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Chapter 93: Our Hotel Has Hidden Cameras

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He had to admit that he had underestimated that woman.

Wang Nuo laughed arrogantly.

“Hahaha, Qiao Xi, you still refuse to admit that you destroyedTime Flows You really are a stubborn duck! How could there be someone as stupid as you You used such a stupid method to frame someone.

If you kneel down and beg for forgiveness now, perhaps the Meng family can let you off.”

The manager wanted to interrupt.


Meng Wan sighed.

“Qiao Xi, actually, if you hadnt asked to call the police and left obediently, this matter wouldnt have gotten so big.

Now that the matter has blown up, what are you going to do in the future”

The hotel manager tried to interrupt again.

“Miss Meng… Listen to me…”

Meng Wan held Madam Mengs hand.

“Forget it, Ill let you off this time.

Qiao Xi, quickly leave the hotel.

Mom, lets go back and attend the banquet.”

“Miss Meng! Can you listen to me!” The hotel manager could not help but shout.

Everyone looked over.

The hotel manager tugged at his clothes and revealed a standard smile.

“Miss Meng, youre too excited.

I havent finished speaking.

What I wanted to say is that although the surveillance cameras in the hotel are broken, we still have a few hidden cameras.

They were placed as a precautionary measure.

“It just so happens that the two hidden cameras were facingTime Flows.

While you were busy talking just now, Miss Meng, I had already ordered my subordinates to copy the footage.

Ill get someone to release the footage now.”

A trace of an inconspicuous smile flashed past Qiao Xis face.

Meng Wans face instantly turned pale.

She remained motionless as if she had been electrocuted.

The manager took the USB drive from his subordinate and opened a document on the computer.

Soon, the surveillance footage appeared on the computer screen.

The manager took a step back.

“Miss Meng, please take a closer look.”

At this moment, the guests who did not know the truth all felt that Qiao Xi was doomed.

Once the surveillance footage was out, Qiao Xi would have to spend the rest of her life in prison.

The footage began to play out on the computer screen.

The strings in Meng Wans mind snapped with a loud bang.

She subconsciously looked at Qiao Xi.

For some reason, she kept feeling that Qiao Xi was playing tricks on her! That b*tch!

No, this would not do.

The surveillance footage could not be released.

If those people saw what she had done, she would be done for!

Her expression changed drastically as she abruptly moved forward, but it was too late.

The guests all rubbed their hands excitedly.

“Qiao Xi probably didnt expect that such a big hotel would have hidden cameras when she destroyed the surveillance cameras, right”

“Shes doomed.

Hurry up and show us how she ruinedTime Flows.

I believe she must have looked utterly evil when doing the deed!”

“Wait, wait, wait.

F*ck, did you just see that Who took out that knife”


Meng Wan rushed over like a madwoman and pushed the manager away.

She used her body to block the computer screen and shouted at the top of her voice, “Dont look, dont look!”

In the surveillance footage, Meng Wan was seen taking out a knife from her bag.

She sliced the dress and abruptly stuffed the knife into Qiao Xis hand! From the beginning till the end, Qiao Xi, theculprit, had never touchedTime Flows! It was not what everyone had expected.

The knife was not brought in by Qiao Xi after all.

Everything was Meng Wans doing!

The banquet hall was eerily quiet.

Everyone stared blankly at the crazy Meng Wan, not knowing how to react.

Clap, clap, clap.

Qiao Xi could not help but clap.

“What a good show.

Miss Meng When you heard that the surveillance cameras were broken, you mustve been very happy, right But did you forget about the hidden cameras Were you too excited about the thought of pushing the blame to me and ruining my reputation”

The manager added, “After our hotel found out that the surveillance cameras were destroyed, we immediately carried out an investigation.

The person who destroyed the cameras was none other than Miss Meng.

The reason I didnt expose her immediately was that I thought that Miss Meng destroyed the cameras for confidentiality issues.

I didnt expect that she would push the blame to someone else in the end… Such methods are really despicable.”

The surveillance footage had played the scene of Meng Wan stuffing the knife into Qiao Xis hand.

Everyone initially thought that Meng Wan was very good-looking, gentle, and magnanimous.

However, looking at her in the footage, she had a ferocious expression and an unconcealable viciousness in her eyes..

One would have nightmares after looking at her.

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