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Chapter 906: The Truth Behind The RumorsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xia Mengyan had been pampered since she was young and was the eldest daughter of the Xia family.

She was the center of attention wherever she went.

Naturally, no one would quarrel with her or hit her.

It was her first time seeing someone act as crazily as Jiang Qin.

Jiang Qin pulled her hair forcefully.

Xia Mengyan gritted her teeth in pain and ignored her image as a socialite.

She reached out and grabbed Jiang Qins hair as well.

“Youre too stupid.

Thats why you were deceived by me.

You deserve it!”

“If you hadnt said that you were the president, how could I have offended Mrs.

Gu” Jiang Qin shouted while panting.

She was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

She wished she could tear Xia Mengyan into pieces.

Xia Mengyans face was ferocious as she fought with Jiang Qin.

Coincidentally, a few people were walking over not far away.

Xia Mengyan was afraid that others would see her in a sorry state, so she shook Jiang Qin off and quickly got into the car.

“Lets go!”

After the chauffeur replied, he stepped on the accelerator and the car quickly drove away.

The window was still open, so Xia Mengyan could clearly hear their conversation.

“Shes really shameless! She pretended to be the president and even chased Mrs.

Gu away.

Shes still a noble daughter nonetheless, so how could she throw away her reputation for the position of president”

“She even said that the president of Qingfeng Entertainment is a senior.

Actually, Mrs.

Gu is only in her 20s.

Shes even a few years younger than her! She doesnt even blush when lying!”

Xia Mengyan hurriedly closed the car window, her face as dark as ink.

She clenched her fists tightly, her nails digging into her palms.

Qiao Xi! Just you wait!

After calming down, Xia Mengyan suddenly sensed that something was wrong.

Qiao Xi was chased out of the house 10 years ago.

Six years ago, she was still a child.

It was already unexpected that she was able to eat her fill and wear warm clothes.

How did she have the ability to found Qingfeng Entertainment This was impossible! Was Qingfeng Entertainment the property left to her by Xia Yunqiu Since it was left to her by Xia Yunqiu, it should belong to the Xia family!

What right did Qiao Xi have to rely on her identity as the president of Qingfeng to suppress her, the eldest daughter of the Xia family

After returning to the Xia family, Xia Mengyan sat on the sofa with messy hair.

Her eyes were red as she sobbed softly.

Xia Chengs expression was gloomy as he slammed the table.

“Qiao Xi! Shes too impudent!”

Xia Mengyans tears trickled down as she choked.

“She clearly went to the company for the handover, but she didnt tell me and made me lose my reputation in public.

Moreover, Qingfeng Entertainment was established six years ago.

At that time, she was only 13 or 14 years old.

How could she have had the ability Im guessing Qingfeng must be Aunt Yunqius inheritance.”

Xia Chengs expression changed.

“What Qingfeng is an asset Yunqiu left behind”


Xia Mengyan wiped her tears.

“Im just guessing, but this is the most reasonable possibility.

Although Aunt Yunqiu has passed away, shes still your daughter.

The assets she gave to the Qiao family were enough for the Qiao family to squander for so many years.

She must have left Xi Xi a lot of assets too, so I think Qingfeng Entertainment was also one of Aunt Yunqius assets.”

Xia Chengs gaze was cold.

Their Xia family did not even have such a huge entertainment company, yet Xia Yunqiu actually handed the company to a teenage girl

“Yunqiu is my daughter, and Xi Xi is my granddaughter.

If you have time, get her to come home for a meal.

Coincidentally, we should look into Yunqius assets.

If shes really unwilling to interact with the Xia family, then the assets that belong to the Xia family should be returned.”

Xia Mengyan revealed a victorious smile.

Since she could not deal with Qiao Xi, she would let her grandfather deal with her!

Heavenly Voice and Qingfeng were being merged.

Qiao Xi and Li Jiang were so busy that they did not even have time to eat.

Many things had to be dealt with immediately before the company could continue operating.

Everyone was only done at nine at night.

The news of the two companies merging instantly spread throughout the internet.

The artists in the company also reposted the news on Weibo.

Netizens commented: [When President Gu attended the annual meeting of Heavenly Voice Entertainment, he said that Heavenly Voice was for a friend and it would be returned to that person one day.]

[I heard that the new president has already taken over.

Who is it]

[The president is Mrs.

Gu! Heavenly Voice is a gift from President Gu to Mrs.


The two of them have known each other for many years.

Theyre really too loving!]

[Love But someone exposed President Gus affair yesterday!]

[I finally understand why President Gu didnt come forward to explain yesterday.

Its because after the merger of Heavenly Voice and Qingfeng, all the rumors will be proven to be unfounded.

If President Gu really wanted to abandon Mrs.

Gu, why would he give Heavenly Voice to her If it werent for the fact that he really liked her, President Gu wouldnt have founded Heavenly Voice Entertainment at all!]

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