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Chapter 956: Spreading The NewsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

A week later, Li City University reopened.

Qiao Xi started to get busy, but when she got off work today, she saw someone she had not seen in a long time in the living room.

“Brother, why are you here”

Shen Yu had been busy filming and traveling all over the country.

However, he suddenly came today.

The mans face was gentle as he pinched her soft cheek.

However, his eyes were a little serious.

“I received news that someone is secretly investigating you.

Theyve already found out about me.”

Qiao Xi frowned.

Why was someone investigating her

Shen Yu comforted her softly.

“Dont worry.

That person wants to look for the descendant of the divine physician, but they havent found out that its you.

What surprised me is that theyre looking for the descendant of the divine physician because they know that the descendants blood can detoxify poison, so… theyre probably looking for you to take your blood.

This isnt good news.”

Qiao Xis gaze turned cold.

“When did you find out”

“That person had already taken action half a month ago, but I received the news 10 days ago.

Now, everyone knows about this news.”

However, Shen Yu did not know that the other party had deliberately spread the news.

What if they had other motives In short, there was definitely more than one person investigating Qiao Xi.

“The Xia family is also looking for you,” Shen Yu said casually.

“Xia Cheng and Old Madam Xia are looking for the descendant of the divine physician, but Ive investigated and found out that they arent poisoned.”

Qiao Xis expression was serious.

“No matter what their reason is, I want to know who spread the news first.

Since they were able to find out about you, it means that the other party has already obtained some information.

Theyll find me eventually.

Theres another possibility.

The person who spread the news knows that Im the descendant of the divine physician and is deliberately leading everyone to look for me to cause me trouble.”

Actually, Shen Yu had thought of this a long time ago, which was why he hurriedly rushed over to remind Qiao Xi.

Just the fact that her blood could cure all poisons was enough to make everyone rush to her.

They could imprison Qiao Xi and raise her like an animal.

They would extract a little of her blood every day and use her blood to make an antidote to sell for a high price.

Shen Yus eyes suddenly turned cold.

“Little Six, there might be many people who know that the blood of the descendant of the divine physician can cure poisons, but only these few people know that youre the descendant.

As your senior, we naturally wouldnt have leaked this news.

That leaves Gu Zheng.

You have to be on guard.”

“I believe in him,” Qiao Xi said without the slightest hesitation.

“I also know that he wont do such a thing, but that doesnt mean that the people around him wont.

Think about it carefully.

Who else could possibly know about this There arent many people around him.

You should be more careful.

When Im not around, you must protect yourself.

If anything happens, remember to inform me.”

Qiao Xis heart was slightly heavy.

She nodded and said in a low voice, “Alright.”

“Your second brother has temporarily suppressed the news.

You dont have to worry too much, but Gu Zheng…” Shen Yu suddenly paused.

He recalled that he had bumped into Gu Zheng when he entered just now.

He subconsciously looked at Gu Zheng and sensed that something was wrong.

Logically speaking, the poison in Gu Zhengs body had already been cured.

Although it was difficult to get rid of it completely, at least the poison would not flare up.

However, when Shen Yu looked at Gu Zheng just now, he clearly saw that his eyes were gray and empty.

Although the sky was a little dark at this time, the sun had not completely set.

Moreover, Xi Xi had already detoxified the poison in his body.

This should not be happening.

Shen Yu stopped thinking and looked at Qiao Xi meaningfully.

In the end, he did not mention Gu Zhengs illness and said casually, “Remember to be careful of the people around you.

“Xi Xi, Im going to participate in a show soon.

I happen to need a fashion designer.

Do you want to go with me Just treat it as a trip,” Shen Yu said.

The program director and Shen Yu had known each other for many years.

If he wanted to recommend a designer, the other party would naturally not refuse.

Moreover, he was worried about Little Six staying in Li City.

He might as well go out with him to avoid letting his imagination run wild.

Qiao Xi asked, “Where”

“T City.

Its a two-hour drive from Li City.

Are you afraid that Gu Zheng wont agree”

Qiao Xi frowned and felt inexplicably annoyed in her heart.

Ever since Gu Zheng returned from his business trip, he had become a little strange.

If it was because he was too tired from his business trip, it had already been so long since then.

He should have recovered by now.

However, he still gave off an unfathomable feeling.

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