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Tang Ruges lips trembled.

She wanted to say something but could not.

How could her mother be so rash as to say what was on her mind!

Everyone below the stage was furious.

“You keep saying that human trafficking is a good thing, but youre unwilling to let Tang Ruge go.

A scourge like her should be sent as far away as possible, lest she harms Li City!”

These angry roars scared Madam Tang so much that her legs went weak.

She broke down and shouted, “No! I cant send my daughter away! She doesnt belong in that dirty place.

I sent other women there to train! Its for their own good!”

Qiao Xis entire body emitted killing intent.

This was the first time she revealed her killing intent in front of everyone.

For the sake of reaping benefits, the Tang family kidnapped women and children, bringing them to a desolate place.

They abused, beat, and insulted the victims.

That abandoned warehouse had destroyed many women in their prime and taken away many lives.

Even now, the Tang family did not feel guilty at all.

They even thought that they were doing good deeds.

[The Tang family is simply crazy.

The internet says that Tang Daweis brother and sister-in-law who died in a car accident seven years ago were killed by the Tang family because they were unwilling to cooperate with Old Master Tang in the human trafficking business.]

[Thats Old Master Tangs biological son! He actually steeled his heart to kill his own son Are the Tang family members even worthy of being humans at this point Theyre simply demons! Even a vicious tiger wont eat its cubs.

In order to earn money, the old master actually killed his own son.

Such a person is actually still alive]

[14 years ago, Tang Yan realized that Old Master Tang was doing illegal business.

However, at that time, he did not know what Old Master Tang was doing.

Later on, he accidentally heard Old Master Tang on a call and found out what they were doing behind the scenes.

From then on, Tang Yan began to stop Old Master Tang from taking action.

In the end, Old Master Tang killed his biological son.

[After Tang Yan and his wife died, Old Master Tang even chased away their children and made Tang Da the heir of the Tang family.

The couple listened to Old Master Tang very well and continued the human trafficking business with him.

They also gave birth to a daughter like Tang Ruge whos as vicious as a snake!]

Someone posted the details of the matter online.

At this moment, everyone looked at the Tang family as if they were looking at a pile of smelly trash.

Everyone understood why Qiao Xi was so triggered.

[Miss Fu Sheng was also kidnapped by the Tang family.

She must have seen the women and children who were kidnapped.

Thats why she got so angry and strangled Tang Ruge.]

Someone in the banquet hall suddenly shouted in horror, “Miss Fu Sheng, Tang Ruge is about to die! Let go!”

Qiao Xi came back to her senses.

Tang Ruges face was already purple, and she could not help but stick out her tongue.

Qiao Xi loosened her grip a little, and Tang Ruge immediately gasped crazily.

However, the moment Qiao Xi closed her eyes, her mind was filled with the helpless cries of those women and children who were covered in injuries.

Their clothes were tattered and covered in blood.

Their wounds were already slightly festering.

They were all hiding in the dark, their eyes filled with horror.

She did not know that there was such a dark place in this world, but it did exist and she could not get it out of her mind.

Suddenly, Qiao Xis wrist tightened.

Tang Ruge suddenly stopped breathing and struggled with both hands.

Qiao Xis eyes were bloodshot as hatred filled her mind, causing her to gradually lose her mind.

There was only one thought in her mind, and that was to kill Tang Ruge.

Suddenly, a cold male voice came from behind her.

Then, a pair of warm hands covered her eyes and stroked her gently.

The other hand went past her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

Gu Zhengs gentle voice caused Qiao Xi to gradually recover her rationality.

He gently pulled away Qiao Xis hand that was grabbing Tang Ruges throat and whispered in her ear, “Xi Xi, the Tang family will receive the punishment they deserve.

You dont have to dirty your hands.”

Qiao Xis blood-red eyes gradually recovered their clarity.

She blinked and slowly turned around after a moment.

She looked at the handsome man in front of her and nodded.

At this moment, Tang Ruge was holding her neck and panting heavily.

Her body could not help but tremble.

For a moment, she almost thought that she was about to die.

The Tang family was destroyed, and no one could protect her anymore.

She fell to the floor, her body limp.

She had no strength at all as if she had already become a corpse.

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