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Chapter 958: DesignerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“The poison in my body can only be detoxified through Xi Xis blood, but I couldnt completely detoxify the poison in my body.

There was still no obvious effect even after so long.

I could only guarantee that the poison wouldnt flare up, but Xi Xi was becoming more and more haggard.

Hence, I decided to give up on detoxifying the poison.

But I cant let Xi Xi know about this.”

Gu Zheng slowly raised his eyes and looked at Shen Yu with a smile.

“The reason why I let you know about this is that I know very well that youll always think about Xi Xi, so youll definitely keep it a secret for me.

Xi Xi is very lucky to have you brothers.”

Shen Yu understood what he meant and nodded.

“Alright, Ill keep it a secret for you, but are you sure you want to go to T City Actually, I can protect Xi Xi too.

You dont have to go with me.”

Gu Zheng smiled.

“I really have something to attend to there.

Please take good care of Xi Xi, Mr.


When everyone arrived at T City, Gu Zheng parted ways with the two of them.

As a designer who flew in from elsewhere, Qiao Xi did not have to film anything yet, so she went straight to the dressing room to wait.

The few celebrities who were participating in the show were allocated separate dressing rooms according to their reputation.

However, Qiao Xi was not a celebrity, so she could only share a dressing room with the others.

Now that everyone had gone to record the show, she was the only one left in the dressing room.

She leaned leisurely on the chair to rest.

She was really curious about what her brother and Gu Zheng had talked about that day, but no matter how she asked, the two of them refused to say anything.

What secrets did they have

Qiao Xi thought for a long time but still had no clue.

Suddenly, she heard a shout from outside the door.

“Miss Qiao, you can go to the design area and wait there for 20 minutes.

Prepare yourself first.

Also, you need to wear a mask before going on stage.

You can only take off the mask after the judges are done giving their scores.”

Qiao Xi looked at the mask on the table and nodded before changing her clothes.

At this moment, in the luxurious dressing room next door.

A female celebrity in a pink dress asked arrogantly, “I heard that a designer was flown in for this episode”

The assistant replied, “Yes, but shes not a famous designer.

Otherwise, why wouldnt she have an independent dressing room”

The female celebritys name was Xia Tong.

She had been popular for a period of time, but her popularity had passed.

Hence, her manager booked this show for her, hoping to use this opportunity to return to the publics eyes.

She looked up slightly.

“Then why did I hear that the designer was recommended by Shen Yu!”

Shen Yu was the young master of the Shen family in the capital and a famous Best Actor.

If he was the one who recommended her, the production team would naturally give him some face.

This might very well pose a threat to her.

The manager at the side chuckled.

“So what if Shen Yu recommended her Is that small-time designer qualified to compete with you Dont worry! Ive already helped you arrange everything.

Youll definitely be the final winner.”

The manager was experienced.

She knew very well that the designers who came to participate in such programs were either very famous or would be mentors in the programs.

Even if they really participated in the competition, they would start recording from the first episode.

The other kind of designer was the small fries.

They came to participate in programs like this only to increase their popularity.

Such designers would appear out of nowhere and be eliminated after participating in one episode.

They would be satisfied by just showing their faces in front of the audience.

“This designer probably has nothing to do with Shen Yu.

He just casually recommended a designer to show his influence.

Your limelight wont be snatched This show was specially designed for you.

We didnt spend 50 million for nothing!”

Xia Tong smiled.

“Thats good.

I was just worried.”

The manager comforted her.

“Whats there to worry about! Even if this woman is close to Shen Yu, she cant threaten you.

Would Shen Yu offend you for a small designer

“In this design competition, it doesnt matter whos stronger.

As long as the judges acknowledge you, youll be the champion.

No matter what, youre a descendant of the Xia family.

Although youre from the branch family, with the Xia familys current status in Luo City, who would dare to offend you”

Xia Tong heaved a sigh of relief, but she was still a little uneasy.

She whispered in her ear, “Sister Chen, I have an idea.

Why dont…”

The manager listened carefully and nodded.

“Thats good too.

Well let the production team edit the footage post-production and try to make you famous! Dont worry, Ill warn that little designer to be sensible and not ruin your show.”

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