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Qiao Xis gaze turned cold.

“Let go! Dont make me repeat myself.”

Yu Manting did not notice Qiao Xis gaze that was gradually turning cold at all.

“You b*tch! How dare you seduce my man! Did you sleep with him B*tch! Ill kill you!”

Qiao Xi felt a dull pain in her wrist.

It turned out that Yu Manting wanted to forcefully snatch the jade bracelet from her wrist.

This kind of bracelet was tight to the wrist, and forcefully taking it off would hurt the skin.

“Youre courting death!” Qiao Xis gaze sank, and her entire body emitted a chill as she abruptly grabbed Yu Mantings hands.

Yu Mantings eyes almost popped out as she muttered, “Take it off! Youre not worthy of wearing this bracelet.

Its mine!”

Soon, the commotion in the private room attracted the attention of the people outside.

The manager rushed over and exclaimed when he saw Yu Manting, “So its Miss Yu!”

Yu Mantings hair was stuck to her face, and her clothes were dirty.

She looked disheveled as she pointed at Qiao Xi and roared, “This woman stole my bracelet and even splashed coffee on me! Get her to apologize to me immediately and give me the bracelet!”

The manager looked at Qiao Xi, who was sitting on the sofa.

He only felt that she looked a little familiar.

He did not know her identity, but Yu Manting was a socialite from Luo City.

Although she had just arrived in Li City, she was not someone he could offend.

Hence, he immediately walked in front of Qiao Xi and said unhappily, “Miss, please return the bracelet to her immediately.”

Qiao Xi glanced indifferently at the manager and grunted coldly.

“Lets check the surveillance footage and see who snatched whose bracelet.”

There were indeed surveillance cameras in the private room.

The manager looked at Yu Mantings expression and knew that this eldest miss was definitely not in the right.

No matter who stole whose things, the bracelet could only belong to Miss Yu.

Otherwise, she would not let the matter go.

The manager immediately put on a serious expression.

“Why go through so much trouble Before the matter blows up, return the bracelet to Miss Yu immediately.

Otherwise, youll be the one losing face in the end.”

Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes.

She did not expect the manager of a Western restaurant under Gu Corporation to actually be such a petty person who did not know right from wrong and bullied the weak.

She glanced coldly at Yu Manting.

She had never seen someone so self-righteous when snatching someone elses things.

The Xia family was really good at choosing people.

They chose the most unbearable person from so many daughters.

Seeing that the manager was speaking up for her, Yu Manting became even more arrogant.

She said in a commanding tone, “Little b*tch! Return the bracelet to me!”

Seeing that Qiao Xi was not moving, the manager was about to snatch it from her in order to please Yu Manting.

However, before he could approach Qiao Xi, the door was suddenly pushed open.

“Lets see who dares to touch her.” A cold male voice sounded in everyones ears, causing them to tremble.

The manager was about to turn around and scold,Whos so blind When he turned around, he met those deep and cold eyes.

He instantly broke out in a cold sweat.



Yin Jingtings face darkened as his cold gaze landed on the manager.

“What are you doing”

The manager was so scared that his entire body trembled.

The person in front of him was the next head of the Yin family.

Now that this man was in charge of the Yin familys company in Shengdu, offending Yin Jingting was equivalent to going against the entire Yin family.

During this period of time, Yu Manting had been so arrogant because she was the granddaughter-in-law recognized by Yin Jingtings grandfather.

Although Yin Jingting had not been in contact with the Xia family all these years, he was Old Master Xias biological grandson, after all.

He could not disobey his elders, so he continued to endorse Yu Manting as his future granddaughter-in-law.

Seeing Yin Jingtings dark face, the manager explained while trembling, “Mr.

Yin, this woman stole Miss Yus belongings.

Im just getting the item back for her.”

Yin Jingting looked at Qiao Xi, who was sitting on the sofa.

His expression gradually softened.

However, when he looked at the manager again, his expression returned to being cold.

“What did she snatch”

The manager pointed at the bracelet on Qiao Xis wrist.

“This bracelet.

Miss Yu said its hers.”

Qiao Xi looked at Yin Jingting.

He exuded the aura of a king.

After not seeing him for a while, this cousin of hers seemed to have become more mature.

His tone was indifferent.

“What evidence do you have to prove that she stole it”

The managers forehead was covered in sweat as he trembled in fear.

“Miss Yu is a rich young miss.

How could she malign this young lady Moreover, this bracelet looks expensive.

Only someone of her status is qualified to wear it.”

“Youre saying that Miss Qiao isnt qualified to wear it” Before Yin Jingting could finish, another male voice came from the door.

Only then did Qiao Xi notice that there was a young man behind Yin Jingting.

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