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Qiaos voice was very loud.

Even if Gu Zheng was not deliberately trying to eavesdrop, he could still hear it clearly.

Gu Zheng pointed at the phone.

“Do you need my help”

Qiao Xi shook her head.

“Theres no need for you to make an appearance for such a small matter.”

She knew that Mr.

Qiao did not believe that she could marry herself off within a day.

Of course, she did not need him to believe her either.

Putting away her phone, Qiao Xi seemed to have thought of something and raised her eyebrows at Gu Zheng.

“If you want to help me, why dont you help me with another matter”

Gu Zheng alertly caught the change in Qiao Xis gaze.

He turned around without hesitation.

“Not gonna help you anymore.”

Qiao Xi muttered in a low voice.

She had to go to the hospital later to face the Qiao family and that scumbag, Gu Moling.

Hence, she wanted to recharge and taste something sweet.

Hearing the muttering behind him, Gu Zheng turned around and raised his hand.

He placed his slender and strong fingers on Qiao Xis mouth.

A hint of sweet taste spread from where the fingers touched.

Qiao Xis eyes curved into crescents as she smiled with extreme satisfaction.

Gu Zheng flung his hands and hurried down the stairs.

He must be out of his mind to do what he did just now!

Qiao Rou lay on the bed with a pale face.

“Dad, Mom, Sister didnt push me on purpose.

It was all my fault.

Dont be angry.”

“Why are you still speaking up for her at a time like this Do you know what youve lost!” Mr.

Qiao was upset that she was not fighting back.

“Thats a child of the Gu family, the great-grandchild of our family!”

Xu Mei was crying at the side.

“My poor daughter, what sins have we committed that my daughter is suffering such a calamity Its all Qiao Xis fault, its all Qiao Xis fault!”

“Youre blaming me I think you should blame yourself for your sins.”

A female voice interrupted Xu Meis complaints.

Qiao Xi lazily leaned against the door of the ward and glanced at Qiao Rous pale face with a smile.

Qiao Rou shivered for some reason and said in a shaky voice, “Sister, when did you come Dont mind what Mom said just now.

Shes just too sad and spouted nonsense… I-I dont mean to blame you.

Maybe its because the child and I arent blessed enough, so he had to leave me…”

She stroked her belly, tears streaming down her face.

Those who heard her would be heartbroken and shed tears.

As soon as Xu Mei saw Qiao Xi, she was unable to suppress the flames of rage in her heart.

“You still dare to come Youre the culprit who killed my grandson! Ill make you pay with your life!”

She raised her hand and pounced toward Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi swept her foot, and the wooden chair blocked Xu Meis path.

Qiao Xis expression was cold as she said, “Dont say such nasty words to me the moment I arrive.

Whether or not I killed your grandson still needs to be investigated.”

Qiao Rous eyes were filled with tears.

She first looked at Qiao Xi accusingly, then bit her lip in a grievance.

“Sister is right.

She wasnt the one who caused my childs death.

Dad, Mom, lets just let this matter go, okay Were a family.

I hope our family can be harmonious.

As long as Sister is happy, Im fine…”

As she spoke, she forcefully held back her tears and turned her head to the side.

“Actually, its quite good that the child is gone.

At least in the future, Sister can be with Brother Moling without any worries… I-I wish Sister and Brother Moling a happy marriage.”

Qiao Xi seriously admired Qiao Rous performance.

With such realistic acting skills, it was no wonder that she was able to trick her into running in circles.

Like a fool, Qiao Xi thought that she had been living a good life before this.


Qiao was furious, but his heart ached for Qiao Rou.

He could only vent all his anger on Qiao Xi.

“Look at the difference between your sister and yourself! No wonder you came from the countryside! Youre selfish to your bone! Is the marriage contract that important So important that you dont even want your family Your sister and Gu Moling are childhood sweethearts and have been in a relationship for so many years.

Do you really have to interfere Ive made a decision.

Youll let your sister marry Gu Moling as compensation!”

Qiao Xi shook her finger.

“That wont do.”

“Qiao Xi, are you trying to force Rou Rou to a dead end She has already lost her child.

Are you going to make her lose her lover How can you be so vicious!” Xu Mei broke down and shouted.

On the hospital bed, Qiao Rou bit her lip and cried silently.

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curved into a mocking arc.

“Qiao Rou, how long are you going to pretend for Do you feel a sense of accomplishment watching your mother and father go crazy for you”

Qiao Rou was stunned.

“Sister, what are you talking about I-I dont understand…”

Qiao Xi chuckled.

“Looks like you wont shed a tear until you see the coffin”

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