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Chapter 944: Forced To ConfessTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Old Madam Xia glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

Suddenly, she clutched her chest and shouted, “Ouch! My heart hurts! President Gu, its fine if youre unwilling to admit this marriage, but why are you slandering Mengyan for having another fiance Arent you forcing Mengyan to her death

“Mengyan has always treated you as her fiance since she was young, but for the sake of protecting Qiao Xi, you actually abandoned a woman who has such deep feelings for you.

Can you bear to do this If you dont like her, you can just say so.

Why do you have to insult her like this

“Qiao Xi! You must have made President Gu say that.

You stole Mengyans engagement and ruined her life.

Now, youre even going to bite back.

Youre forcing her to her death.

Youre really vicious!”

At this point, Old Madam Xias breathing suddenly stopped.

Her face turned red as she fell weakly.

Fortunately, Xia Cheng and Xia Ji hurriedly supported her.

Xia Ji immediately said nervously, “Mom! Dont scare me! Its all my fault for being unfilial.

If I hadnt insisted that Mengyan fulfill the engagement and insisted on seeking justice for my daughter, things wouldnt have ended up like this.

Now that Mengyans reputation is ruined and your health has collapsed… President Gu, we dont want anything anymore.

Lets just forget about it!”

Hearing her fathers words, Xia Mengyans tears gushed out, and her eyes were filled with anxiety.

“Grandma, I was wrong.

Ive let you down! Well go home now.

Please be fine!”

Xia Mengyan looked up with tears in her eyes and announced to everyone, “Everyone, President Gu is telling the truth.

I do have a fiance.

Its all my fault for what happened today.

I shouldnt have fought for what doesnt belong to me.”

As she spoke, she looked at Qiao Xi and choked.

“Xi Xi, I know you hate me.

If youre dissatisfied, target me.

I dont want to make things difficult for my grandmother.

Shes old and cant take any trouble.

Just take it as though I… Im begging you.”

Her voice trembled violently and was filled with sorrow.

Tears fell from her cheeks, and her pitiful appearance made ones heart ache.

Finally, someone could not stand it anymore and said indignantly, “Mrs.

Gu is clearly using her power to suppress others! Looking at Miss Xias sad appearance, shes really pitiful!”

“Previously, Mrs.

Gu mocked Old Madam Xia for being a mistress, but that was decades ago.

It has nothing to do with Miss Xia.

Now, she made up the story that Miss Xia already has a fiance.

Miss Xia is filial and cant bear to see Old Madam Xia suffer.

She can only admit to this.


Gu, youre too much of a bully.”

Xia Mengyan lowered her head and revealed a proud smile, but she still pretended to be heartbroken when she looked up.

“President Gu, Xi Xi, Im sorry.

I affected the banquet and your relationship as husband and wife.

I admit that I coveted the position of Mrs.

Gu and I intended to ruin your marriage.

I do have a fiance.

This is all my fault.

Ive let everyone down!”

She lowered her eyes as tears surged out.

Her face was filled with grievances and coercion.

It looked like Qiao Xi was using her power to force her to confess.

As a result, Xia Mengyan could only endure the humiliation and admit it.

Xia Mengyan wiped her tears as a trace of sinisterness flashed past her eyes.

She wanted to see how Qiao Xi would retort.

“Miss Xia, its really been hard on you.

You spoke your mind in front of so many people!” Qiao Xi looked at Xia Mengyan with a smile.

Her casual tone instantly caused everyone to be infuriated.

Things had already come to this.

What right did she have to be so arrogant

Xia Yunlou instantly cursed.

“Qiao Xi! You bastard! How far have you pushed Mengyan How can you say such things Do you have a conscience!”

Yin Lianxin glared at her coldly.

Xia Yunlous heart trembled, but she still forcefully endured the fear in her heart and said, “Qiao Xi has been wandering outside since she was young.

Shes naughty and mischievous.

Shes clearly the one who stole Mengyans engagement and even slandered Mengyan for having a fiance.

Now, shes forcing Mengyan to confess to things she didnt do.

At this moment, shes still making sarcastic remarks.

Am I wrong to say that she has no conscience

“Qiao Xi! Apologize to Mengyan immediately! You really havent changed! You stole someone elses engagement, yet youre still so arrogant.

Mengyans fiance is President Gu.

Stop talking nonsense!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qiao Xi snapped her fingers, and the big screen suddenly flashed.

She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Are you sure Xia Mengyan doesnt have another fiance”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they abruptly looked up at the big screen.

When they saw the contents, their faces suddenly turned pale.

Xia Chengs expression darkened.

Impossible! How could Gu Zheng have found this evidence

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