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Chapter 934: Investigating The MastermindTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

At this moment, the originally lively banquet hall was silent.

The person who instructed the waiter to poison Qiao Xi had not been found yet.

Everyone was worried that the murderer would attack again.

Everyone sat in their seats in fear and looked around.

After Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng entered the lounge, Qiao Xi was suddenly pulled into Gu Zhengs embrace.

His eyes gradually turned from light brown to scarlet, and his entire body emitted a cold aura.

This was the first time Qiao Xi had seen Gu Zheng lose his composure like this.

He pulled Qiao Xi tightly into his embrace, and an icy-cold and trembling voice sounded from his throat.

“You were almost injured.

If that glass of wine had really spilled on you…”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes to meet his and comforted him softly, saying, “With you protecting me, Ill be fine.”

Gu Zheng grabbed her waist tightly and gritted his teeth.

“What if I wasnt around Or what if there was an accident that you couldnt avoid You knew that the wine was poisoned, but you still didnt tell me!”

Qiao Xi lowered her head guiltily.

She could indeed recognize that the wine had been laced with poison, but when she noticed it, the waiter had already walked over.

She did not have the time to tell Gu Zheng.

In any case, the poison could not have hurt her.

She just did not expect Gu Zheng to be so agitated.

He tightened his arms, afraid that the woman in his arms would leave him.

After a long silence, he gradually calmed down and muttered softly, “Xi Xi, dont take risks again.”

Qiao Xi nodded obediently.

“Senior, even if that glass of wine had really splashed on me, I wouldnt be poisoned.

Dont be angry.”

Gu Zheng hugged her waist and lifted her up.

Qiao Xi subconsciously wrapped her legs around Gu Zhengs waist.

The two of them were in an intimate posture, and their hot breaths intertwined.

His voice was hoarse as he chuckled.

“Qiao Xi, you have to compensate me.”

Qiao Xi instantly blurted out, “How do you want to be compensated”

How else could she compensate Gu Zheng other than by buying him a new suit

The man lifted a strand of her hair and said in a charming voice, “Compensate me with a kiss.”

Qiao Xis mind buzzed, and she instantly blushed.

When did Gu Zheng become so good at flirting Had he secretly learned something from her behind her back

Just then, Song Shijing knocked on the door of the lounge.

Gu Zheng put Qiao Xi down and helped her tidy her clothes and hair.

Then, he said indifferently, “Come in.”

At this moment, Gu Zhengs expression was normal, and he didnt have the slightest trace of that seductive appearance from before.

On the other hand, Qiao Xis face was still red, and her shy expression was still there.

Song Shijing and the person in charge of the hotel walked in.

The moment the person in charge saw Gu Zheng, his legs went weak and he almost knelt on the floor.

“President, weve already checked the surveillance footage.

Sun Chuan and that waiter had indeed met.

The two of them seem to be discussing something.”

The person in charge knew that President Gu doted on Mrs.

Gu very much, and this matter concerned Mrs.

Gus safety.

He wanted to cry but had no tears.

“President Gu, well investigate this matter thoroughly.

Well definitely give Mrs.

Gu a satisfactory answer.”

Gu Zhengs eyes suddenly turned cold as he looked at the person in charge with a sharp gaze.

“If you cant investigate what happened today, you should know the consequences.”

His tone was light, but it made one shudder.

At this moment, police sirens came from outside.

Song Shijing said quickly, “The police are here, President.

Ive sent the surveillance footage to the police, but Sun Chuan has no grudge against Young Madam.

Why would he take the risk to poison her He has no motive!”

Qiao Xi was sure.

“Its Sun Chuan.”

Unfortunately, they did not have any evidence.

This was because the surveillance cameras had only captured Sun Chuan meeting the waiter, but they did not know what the two of them had said.

However, this poison was very rare.

Only the Sun family had a small portion of it.

Xia Mengyan probably did not have the means to buy this medicine.

Soon, the police quickly entered.

Sun Chuan was a little flustered and could not help but look at Xia Mengyan.

Xia Mengyan had an innocent expression.

“Sun Chuan, did you poison Xi Xi How could you do such a thing”

Of course, it was impossible for Sun Chuan to admit it.

He just lowered his head in fear and tried his best to reduce his presence.

Xia Mengyan said gently, “Dont be nervous.

Even if youve met that waiter, it cant prove that you instructed him to poison you.

As long as that waiter doesnt say that it was you, who has the right to arrest you Moreover, youre not that kind of person.

I believe you!”

Sun Chuan immediately reacted.

When the police asked about it, he calmly said that he had met up with the waiter, but he only asked the waiter to deliver a glass of wine.

He did not instruct the waiter to poison anyone.

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