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Chapter 907: The Person In Her DreamTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After everyone finished their work, it was already 10 oclock when they walked out of the company.

Although it was early spring, the night was still very cold.

The cold wind blew.

Qiao Xi wrapped her coat tightly around her body when she suddenly heard footsteps behind her.

Gu Zheng was wearing a black jacket and held a white windbreaker in his hand.

His deep eyes swept over the thin suit Qiao Xi was wearing, then he draped the windbreaker in his hand over her and asked softly, “Are you cold”

“Yes, its fortunate that youre here.” Qiao Xi buttoned up the windbreaker and waved goodbye to Li Jiang.

At this moment, there were only the two of them at the door.

Qiao Xi looked at the neon lights in the distance and took a deep breath.

“When I founded Qingfeng, I always thought that Heavenly Voice was my greatest rival.

I didnt expect that one day, the two companies would merge and I would even become the president.”

Gu Zheng pulled her into his arms, his warm chest transmitting warmth to her.

Then, he held her hand and got into the car.

“Heavenly Voice was originally a company under Gu Corporation, so you have to go to Gu Corporations headquarters tomorrow to sign some documents.”

Qiao Xi nodded and leaned against his shoulder tiredly before closing her eyes.

20 minutes later, Song Shiyu parked the car at the entrance of Longwan Residential.

He had just turned around to ask the president and Young Madam to get out of the car when he saw Gu Zheng hugging Young Madam.

The president signaled at him to not make a sound.

It turned out that Young Madam was already asleep.

Song Shiyu quickly got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat.

Gu Zheng carefully carried Qiao Xi out, and the two of them went upstairs.

Qiao Xis mind was heavy.

There seemed to be someone standing in front of her.

That persons voice was very familiar, and it sounded like the Gu Zheng she remembered from her childhood.

His tone was equally calm, but it carried a trace of immaturity.

She wanted to see the person before her clearly, but her vision was blurry.

No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to approach him.

She tried to use all her strength.

Just as she was about to approach that person, she heard a mature mans voice.

“Xi Xi”

Qiao Xi abruptly opened her eyes and gasped for breath.

Gu Zhengs deep eyes were filled with gentleness.

He reached out to grab a tissue and gently wiped the sweat off her forehead.

His voice was low and magnetic.

“What did you dream of”

Qiao Xi shook her head.

“Its nothing.

I just feel a little hot.”


Gu Zheng knew that she had something on her mind, but he did not continue asking.

He naturally changed the topic.

“I heard that youve been playing games with Gu Yao recently What game is it”

Qiao Xi was stunned for a moment and gritted her teeth.

That b*tch Song Shiyu must have told Gu Zheng.

She smiled and shook her head.

“No! Im very busy with work.

How could I have time to play games You must have heard wrongly.”

Seeing her guilty look, Gu Zheng could not help but smile.

“I didnt say I wouldnt let you play.

You dont have to rush to deny it.”

As a top hacker, he had naturally come into contact with competitive games.

He had also watched professional competitions.

There were many professional players in Stars.

He knew that Qiao Xi liked to play games, but she usually played with others and never teamed up with him.

Gu Zheng stroked Qiao Xis cheek.

“I want to play with you.”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes in surprise.

“Forget it.

Those games dont have much technical content.

Theyre meaningless to you.”

Gu Zheng smiled.

Ordinary competitive games did not interest top hackers like him, but if it was with Mrs.

Gu, he would be very interested in playing.

He asked, “Youre also a top hacker.

Why do you like to play that game, then And you even play with Gu Yao.”

Qiao Xi was stunned for a few seconds.

Why did she feel that these words were laced with a little jealousy

She hurriedly explained, “Gu Yao and I play the same game, but the difference in our levels is too big.

We cant play together, so we play by ourselves.”

Gu Zheng instantly understood.

It turned out that Gu Yaos rank was too low and he could not form a team with Qiao Xi, so he could only watch Qiao Xi fight in the game while expressing his admiration for her.

Qiao Xi yawned, and her eyes were slightly sore.

She lay lazily on the bed and said coquettishly, “Ah Zheng, Im so tired! Ill sleep first.

Wake me up in the morning.

I still have documents to handle.”

Gu Zheng covered her up with the blanket and said gently, “Sleep well.

Ill help you handle the documents.”

After Qiao Xi fell asleep, Gu Zheng picked up her phone.

He had just unlocked the password when a game interface appeared on the screen.


Gu kept saying that she was too busy to play games, but she was clearly still playing before she fell asleep.

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