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Chapter 883: The Well-Chosen Fiancee

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Qiao Xis eyes turned cold as she forcefully broke free from Yu Mantings hand.

Then she pushed her hard.

Yu Manting screamed and almost fell.

She roared crazily, “B*tch! What method did you use to make him give you the bracelet No wonder youre occupying this private room.

Youre here to show off! Quickly take it off.

This bracelet is mine!”

Yu Mantings face was pale as she panted heavily.

She had followed Yin Jingting to Shengdu from Luo City, and now, she was in Li City.

However, Yin Jingting did not even bother to look at her, much less give her the jade bracelet that represented the Yin familys direct descendants.

She did not expect this bracelet to appear in the hands of another woman.

This woman was so seductive.

She must have seduced Brother Jingting!

Anger burned in Yu Mantings heart.

She was the future young madam of the Yin family whom Brother Jingtings grandfather had decided on.

Who was this woman What right did she have to wear the jade bracelet!

At this moment, her eyes were filled with anger.

She snorted in disdain.

“I admit that youre quite good-looking, but Im warning you now.

Brother Jingting is my fiance.

If you dare to seduce him, Ill definitely not let you off!”

With that, she waved at the other women.

“All of you, attack and snatch my bracelet back!”

Qiao Xi had a confused expression.

Who wasBrother Jingting Did she know him

Yu Mantings friends walked toward Qiao Xi with unfriendly gazes and mocked, “Where did this little vixen come from! How dare you take our Ting Tings things! I advise you to quickly hand over the bracelet so that you dont suffer later.

Dont think that just because Young Master Yin dotes on you now, you can fool around in front of him.

The future young madam of the Yin family can only be Ting Ting!”

“Youre overestimating yourself! You want to be a princess Why dont you look in the mirror and see if youre worthy! Hurry up and give the bracelet to Tingting.

Dont force us to attack!”

When she heard a few of them sayYoung Master Yin, Qiao Xi finally realized that it was her cousin, Yin Jingting! After all, he also had an identical bracelet.

So, this woman in front of her was one of the blind dates Old Master Xia had arranged for her cousin

Qiao Xi looked at everyone with disdain and sneered.

“Miss Yu, dont you have any manners”

Yu Manting was furious.

She shouted with widened eyes, “Who are you calling rude! You b*tch, how dare you speak to me like this!”

Qiao Xi replied casually, “Miss Yu, you forcefully barged into my private room, and you even intend to snatch my bracelet.

How should I speak to you I think Ive already shown you enough respect.”

Was this the fiancee the Xia family had carefully selected The Xia family was really harming many people!

“You sharp-tongued b*tch! Youre just relying on your good looks! How can you compare to me Brother Jingting is just temporarily bewitched by you.

Hell realize my true value sooner or later!”

She was the fiancee recognized by Yin Jingtings grandfather.

When she became the young madam of the Yin family, everyone would look up to her with envy.

However, this woman had seduced Brother Ting.

No wonder Brother Jingting did not return to Shengdu.

It turned out that he was tied down by this b*tch.

Yu Mantings face was filled with resentment.

She picked up the coffee on the coffee table and was about to splash it at Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi had already predicted her movements and quickly reversed the situation.

The cup of rich coffee spilled all over Yu Mantings body, and her white clothes were covered in brown coffee stains.

Everyone exclaimed and hurriedly wiped the coffee off Yu Mantings body with a tissue.

“Ting Ting, did you get scalded!”

“B*tch! You dare to splash coffee on Ting Ting Do you know how much Ting Tings clothes are worth Even if you sell yourself, it wont be enough for you to compensate!”

The makeup on Yu Mantings face was already ruined as she glared at Qiao Xi with a ferocious expression.

“Ah!!! B*tch! Kneel down and apologize immediately! Otherwise, Ill absolutely not let you off!”

Qiao Xi was unwilling to pay attention to this group of women and still sat on the chair as if this group of people did not exist.

Her indifferent appearance angered Yu Manting even more.

She gnashed her teeth in anger.

“If youre not going to apologize, then give me the bracelet! Take it off immediately!”

From the moment Yu Manting saw the bracelet on Qiao Xis wrist, she was unable to control the anger in her heart.

She wished for nothing more than to rush over and scratch Qiao Xis perfect face.

She rushed over and tightly grabbed Qiao Xis wrist, causing Qiao Xis delicate skin to turn red.

“Tell me! What method did you use to get Brother Jingting to give you the bracelet! You mistress! Do you know that Im Brother Jingtings fiancee!”

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