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Chapter 953: Someone Is Waiting For Him In Li CityTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the evening, Gu Zhengs plane finally landed.

The first thing he did after getting off the plane was to video call Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi could not wait to pick up the call.

His dissatisfied voice came from the other end.


Gu, I heard that you havent had dinner tonight.

Why arent you obedient The butler said that you didnt eat much at noon either.

Its already past seven, yet you still havent had dinner.

Youre fooling around again!”

Qiao Xi frowned.

This man was already far away in another country, yet he was still so nosy.

Looking at Qiao Xis aggrieved expression, Gu Zheng could not help but smile.

His tone was gentle as he said, “Xi Xi, when I think about how I wont be able to see you for so many days, I feel like a piece of my heart is missing.”

Qiao Xi was instantly stunned.

She widened her eyes and looked at Gu Zheng.

Her cheeks gradually turned red, and so did her ears.

Gu Zheng was dressed simply, and his face was filled with gentleness.

His deep eyes were like the stars in the sea, reflecting her image.

Just then, the voices of Song Shijing and another mans voice sounded.

The two of them seemed to be discussing a collaboration.

Gu Zheng ignored them.

His gaze was still on the screen as he looked at her affectionately.

“Xi Xi, after Im done here, Ill rush back as soon as possible.

You have to eat and sleep well before then.

Dont be willful.”

With that, Gu Zheng hung up the call.

There was still a smile on the corners of his mouth, which added some vibrancy to his already handsome face.

Zheng Jie, the business partner, smiled obsequiously.

“President Gu, youre new here, so you probably havent experienced the local customs here.

Lets not talk about the collaboration today.

Ill get Yanyan to bring you around to have fun.

How about it”

As soon as he finished speaking, an enchanting woman in a tight dress came forward.

She had a voluptuous figure and bent down slightly to seduce Gu Zheng.

Gu Zhengs eyes were cold, and his gentle expression suddenly turned cold.

He refused without hesitation.


Zheng Jie smirked wretchedly.

He thought that Gu Zheng was afraid of causing trouble and continued to persuade him.

“President Gu, this is F Nation.

Who will know what happens here Dont worry, Ill keep it a secret for you.

Moreover, Yanyan is a sensible person.

She definitely wont pester you afterward.”

Gu Zhengs gaze became colder and colder.

There was a trace of anger in his eyes, scaring Zheng Jie so much that his entire body trembled.

He stammered, “President Gu… This…”

“Hand the contract to my assistant.

Well have a meeting later,” Gu Zheng ordered coldly before turning to leave.

Zheng Jie looked at Gu Zhengs departing figure in surprise.

He did not expect that Gu Zheng really only cared about work as the rumors said.

He did not have time to eat, drink, or play at all.

Knowing that Gu Zheng had just gotten off the plane, he specially arranged for Yanyan to serve him.

He wanted Gu Zheng to relax, but who knew that he was the one who was unaware

Song Shiyu and Song Shijing knew very well that the president was in such a rush to work because there was someone waiting for him in Li City.

Hence, the president could not wait to finish his work even if it meant sacrificing sleep.

The sooner he finished his work, the sooner he could see Young Madam.

Four days later.

Qiao Xi lay on the bed in boredom, her mind filled with Gu Zheng.

She wondered when Gu Zheng would come back.

Longwan Residential was quiet.

Just as she was about to sleep, her phone suddenly rang.

As soon as she saw Gu Zhengs name on the caller ID, Qiao Xi quickly picked up.

The mans low and gentle voice came from the other end.

“Xi Xi, do you know where I am”

Ah! This voice was so gentle!

Qiao Xi smiled like a love-struck fool and replied sweetly, “You should be resting in the hotel since its so late at night.”


Gu Zheng seemed to like guessing riddles with her and waited for her answer very patiently.

After thinking for a moment, Qiao Xi asked, “Are you discussing a collaboration outside You suddenly missed me, so you called.”


Qiao Xi listened to the sounds on the other end of the phone.

It seemed to be very quiet.

Where else could he be

After a moment of silence, Gu Zheng chuckled.

“Actually, Im buying a gift for you.

Youll definitely like this gift.”

Qiao Xi was stunned for a moment.

Was Gu Zheng in a mall What kind of mall would be open in the middle of the night However, she was very curious about what gift Gu Zheng was buying.

She said anxiously, “Then take a photo for me.”

Gu Zhengs laughter was very hearty.

Even though she could not see his face, she knew that his eyes were glowing at this moment.

The corners of his mouth were also curled up gently.

“Dont be anxious.

The gift will be here soon.”

“Huh” Qiao Xis face was filled with surprise.

“Dont tell me you mailed the gift back”

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