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“Miss Tang, even if you wanted to make her songs known, you didnt have to participate in the competition.

If youre really Fu Shengs friend, you should tell everyone the true creator of these songs and not flatter yourself,” Qiao Xi said casually.

Tang Ruge had already lost her mind.

She shouted in exasperation, “I did this to fulfill Fu Shengs last wish.

Shes already dead.

If it werent for me, so many people wouldnt have heard her songs.

She wouldnt have won the gold award for Planet Music Festival either.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the originally calm live-stream was instantly filled with curses.

[Has this persons brain been kicked by a donkey Even if Fu Sheng gave her songs to Tang Ruge before she died, it doesnt mean that she can occupy Fu Shengs identity! She did such a shameful thing, yet she still thinks shes in the right]

[At first, when she was exposed for pretending to be Fu Sheng, she refused to admit it.

Now that the matter was exposed, shes saying that its to fulfill Fu Shengs last wish.

I dont think Tang Ruge is telling the truth! How could Fu Sheng be friends with someone like her!]

Tang Ruge looked at the curses in the live broadcast, and her body swayed violently as if she would fall if the wind blew.

She clenched her fists tightly, and her sharp nails dug into her palms, drawing blood.

She abruptly raised her eyes and glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

She gritted her teeth and said, “This was Fu Shengs last wish.

I was her only friend, so I have the responsibility to help her fulfill her last wish.

What right do you people, who dont know Fu Sheng, have to point fingers here!”

Everyone lowered their heads and did not retort.

They had indeed never seen Fu Sheng before.

If this was indeed Fu Shengs last wish, Tang Ruge did not seem to have done anything wrong.

“Miss Tang, youre really brilliant.” Qiao Xi smiled and clapped.

Everyones gazes landed on Qiao Xi, only to see her crescent-shaped eyes narrow as she said meaningfully, “Unfortunately, Fu Sheng isnt dead!”

It was silent, deathly silent.

Everyones breathing stopped, and their eyes widened.

Their shocked gazes shifted between Qiao Xi and Tang Ruge.

Tang Ruge abruptly raised her eyes and was unable to control the anger in her heart anymore.

She roared with all her might.

“Qiao Xi! What nonsense are you talking about! Fu Sheng is clearly dead!”

Fu Sheng had stopped logging into her account a few years ago.

Moreover, Tang Ruge had been participating in the competition as Fu Sheng for so long.

If Fu Sheng was still alive, how could she be indifferent about it Moreover, she had already gotten Dark Net to investigate Fu Shengs identity.

The other party said that they had already investigated and found no such person.

“Who said Fu Sheng is dead”

Suddenly, the door of the banquet hall slowly opened, and a woman in her 60s walked in.

She was elegant and dressed exquisitely.

She walked in front of everyone steadily.

The moment this woman appeared, all the musicians present erupted.

They stood up and bowed.

“Its Madam Wen Lai!”

Xu Da and the other guests came forward to welcome her.

Only then did the reporters know that the elegant woman in front of them was the legendary founder of Planet Music Festival, Madam Wen Lai.

The reporters rushed forward.

“Madam Wen Lai, are you saying that Miss Fu Sheng is still alive”

Wen Lai scanned the crowd coldly.

His cold gaze finally landed on Tang Ruge, scaring her so much that her body trembled.

Her eyes were filled with panic.

“Youre the one who pretended to be Fu Sheng to participate in the competition” Wen Lai questioned mercilessly.

There was undisguised disgust in her eyes.

To her, Tang Ruge was just a clown.

Tang Ruge stood there uneasily.

Her throat seemed to be stuffed, and she could not say a word.

Wen Lais face darkened as she gradually raised her voice.

“You thought that Fu Sheng was dead, so you could pretend to be her without being exposed Unfortunately, your wishful thinking is wrong.

Fu Sheng is still alive and well in this world.

Shes younger and more beautiful than you!”

Tang Ruges face was livid.

She never expected Wen Lai to be here.

Moreover, from the sound of it, she seemed to be very familiar with Fu Sheng.

“Im not pretending to be Fu Sheng.

I just want to fulfill her last wish—”

“Shut up!” Wen Lai berated, her gaze cold and sharp.

“Do you think you can deceive me with your thoughts Miss Tang, your tricks are really laughable to me.”

Tang Ruge swallowed her words when she was interrupted.

She could not say anything else because she realized that she could not retort.

She was afraid that if Fu Sheng was really still alive and Wen Lai and Fu Sheng were very familiar with each other, her lies would all be exposed.

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