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Chapter 920: Good LuckTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiao Xis inbox and the comment section were filled with curses from many netizens.

She was occupying the trending list when she suddenly received a call from the Xia family.

“Xi Xi, you know everything, right Grandpa and I really didnt do it on purpose.

We didnt expect to be recorded by those reporters.

Im sorry…” Xia Mengyans voice was filled with guilt.

Qiao Xi was silent for a few seconds before she suddenly sneered.

“You didnt do it on purpose”

“Xi Xi, actually, the engagement—”

Qiao Xi interrupted Xia Mengyan coldly.

“That engagement was set by my mother and Madam Lu Qingyun, the matriarch of the Gu family.

Because my mother is from the Xia family and youre the daughter of the Xia family, you think this engagement should be yours, right”

When Xia Mengyan heard Qiao Xis words, her heart suddenly tightened.

However, there was no marriage contract.

It was impossible to find out who the marriage was supposed to be for.

As long as the Xia family insisted that the marriage contract was hers, no matter how Qiao Xi explained it, no one would believe her.

The seeds of doubt would germinate in everyones hearts.

At that time, Qiao Xi would be pointed at no matter where she went.

The engagement was a verbal agreement between Xia Yunqiu and Lu Qingyun.

There was no substantial evidence.

Moreover, the two of them were already dead.

Xia Mengyan did not hope for everyone to criticize Qiao Xi.

It was enough as long as someone doubted her.

Xia Mengyan smiled proudly but pretended to be sad.

“Xi Xi, Im really sorry.

I didnt want to ruin your reputation, and Ive been restraining myself, but you clearly did something wrong.

Why dont you have any regrets”

Qiao Xi replied indifferently, “Oh!”

“Xi Xi, do you know that Gu Corporation is holding a banquet Most of the people in high society have received invitations.

The Xia family has also received an invitation.

President Gu is willing to give the Xia family an invitation, which means that he doesnt hate the Xia family very much.

I hope you can put aside your past misunderstandings and get along well with us.”

Qiao Xi looked at the news on the screen.

Gu Zheng invited the Xia family to the banquet not because he had already forgiven them but because he had other plans.

“Xi Xi, my grandparents and I will be attending this banquet.

Will you be angry I really dont want to ruin the relationship between you couple!”

Hearing Xia Mengyans words, Qiao Xi instantly understood.

Xia Mengyan was not calling to apologize to her.

She was clearly here to show off.

She thought that she had already caught Gu Zhengs eye, so she ran in front of her, Mrs.

Gu, to show off.


“Your legs belong to you.

Where you go has nothing to do with us.

I wish you good luck!” Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully, then hung up.

Wish her good luck Xia Mengyan was stunned for a few seconds.

Why did she feel slightly uneasy Could it be that Qiao Xi had a plan Or was she deliberately scaring them

Xia Mengyan looked at the invitation in her hand and thought that Qiao Xi must be unwilling, so she deliberately said that.

She turned to look at Xia Cheng, her eyes filled with dejection.

“Grandpa, Cousin still blames me.”

Old Madam Xia shouted fiercely, “What right does she have to blame you This marriage agreement is yours! Xia Yunqius surname is Xia, so the marriage agreement she set must be for the eldest daughter of the Xia family! How could it be for that wild girl, Qiao Xi Moreover, Xia Yunqiu is already dead.

The marriage agreement should be decided by us.

That wretched girl, Qiao Xi, actually made the decision to snatch your marriage agreement!”

Old Madam Xia smiled proudly.

Throughout the years, she had climbed from a down-and-out daughter to the position of the mistress of the Xia family.

Could it be that she could not deal with Qiao Xi Even if the Yin family made the decision for Qiao Xi, they would not be able to prove who this marriage contract belonged to.

They could even accuse the Yin family of bullying others.

So what if Yin Lianxin married Xia Cheng back then In the end, she still ended up getting a divorce.

Even her own daughter, Xia Yunlou, had abandoned her.

“Mengyan, look at the situation online.

Everyone is speaking up for you.

No one believes Qiao Xi at all.

She hasnt appeared to explain herself until now, so itll be hard to explain things in the future.”

The corners of Xia Mengyans mouth curled into a smile.

It was not that Qiao Xi did not want to explain, but she could not explain at all.

Who would believe her without any evidence

Suddenly, Old Madam Xia frowned and asked, “Theres another important matter.

Do you know the whereabouts of the divine physician”

Xia Mengyan shook her head and said helplessly, “Theres still no news.

I heard that the descendant of the divine physician doesnt care about money.

He decides who to treat based on his mood, but no one else can treat your and Grandpas illness.

We can only continue to wait.”

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