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Xu Da was already angry because of Qiao Xis attitude.

Now when he saw Tang Ruge compromising, he stomped his feet in hatred.

“Youre the winner of Planet Music Festival, yet you still have to give in to her.

There arent many young people as humble and polite as you are now.”

Tang Ruge smiled and said, “I grew up in the capital.

My parents are very strict with my education.

They tell me to be humble and kind no matter what.

Its just a zither, so Ill just give it to her.”

Their conversation was secretly recorded by the reporters who came to interview them.

That night, a piece of news spread online.

The composer who won the gold award for Planet Music Festival had appeared in Li City in preparation to attend the award ceremony.

Before the award ceremony, the organizers of Planet Music Festival had to keep the winner of the gold award a secret.

This had always been the rule.

The final outcome would not be revealed until the last moment.

However, the big shots in the industry had long received the news and knew that the winner of the gold award this time was a woman called Fu Sheng.

The more mysterious it was, the more attention it attracted.

Hence, the entire internet was discussing who the winner of the gold award was.

Not long after, netizens found the account Fu Sheng had registered on a small website.

She gained millions of fans overnight.

Those with sharp eyes realized that one of the songs was very similar to a song released by the big celebrity, Xu Anran.

Coupled with the fact that Xu Anran was suddenly banned, everyone could not help but suspect that Xu Anran had plagiarized Fu Shengs work.

Fu Sheng was just a stage name.

As for this womans true identity, no one knew.

Hence, everyone started an intense discussion online.

[Previously, I didnt understand how Xu Anran suddenly disappeared, so I went to investigate.

It turns out that Xu Anran plagiarized and framed the real daughter of the Xu family with her mother.

In the end, the mother and daughter were chased out of the house.]

[Xu Anrans adoptive father, Mr.

Xu, has already cut off all ties with Xu Anran and Madam Xu.

It seems that the mother and daughter had done many shameful things behind his back!]

[Previously, Xu Anrans brainless fans were still clamoring over how their idol had released a new song.

In the end, they were slapped in the face.

Plagiarists should get out of the entertainment industry!]


While the netizens were discussing fervently, a reporter suddenly released a photo of Tang Ruge and Xu Da with the caption—

[I took a photo of Miss Tang and Mr.

Xu at the charity banquet yesterday.

Everyone might not know who Mr.

Xu is.

Let me explain to everyone.

This is the guest of honor wholl be giving out awards for Planet Music Festival.

He came to Li City this time for the award ceremony thats taking place two days later.

[I heard that this gentleman came to attend the charity banquet just to bid for a zither.

Unfortunately, someone beat him to it.


Xu was unwilling, so Miss Tang came to comfort him.

Ill post the video for everyone later.]

A moment later, the reporter released a video.

However, because the video was taken from a distance, no one could hear the conversation between the two clearly.

However, everyone could hear the wordsGold Award andPlanet Music Festival.



[Let me make a bold guess.

Miss Tang is probably the winner of the gold award for Planet Music Festival.

Shes Fu Sheng!]

Once Fu Shengs identity was exposed, the internet instantly exploded.

Everyone hurriedly checked Tang Ruges information.

This ladys identity was not ordinary.

She grew up in the capital, and not only was she the eldest daughter of the Tang family, but she was also a top socialite and talented woman.

She had won many awards in piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting competitions.

Coupled with the gentle and kind image she had carefully built over the years, she instantly attracted a large number of fans.

Coincidentally, Tang Ruge was participating in a live broadcast at this moment.

She was wearing a silk dress, and her dark hair fell over her shoulders.

She looked like the humble but pretty daughter of a small family.

One seemed to be able to feel the air of an intellectual on her, and she made others feel like there was a breeze caressing them just by looking at her.

The host had a good impression of this noble young lady and guided her into the topic.

“Miss Tang, do you know Xu Anran”

At this moment, the matter of Xu Anran plagiarizing Fu Shengs work had already been exposed.

In just 10 minutes, it was trending.

Everyone was also very concerned about Tang Ruges attitude toward this matter.

Tang Ruge looked confused.

“Xu Anran… I know her.

Ive seen her on TV.”

“Miss Tang and Xu Anran are both socialites of high society.

Have you never met in private” the host continued to ask.

Tang Ruge smiled.

“Weve met a few times at banquets, but Im not familiar with her.

Moreover, I dont think were the same kind of people.”

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