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Tang Ruge shook her head crazily, and her exquisite hair got all messy.

She choked and could not retort.

How could Qiao Xi be so kind She did not expose her in the beginning not because she wanted to save her some dignity but because she wanted to see her struggle in despair with her own eyes.

In the end, she wanted her to be hated by everyone.

Today was supposed to be the most important moment in her life.

She was going to be the most talented socialite in high society and become a goddess in everyones hearts.

However, everything was ruined by Qiao Xi.

Many of the people attending the award ceremony were noblewomen and young ladies from high society.

Madam Tang invited them because she wanted to show off how outstanding her daughter was in front of them and make those who once loo ge asked a hacker to change Fu Shengs account information.

She did this to fulfill Fu Shengs last wish.

Whats wrong with that”

Everyone stopped cursing.

If that was the case, Tang Ruge did have her reasons, but they felt that something was wrong.

Tang Ruge, who was slumped on the chair, heard these words.

Her eyes suddenly lit up with hope again.

She hurriedly stood up and wiped her tears.

She pretended to be indifferent and explained, “Thats right.

Fu Sheng was indeed my friend.

Unfortunately, she died a few years ago due to an illness.

Her only wish was for me to pass down all her songs in her place so that everyone could hear her voice.”

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes filled with doubt.

They remained silent.

“Haha.” Qiao Xi chuckled and broke the deathly silence.

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