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Chapter 921: Banquet InterviewTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xia Chengs expression darkened as a trace of horror flashed past his eyes.

His health was getting worse.

If he could not find the divine physician or his descendant, it was hard to guarantee that he would not suddenly fall ill one day.

“Mengyan, I heard that President Gu is also looking for the descendant of the divine physician.

If you become his woman, youll be able to find the divine physician very quickly.

Moreover, on the account of President Gu, the divine physician wont refuse to treat us.”

Xia Mengyan nodded and replied shyly, “Grandpa, Ill remember.

Ill perform well tomorrow.”

“Gu Corporation will definitely invite reporters to the banquet tomorrow.

At that time, youll announce in front of everyone that youre the one engaged to President Gu.

The position of Mrs.

Gu should belong to you.

Even if you cant get Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng to divorce, you can at least give them some pressure and have them be under your control,” Xia Cheng instructed.

The next day.

Every year, Gu Corporations large-scale banquets would be broadcasted live.

Reporters from all platforms would rush over and wait at the venue of Gu Corporations banquets.

“President Gu only accepts interviews at this time every year.

Have you thought of what to ask This time, President Gu will definitely bring Mrs.

Gu along!”

“Definitely! There are two seats for the interview! President Gu will definitely accept the interview with Mrs.


Weve already prepared the questions.

We must seize the opportunity this time!”

“I think someones here!” someone exclaimed.

Everyone rushed over with their equipment, but it was not Mrs.

Gu or President Gu.

Instead, it was a young and beautiful woman and two old people.

Just as the reporters were about to ask who this person was, the woman said gently, “Hello, reporters.

Im Xia Mengyan.

Behind me is my grandparents.”

Xia Mengyan

Everyone suddenly reacted.

Wasnt the hottest news on the internet recently about the marriage contract The main characters of this matter were Xia Mengyan and Qiao Xi.

Now that Xia Mengyan was here to attend the banquet, it was unknown what sparks would fly when the love rivals met.


Just then, Gu Zheng got out of the car.

Song Shijing came to welcome him with his bodyguards.


Qiao Xi stuck her head out of the car.

“So many reporters!”

Song Shijing replied, “Yes, the president only accepts interviews at this time every year, so all reporters will rush over to get first-hand news.”

Just as Qiao Xi was about to get out of the car, Song Shiyu rushed over.

“President, I need you to handle a document.

Im sorry for having to take a few minutes of your time.”

Gu Zheng turned around and said softly to Qiao Xi, “Wait for me.

Ill be right back.”

When facing Qiao Xi, the usually cold and murderous Gu Zheng was always so gentle.

The higher-ups of Gu Corporation were dumbfounded when they saw this.

After a long time, they realized that the man in front of them was indeed their president.

Qiao Xi smiled and nodded.

“Work is important.

You can go first.”

Gu Zheng left with Song Shiyu to handle his work.

The gentleness in his eyes dissipated instantly, replaced by coldness and dignity.

He had once again returned to being the all-powerful leader of Gu Corporation.

On the other hand, the reporters were still interviewing Xia Mengyan.

“Miss Xia, everyone knows that President Gu will be bringing Mrs.

Gu to the banquet, but why are you here too Arent the two of you…”

When Qiao Xi heard this, she abruptly turned around and saw a group of reporters surrounding a few people.

They were like a group of bugs hovering over a lightbulb.

She focused her gaze and saw that the woman standing at the door and being interviewed was actually Xia Mengyan! However, Xia Mengyan was sitting at the interview spot that was originally prepared for her and Gu Zheng.

It seemed that Xia Mengyan was not here for the interview but to declare her sovereignty.

At this moment, the reporters were asking Xia Mengyan many questions.

She was not impatient and answered everything gently.

She avoided answering the questions about Qiao Xi.

“Miss Xia, can you respond to the rumors online I heard that Mrs.

Gu stole your engagement.

Is this the truth or a rumor”

As soon as the reporter asked the question, the entire venue was silent.

Everyone was very curious about this matter, but no one dared to offend her.

They could only ask indirectly in hopes of getting useful information, but Xia Mengyan always avoided those questions.

Now that someone had asked the question directly, everyone looked at Xia Mengyan curiously.

Xia Mengyan was stunned for a few seconds, then she smiled helplessly.

“Since everyone knows, theres nothing to hide.

Its indeed true.”

The reporters instantly went crazy and leaned forward to ask, “So youre the one whos engaged to President Gu, Miss Xia.

If she hadnt acted first, youd be Mrs.

Gu now!”

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