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Qiao Xi raised her eyes and looked at Tang Ruge provocatively.

She saw that Tang Ruges face was filled with horror as she shouted in exasperation, “What nonsense are you talking about! This song was composed four years ago.

Moreover, I was sick at that time.

Whats so strange about me not remembering how many notes it has You…”

Qiao Xi held her chin and said with an innocent expression, “Miss Tang, dont be nervous.

If you have a clear conscience, you dont have to be afraid of anything.

If youre really Fu Sheng, you dont have to be nervous.”

These words were like heavy rocks that smashed into Tang Ruges heart.

She was so scared that her face turned pale.

Everyone also sensed that something was wrong.

Why was this b*tch still alive Shouldnt she have been sold to a remote mountain Why did she escape Those pieces of trash couldnt even keep an eye on a woman.

They were really useless.

“Qiao Xi, are you done!” Madam Tang, who had always been calm, was filled with anger at this moment.

She cursed, “Ruge has always treated you as a good friend, but what have you done Youre still not satisfied after snatching her belongings and you actually came to the award ceremony to make things difficult for her.

Dont you have any shame How can you be so shameless!”

The entire venue was silent.

Some thought that Madam Tang was right, while others thought that Tang Ruge was guilty.

However, no one said anything.

The netizens in the live broadcast also stopped discussing as if they were waiting for the outcome.

A moment later, the indifferent Qiao Xi suddenly chuckled.

“Miss Tang, Ive already given you a chance to admit your mistake, but you didnt cherish it.

Since thats the case, dont blame me for not showing you any respect.”

Tang Ruge had a bad feeling in her heart.

Her eyes were filled with horror and uneasiness.

She wished for nothing more than to rush over and cover Qiao Xis mouth.

Qiao Xi glanced indifferently at Tang Ruge, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

“The evidence I talked about earlier isnt just these pictures.

Theres even stronger evidence.”

The moment that was said, the expressions of everyone in the Tang family changed.

Tang Ruges body softened, and she almost fell to the floor.

Madam Tang glared at her and shouted, “No!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the banks records and their conversation appeared on the big screen.

The person who transferred the money was Tang Ruge, and the person who received the money was the leader of Dark Net, Mu Ming.

Tang Ruges request was clearly displayed in the photo.

She wanted Dark Net to change the ownership of Fu Shengs account to Tang Ruge.

Dark Net always left evidence behind when they did things.

This could not be faked at all, so this photo was enough to prove that Tang Ruge was not Fu Sheng at all.

She pulled a trick and pretended to be Fu Sheng, but she still wanted to slander Qiao Xi.

The surrounding discussion was about to drown Tang Ruge.

She found it difficult to breathe.

Her face was pale, and her body was trembling violently.

Impossible! How could Qiao Xi know about Dark Net Didnt they say that Dark Net would keep their clients confidentiality She paid them so much money, yet those people actually revealed the news to Qiao Xi

Qiao Xi glanced at Tang Ruge mockingly, then looked at Xu Da and said with a smile, “Mr.

Xu, I dont know why you were so sure that Tang Ruge was Fu Sheng.

Are you still going to give Tang Ruge the award”

Xu Da stood rooted to the ground.

At this moment, he wished for nothing more than to find a hole to hide in.

The netizens in the live-stream also went crazy.

They were as angry as they were just now.

[Tang Ruge is not Fu Sheng! Shes a complete liar!]

[I knew it.

How could someone who won the gold award for Planet Music Festival not know music! It turns out that Tang Ruge bribed a hacker to change the account information.

Shes too scheming!]

[Xu Da is really funny.

He treated Tang Ruge as a treasure, but now, hes utterly humiliated by her.]

Everyone in the banquet hall was filled with anger.

They pointed at Tang Ruge and shouted, “Youre not Fu Sheng! You liar! Wheres the real Fu Sheng Is someone like you worthy of pretending to be Fu Sheng”

Everyones curses entered Tang Ruges ears.

She retreated in fear and tripped over something, causing her to fall to the floor in a sorry state.

Embarrassment and fear engulfed her heart, almost making her faint.

She struggled to get up from the floor as her body trembled.

“Shut up! Im not lying! Im Fu Sheng!”

Everyone was stunned for a few seconds, then they were even angrier.

“You still dare to lie to us at a time like this What kind of top socialite are you Youre a scheming woman!”

“Qiao Xi had long known that she was pretending to be Fu Sheng.

On the account of their past relationship, she gave Tang Ruge a chance to admit her mistake.

However, she refused to admit it and even shamelessly attended this award ceremony.

Tang Ruge only has herself to blame for this!”

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