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“Actually, you dont know anything about music at all.

You just want to use Fu Shengs identity to pursue fame and fortune.

You even claim to be the top socialite in the capital.

If socialites have no bottom line like you, thats really too sad!”

Wen Lai reprimanded mercilessly.

Tang Ruges face alternated between red and white.

She wished she could faint immediately to avoid losing her reputation in front of everyone.

“Madam Wen Lai! How can you say that!” Madam Tang said unhappily, “Although my daughter isnt the real Fu Sheng, she has good intentions.

She did all this for Fu Shengs sake!”

“Heh! For Fu Shengs own good She occupied Fu Shengs identity and spread rumors to frame her so that shed be cursed by everyone, but youre saying your daughter did all that for Fu Shengs own good”

Wen Lais gaze suddenly turned sharp.

“Xu Da, as a guest presenter of Planet Music Festival, you were actually bewitched by an impostor and even publicized the matter of the zither.

Is this what you should do as a senior in the industry”

Xu Da was embarrassed.

How could he have thought that the eldest daughter of the Tang family was an impostor

When Tang Ruge heard Madam Wen Lais words, she had a bad feeling.

Zither Rumor Every word seemed to explain one thing.

“Im afraid everyone here still doesnt know who the real Fu Sheng is,” Wen Lai suddenly said, her eyes filled with a mocking smile.

“Its only right for Fu Sheng to bid for the ancient zither.

The impostor, Tang Ruge, pretended to be aggrieved and shed a few tears in public, yet countless people stood up for her.

Did you accept the Tang familys money or were you bewitched by Tang Ruge How could you let the real winner of the gold award suffer such grievances”

Xu Das legs went weak as they trembled.

“I… I didnt.”

“Even if you didnt accept the Tang familys money, youre so stupid and cant read people.

Youre not worthy to be a guest presenter for Planet Music Festival.

Youre fired!”

Xu Das face was pale.

He never expected to be fired just because he spoke up for Tang Ruge.

The consequences of being fired by Madam Wen Lai were very serious.

From now on, he would not be able to step into the music industry again.

Tang Ruge lowered her head and pondered over Wen Lais words.

She could not help but tremble as fear surged in her heart.

“Miss Tang, do you know who the real Fu Sheng is now” Wen Lai looked at Tang Ruge with eyes full of ridicule.

After a moment, she chuckled and turned to look at Qiao Xi.

“Youre already standing in front of her, yet you can still casually spout nonsense about Fu Sheng being dead.

Ive learned something today.

This capitals top socialite is an utter disgrace!”

These words were like a thunderclap that exploded in the surroundings.

The gazes of everyone descended onto Qiao Xi, yet Qiao Xi didnt feel uncomfortable in the slightest.

Instead, she raised her eyes indifferently and confidently while releasing her aura.

The entire venue was in an uproar.

“Qiao Xi is actually Fu Sheng Tang Ruge was so arrogant in front of the main character just now!”

“Tang Ruge pretended to know Fu Sheng and took over her identity.

Who knew that the real Fu Sheng was standing in front of her How laughable!”

Everyones mocking words entered Tang Ruges ears.

Her mind buzzed, and the blood in her body seemed to have frozen.

In the end, she collapsed onto the chair.

Qiao Xi was Fu Sheng Impossible!

The netizens in the live-stream gradually went crazy: [I feel embarrassed for Tang Ruge.

She pretended to be Fu Sheng and even pretended in front of the real Fu Sheng.]

[No wonder Qiao Xi could confirm that Tang Ruge was an impostor.

Qiao Xi was giving Tang Ruge a chance, but she just refused to admit her mistake and kept lying.]

[Wow! Fu Sheng is too awesome! Shes talented and so beautiful.

Shes a thousand times more outstanding than Tang Ruge.

How does that woman have the cheek to slander Fu Sheng!]

The live-stream was filled with curses.

Everyone present could not suppress the anger in their hearts and clamored to chase the Tang family out.

Ever since Tang Dawei became the head of the family, Madam Tang could straighten her back no matter where she went.

This was the first time she was so embarrassed after so many years.

She wished she could find a hole to hide in.

Wen Lai looked at Tang Ruge in disgust.

“Miss Tang, youre really shameless.

Are you still unwilling to leave at a time like this”

“I… I…” Tang Ruges body trembled violently as tears trickled down her face.

She stammered, “I always thought that Fu Sheng had already passed away.

I just couldnt bear to see her songs be buried like that, so… I pretended to be her to participate in the competition.

I didnt know that Qiao Xi was Fu Sheng at all.

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