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Chapter 942: Announcing The Engagement In PublicTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent as his gaze landed on the woman in the corner.

Under the illumination of the lights, Qiao Xis entire body seemed to be emitting light.

Her skin was fair, and her soft hair fell on her shoulders like seaweed.

His eyes could not help but become gentle.

The socialites gathered together and teased each other.

Then, they pulled Xia Mengyan over and asked with a smile, “Mengyan, look, is President Gu here to look for you”

Gu Zheng had said that he wanted to announce the engagement in public, and now, he was walking toward Xia Mengyan.

Everyone in the Xia family was extremely excited.

Those who were close to the Xia family also beamed.

After all, if the Xia family could get close to Gu Zheng, it meant that they could also reap benefits.

Xia Mengyans breathing trembled slightly.

She smiled shyly and said anxiously, “Ah Zheng…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Gu Zheng directly walked past her and walked in front of Qiao Xi.

He held Qiao Xis hand gently, and his voice was extremely gentle.

“Xi Xi, Im back.”

The entire venue was silent as everyone looked at Xia Mengyan in confusion.

Didnt President Gu already agree to the marriage Why did he not give Xia Mengyan a second look at all and directly walk to Qiao Xis side

Xia Mengyan gasped, and the blood in her body seemed to have frozen.

She could even hear the mocking laughter around her.

Didnt Ah Zheng say that he wanted to give the Xia family an explanation Didnt he say that he wanted to announce the engagement in public But why was he still so cold to her

Xia Mengyans eyes turned red as she choked and asked, “Ah Zheng, arent you going to announce the engagement”

Xia Yunlou, who was at the side, also berated unhappily, “Qiao Xi! Why are you standing beside President Gu Hurry up and come over! Mengyan and President Gu are already engaged, yet youre still pestering President Gu.

Dont you have any shame!”

Qiao Xi did not want to pay attention to Xia Yunlou at all, but Gu Zhengs eyes sank.

His sharp gaze seemed to pierce through everyone.

“I do have something to announce in public.”

Hearing this, Xia Yunlou hurriedly went forward to ask for an explanation, but she was stopped by Xia Ji.

Xia Ji gestured for Xia Yunlou to calm down and took a few steps forward.

He said respectfully, “President Gu, not long after Mengyan was born, Eldest Miss Lu and my sister, Yunqiu, arranged an engagement between you and Mengyan.

The Lu family has also confirmed this matter.

Mengyan knew that she was engaged since she was young, so she has never been in a relationship.

She has been waiting for you.

If you dont believe me, you can ask her friends and classmates.”

This was indeed the truth.

Everyone around Xia Mengyan knew that she had a fiance, but they never knew who he was.

They only knew that he was powerful.

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and smiled.

“Does that mean that the Xia family has already decided that Im Miss Xias fiance Miss Xia, dont you have anything else to say”

Everyone was stunned.

What did Gu Zheng mean Could it be that Xia Mengyan was hiding something

At this moment, Xia Mengyan, whose head was lowered, suddenly sobbed.

Tears trickled down her face.

She suppressed her tears and said with a trembling voice, “Ah Zheng, actually, I know very well that you like Xi Xi.

I dont want to separate the two of you.

I just want an explanation.

“This engagement was originally mine.

Ive dreamed of marrying you since I was young, but I didnt expect Xi Xi to secretly marry you.

I also have a trace of resentment in my heart about it, but Ive already forgiven Xi Xi.

Now, I just want an explanation.

I just want an apology.

Why cant this small wish of mine be fulfilled”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Miss Xia, your ability to lie through your teeth is really getting better and better!”

The expressions of everyone from the Xia family were extremely unsightly, and Xia Yunlous face was even gloomier.

Qiao Xi, this little b*tch, did not take her warning seriously at all.

If she had known earlier, she wouldve strangled Qiao Xi to death when she was born!

Qiao Xi sensed Xia Yunlous gaze and narrowed her eyes.

She was slightly curious about why Xia Yunlou was so interested in Xia Mengyan.

Xia Mengyan did not expect Qiao Xi to mock her.

Her eyes were filled with sorrow.

“Xi Xi, Im telling the truth.

You cant malign me just because Im hurting your interests!”

At this moment, the socialite beside Xia Mengyan stood up and looked at Qiao Xi with disdain.

She said indignantly, “You fake, stop spouting nonsense! You must have said something in front of President Gu that made him suspect something.”

Xia Mengyan wiped her tears and was heartbroken.

“Xi Xi, I admit that I like Ah Zheng, but Ive never thought of ruining your marriage.

You cant ignore the harm youve caused me just because of my kindness! For 20 years, Ive treated him as my fiance, but you married him in my place.

Do you know how sad I am because of this”

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