even if we have to do it by force, we have to bring her to Qiao Xi to apologize!”

After Gu Zheng left, he realized that the banquet hall was empty.

Song Shiyu was confused.

“Wheres Madam and the rest Werent they all here just now”

It was not easy for President Gu to be so domineering and help Madam regain her dignity.

It was time to claim credit from Madam, so why was Madam still missing

He thought that he could not waste this opportunity, so he suggested, “President Gu, why dont you give Madam a call”

Although Gu Zheng did not have the intention of taking credit, he still took out his phone and slowly dialed Qiao Xis number.

Just like he had promised her before, even if she did not appear, he could still help her deal with the Meng family.

There was no need for her to go through so much trouble and even be framed and mocked.

However, when he made the call, he only heard a robotic female voice.

“Hello, the number youre calling is currently busy.”

Gu Zheng frowned.

She was on the phone with someone else Who was she talking to He sent Qiao Xi a message asking her to reply to him after her call but there was no news from Qiao Xis side even after he got into the car.

After staring at his phone for a while in silence, he decided to call her again.

However, he was informed that she was still on the phone.

It had been about 20 minutes since he got in the car at the hotel.

Who was she on the phone with for 20 minutes

Was it a man or a woman

Song Shiyu sensed that the atmosphere in the car was not right.

He asked tentatively, “President Gu, cant you reach Madam Do you need me to help you find out whos talking to Madam”

Gu Zheng looked up indifferently.

“No need.”

“President Gu, you dont have to worry.

Madam probably has something to attend to, but even though its important, she wont just ignore you.” Song Shiyu suggested, “In my opinion, you and Madam have little contact with each other.

If its other married couples, theyll check up on their partners and find out about their whereabouts at any time.

However, you and Madam have never done such things.

You two are like two separate entities.

No one would believe that you two are husband and wife.”

Gu Zheng was skeptical.

“Are you serious”

Song Shiyu nodded heavily.

“Of course! Im someone who has read countless romance novels and gone for many emotional counseling sessions.

I can tell you with certainty that women like domineering men.

You must swear your sovereignty in front of Madam and let her know that youre her man.

She can rely on you anytime and anywhere.

For example, when you get through to her phone, you have to tell her that no matter what happens, you can help her deal with the problem.

Tell her not to look for anyone else and not to talk to anyone for so long.”

Gu Zheng: “…”

He could not bear to do it.

What kind of idiotic man would say all that Were women nowadays so fickle-minded

However… Gu Zheng could not help but want to try what Song Shiyu had suggested when he heard the automated message once again say, “The number you have just dialed is currently busy.”

If there was a third person in the car, that person might have told Gu Zheng while feeling dumbfounded,Theres no need for a domineering approach, and theres nothing important for her to handle.

Qiao Xi isnt on the phone with anyone.

She blocked your number!

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