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Chapter 941: He Has DecidedTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“My heart also aches for Xi Xi, but shes really not compatible with Ah Zheng.

Moreover, on the account of our past relationship, Ah Zheng and I wont treat her badly.

The rumors online will dissipate soon, so you dont have to care.

Xi Xi and I will still be good friends in the future.

Isnt that good”

Xia Mengyan said with a sincere expression, then looked at Qiao Xi and sighed helplessly.

“I just asked Ah Zheng.

He said that hell explain everything clearly.

Xi Xi, when Ah Zheng announces the matter later, dont fool around, alright”

Qiao Xi stood silently on the spot and could not help but sneer when she heard Xia Mengyans words.

“Why should I”

“Ah Zheng has already made up his mind.

Even if you…” Xia Mengyan was talking when her eyes suddenly lit up.

“You mean you wont stop him”

“Of course, I wont fool around if Gu Zheng wants to make an announcement! Im not a lunatic.” Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully and didnt even bother to look at Xia Mengyan.

She walked straight to the sofa and sat down.

Seeing that Qiao Xi had agreed so easily, Xia Mengyan was slightly uncertain in her heart.

However, Gu Zheng had already agreed to announce the engagement in public.

He definitely hated Qiao Xi now.

Could it be that there were other changes

Half an hour ago, Xia Mengyan had gone to see Gu Zheng to express her feelings and explain the benefits of the marriage between the two families.

Moreover, the elders of the two families had already agreed to this marriage.

As long as he agreed, everyone would be happy.

Xia Mengyan was still slightly worried that Gu Zheng would refuse, but Gu Zheng actually agreed to announce the engagement.

She did not expect the matter to be resolved so easily.

From the looks of it, Gu Zheng did not like Qiao Xi much.

He probably just liked her beauty and found her a little novel.

However, in the face of absolute benefits, Qiao Xi was nothing.

At this moment, Xia Mengyan was still thinking about Gu Zhengs words.

Her expression became even prouder.

“Xi Xi, dont be sad anymore.

Ah Zheng will explain everything to you later.

Even though the fate between you and him has ended, youll find your own happiness in the future.”

Coincidentally, a few socialites around heard Xia Mengyans words.

Someone asked curiously, “Mengyan, is your engagement with President Gu real”

Xia Mengyan blushed shyly.

“Actually, the two families have already discussed it, but President Gu said that he wants to announce it in public.

Hell also give the Xia family an explanation.

No matter what his decision is, Ill support him.”

In that case, President Gu had already admitted his engagement with Xia Mengyan and decided to get engaged to her.

What should Qiao Xi do No matter what, she was the legitimate Mrs.


“Now that Xi Xi and Ah Zheng are already married, I dont want to ruin their marriage.

I just want an explanation.

As for whether Ah Zheng continues to be with Xi Xi or not, thats up to him.

I cant interfere, but if he decides to fulfill the engagement, Im willing to be with him.

After all, feelings cant be forced.

Back then, Ah Zheng and Xi Xi got married to fulfill the engagement, not because of feelings.”

When the few socialites heard these words, they looked at Qiao Xi with disdain.

“A certain someone stole her cousins engagement and successfully rose to power.

Now that the matter has been exposed, shes still unwilling to give up her position.

How shameless! In any case, Mengyan is President Gus true fiancee!”

“Mengyan, even if you and President Gu are married, you wont be considered to have ruined someone elses marriage.

After all, this marriage contract was yours from the beginning!”

Xia Mengyan hurriedly stopped them.

“Everyone, stop talking.

Xi Xi is my cousin, after all.

At this point, my heart aches for her too.

Now, it all depends on Ah Zhengs decision.”

Half an hour later, the banquet was about to end.

Everyone was anxiously waiting for the final outcome.

They wanted to know who Gu Zheng would choose in the end.

Would he admit that Qiao Xi had snatched Xia Mengyans engagement, or would he continue to help her cover it up Would he divorce her and be with Xia Mengyan, or would the matter just stop there

Just as everyone was guessing, another piece of news broke out online.

The Lu family had already acknowledged the Xia familys engagement.

The Lu family was Miss Lu Qingyuns family.

If they admitted that this engagement belonged to Xia Mengyan, it meant that it was the truth.

“President Gu is here!”

Everyone shouted as Gu Zheng walked over slowly.

Behind him were Song Shijing, Song Shiyu, and a group of bodyguards.

His powerful aura made everyone shudder.

“So the engagement really belongs to Xia Mengyan!”

Song Shiyu was speechless.

The president and Young Madam had known each other for 10 years.

The two of them were truly in love, so did they still need a marriage contract However, he could not say anything because the president had his own plans.

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