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Then, Qiao Xi released another music score.

It was Tang Ruges.

The handwriting on the two documents was completely different.

Everyone knew that Tang Ruge was Fu Sheng, but why was the handwriting on the two scores different

Tang Ruge originally wanted to comfort the angry Xu Da, but when she saw the enlarged photos on the screen, her expression instantly stiffened.

Her eyes then became filled with viciousness.

Her mind was blank, and time seemed to have stopped.

She could only clearly hear the sound of her own heartbeat.

It was intense and chaotic.

The entire venue was silent, but comments popped up crazily: [Wow! Its really different!]

Everyone was stunned, their eyes filled with confusion.

Tang Ruges heart instantly trembled when she saw everyones stunned expressions.

She was just about to open her mouth to change the answer when Qiao Xi spoke first, “Miss Tang, did you say there are two”

The musicians who came to attend the award ceremony discussed in low voices.

“Two Anyone who knows music would know that this song has many notes.

Its absolutely impossible for there to only be two!”

Tang Ruge heard the low discussions of the musicians around her and hurriedly said, “Its not two, its five.

I was nervous and said the wrong thing just now.

Its five!”

The moment that was said, everyone was stunned.

They were all music lovers.

Although they had not calculated how many notes there were in this song, they knew very well that there were definitely more than five.

[Does Tang Ruge really know music]

Qiao Xi chuckled.

“Miss Tang, unfortunately, you gave the wrong answer!”

Sweat trickled down Tang Ruges forehead, and her expression gradually became ferocious.

This b*tch! What right did she have to ruin her award ceremony

“Miss Tang, this song was composed four years ago by Fu Sheng.

Although it was a long time ago, how could a composer not remember their own song The chorus of this song has eight notes, so your answer is wrong.

“Did you really compose this song Why do I feel that youre not familiar with the song you composed Anyone who knows a little music knows that this song has a lot of notes, but you dont! Im really curious if its because you have a bad memory or if youre not Fu Sheng at all.”

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